Heibon – 1

My name is Tachibana Yukari.

I’m a female high-school student who attends a public high-school.

My dad is no longer around, so my mom has been raising me by herself.

My dad died in a traffic accident before I was born.

At the time, Mom became emotionally ill and had wanted to abort me.

However, there were always people in my mom’s surroundings.

Relatives, friends and her co-workers became concerned.

And more so than anyone, I who always was with her, inside of her stomach.

Touched by the kindness of everyone, Mom gradually regained her will to live and gave birth to me.

She also gave me a beautiful name.


“Yukari”(縁), meaning that I was destined to be given birth to by her.

The connection between a person and another.

My mom wished that I would treasure those things by giving me this name.

My mom told me that, while looking slightly embarrassed.

Mom, thank you. And finally, goodbye, Mom.

It seems that I resemble Dad more than I thought.

Today, I was run over by a car.

I wished that my mom can once again be healed by the connections between people.

So that she recognises that she isn’t alone.

While my consciousness was fading, what I was wishing for more than anything else was for Mom to be happy.

That was my last memory as Tachibana Yukari.

◊  ⧫  ◊

My name is Liliana La Oliviria.

I possessed another name in the past.

Tachibana Yukari

Because of a traffic accident that life ended and now I live my life as the young Liliana.

Reincarnated—In other words, it seems I’ve been born again as a different existence.

While keeping the memories of my time as Tachibana Yukari.

Furthermore, this is not Earth but a parallel universe.

When I was born into this world I couldn’t accept the reality of the situation at first, so I just kept crying, yet the situation will not change no matter how much I cry.

This being the case, while I still was a baby I simply accepted my fate.

Moreover, when I was bawling my eyes out, my mother and father from this world kept hugging me whilst looking distressed.

They gently stroked my head.

With them being so kind to me, of course I was moved by their kindness.

Before I realized it, I had accepted my new life.

However, for a sixteen year old, the period of being a baby is painful.

It was the only thing I could not stand.

I firmly refuse to reminiscence on the period.

It’s a part of my life that I try to forget as much as possible.

However, that which I had the most problems with, was the language.

The language of this world, for me who as a baby already used Japanese to label things, only sounded like a foreign language.

The alphabet was the same.

That’s right.

Here, they are using a different language from what is used on Earth.

That’s why, even though I possessed the flexible brain of a child, I couldn’t easily communicate.

It was the negative effect of keeping the memories of my previous existence.

Father and Mother were worried and spent a considerable amount of time speaking to me.

It may be because of that, that I became very acquainted with teething fevers.

The way the word is used is different, you say?

Yes, it is often joked that if a young child uses their head too much, they will get teething fevers, but the original meaning is different.

When teeth start growing out, it causes the infant’s head to heat up, and that is teething fever.

However, in my case, I definitely used my head too much which caused overheating by overload.

Be that as it may, as I started to mature, the scattered pieces of sounds and definition stuck together and became knowledge.

Thus, I finally mastered how to speak and read, at the age of seven.

I have to congratulate myself for a job well done.

That is why, around this time I finally understood my own social standing.

Apparently, I was the daughter of nobility, of a count at that!

However, our family’s house was unexpectedly very rundown.

The origin of this lies with my parents.

My parents in this world are both alike in their soft-heartedness.

On one occasion, a young man wanted to start a business but had no funds, they lent him money without writing an IOU. Later, this youth ran away with the money.

There was another instance where a suspicious trader came over, telling them that he had a good business deal but would not tell them about it unless they invested in it.

But when they obediently invested, they incurred heavy losses instead.

I wanted to retort: “Don’t they learn?!”

Both my parents are good looking, possess good personalities and are intelligent.

Yet their softhearted character makes them instantly believe lies that can easily be seen through with a little thought.

Thanks to that, even though we possessed a bountiful territory, our house was always in a desperate financial situation.

I don’t dislike my softhearted parents though.

Rather, I love them very much.

After listening to the gossip of our house servants, which was of a minimal number because of our finances, the aristocrats of this world generally do not see the lower classes as people.

When I heard that, I was very surprised.

Because in the world I lived in during my previous existence, equality among men was the norm.

In this world, discrimination against people of different social statuses is very common, therefore I am very proud of my parents, who naturally treated everyone they came in contact with as equals.

Furthermore, both of them prioritized the population of our territory highly, and the majority of our income was invested for the enrichment the livelihood of our people.

Father inspects his land daily, without fail, and at times he even helps out in cultivating the fields.

Mother helps out with the household chores daily despite the fact that as a wife of nobility, she’s not required to.

Furthermore, they also shower me with lots of affection.

As a child, you’d want to support parents such as these, right?

The civilization of this world was about the same level as medieval europe.

In addition to the problems with our livelihood, occasionally I encounter things that seem needlessly inconvenient.

That’s why I believe that I was born in this world possessing the memories of my former life for some sort of purpose.

I should find some use for my knowledge.

I, who in my previous life couldn’t help my mother.

As a former Japanese person, I’ll find some practical use for my knowledge for the sake of my beloved parents!

◊  ⧫  ◊

Today, I’m going to be visiting a farming village called Filua.

“Why?”, you ask?

The other day, I was enthusiastic about filial piety and all, but without knowing where to start, I won’t get anywhere…

Also, after such a long time, I haven’t actually left my home even once.

I had played around the circumference of our house and explored our garden.

However, I have not done anything beyond that.

I had been too absorbed in trying to learn how to speak.

Therefore, I didn’t know the history or the state of affairs of this world.

To know what I can do, first I need to understand the present conditions, right?

So, upon learning that Dad was leaving for an inspection, I pleaded with him to allow me to follow.

[Liliana, I’m not going out to play, you know?]

At seven years old, I had already seen through his weakness.

Take this, my certain kill technique—!

With tears in my eyes, I looked up at him, tilted my head slightly and pressed my fingertips together below my chin.

Thanks to this attack, I’d still yet to taste defeat.

Of course, my track record was kept.

I had to say that my future prospects are terrifying.

The target of today’s inspection was the farming village closest to us, Filua.

It wasn’t really that far, so I shared a horse with Father, traveling at a leisure pace.

Our traveling companion was the knight, Ales.

Ales was a young man who gave off the feeling of a free spirit, he also performs the role of Father’s aide.

Now then, Filua village was a tranquil farming village surrounded by forest, with no more than thirty private houses in it.

Father went to the largest house in the village and knocked on the door.

[Thank you for coming here today, milord and sir Ales. You sure have a very cute companion today.]

A good-looking, cheery man appeared from the door.

[It’s been a while, Chief Douglas. Today, my daughter Liliana threw a tantrum about wanting to follow me. Liliana, this man is the chief of Filua village, Douglas.]

[I am honored to meet you, Chief Douglas, my name is Liliana. Today, I will be in your care, please treat me well.]

I was wondering about the relationship between the chief and Father, but it seems I don’t need to worry that much.

Well, he is my softhearted father after all.

[I’m sure the village inspection will be boring for the young lady. Wouldn’t you rather play with my daughter? She is about the same age as the young lady. I’m sure she would be delighted since there are no children around the same age as her in this village.]

After the Chief said so, he went inside the house and brought with him a young girl.

The young girl was very cute with chocolate brown hair and large perfectly circular eyes of the same color.

However, she seemed to be the type that was easily afraid of strangers.

When she saw me, she looked down and froze.

[How do you do, my name is Liliana. What’s yours?]

When I asked her, she raised her head with a snap, smiling with a blush on her face.

What’s with this cuteness that was akin to that of a small animal?

I’d love to bring her home with me.

[My name is… Miina.]

[Miina, would you like to play with me?]

After we exchanged greetings, Father told us to behave, then went away with the village chief for the routine inspection.

Miina one sidedly dragged me further inside the house.

Huh? What did I come here for in the first place again??

[Miss Liliana, what should we play?]

[Miina, stop calling me Miss. Just call me Liliana!]

[But, Dad told me to call you Miss Liliana.]

[I told you, it’s fine to call me Liliana, so from now on, that’s what you’ll call me, okay? It’s alright, since I will also call you Miina, after all.]

Miina with a delighted look on her face grabbed both of my hands and asked: [Liliana, what should we play?]

‘Hide and Seek’ requires more participants to be fun and there are probably no cardgames in this world, so what should we do…?

In the end, we played some ‘Cat’s Cradle’.

I became dejected at my lack of creativity.

Yet, even though she told me she’d never played Cat’s Cradle before, she was participating with joy.

She’s such a good kid.

[Miina, are all of this village’s inhabitants, farmers?]

[Yeah. There’s an uncle who is a hunter too, but most of the villagers are farmers, Liliana.]

Miina answered while struggling with the Cat’s Cradle that she still was unaccustomed to.

[Since this village is surrounded by forests, there seems like there’d be a lot of leaf mold. That seems like it’d be great for the crops.]

[Leaf mold? What’s that, Liliana?]

[In forests, don’t fallen leaves turn into black-colored dirt? That black dirt is called leaf mold.]

With a look of comprehension Miina said, [Oh, I see].

[When things like fallen leaves rot, they turn into good soil. Also, ash is also good for the fields.]

…I’m certain that was how it goes.

[Liliana is so smart!]

Miina stared at me with sparkling eyes.

When you give me that look, I can’t tell you that I could possibly be wrong…

While we were playing Cat’s Cradle with zeal, before we knew it, the adults had returned.

[Liliana, it’s about time for us to leave.]

When Father was about to leave with me, big tears began to fall from Miina’s large eyes.

[Liliana, don’t leave…!]

What a cute thing you’re saying, Miina. As expected, I want to take you home with me!

[Miina, please don’t cry. Because I’ll drop by again later together with Father.]

I embraced Miina while saying that, her cheeks were dyed a bright red, her eyes filled with tears.

[Liliana, can we play together again?]

[Yes. Of course!]

[Then, we’re friends, right!]

Miina told me to “please come visit again” while looking regretful, and saw us off at the entrance of the village together with Chief Douglas.

Today, I made my first friend in this world.

◊  ⧫  ◊

My name is Miina Filua.

My dad’s the chief of Filua village.

The village chief position has been passed down in our family for generations.

Today, great guests will be coming to our home.

One is the Lord.

He’s a very kind person, and everyone says that they’re very happy after he became our Lord.

Apparently, the previous Lord was a terrifying man.

The current Lord gives me candy from time to time.

There’s no way such a person can be a bad person, right?

A knight is also coming along with the Lord to protect him.

So far the guests were the same as usual.

However, today there was another guest!

[You see, today I became friends with Liliana!]

Before my excitement of having played with my first friend that was of the same age had cooled down, I narrated everything that had happened today with Liliana to Dad and Mom.

[Liliana has pure, white skin and silky, silver hair. And her amethyst eyes were so pretty that I felt like I got sucked into them! They were so beautiful that I was moved…]

Even when eating a bowl of bean soup, I couldn’t stop talking about Liliana, and the soup was dripping down the bowl.

At first, Mom and Dad had paid rapt attention to my boasts, but it seems that they’ve given up now.

Right now they’re simply half-listening to my speech, with an occasional mumbling of [Yes, yes].

That’s why I’m going to brag a lot more about Liliana.

[And by the way, Liliana is very knowledgeable. Did you know that leaf mold and ash are good for the fields?]

When I said that, Mom and Dad tilted their heads in confusion.

[Leaf mold?]

[Mom, Dad, don’t you know?]

Usually, I’m the one who always listens to Mom and Dad who explain things to me.

That’s why, since it was the opposite this time round, that I could teach them something, I gladly told them the same thing that Liliana told me earlier.

Then Dad said that it might be worth a try, that the idea had value and then began grunting while lost in his thoughts.

How boring!

Even though I wanted him to keep listening to my talk about Liliana.

Several months later.

Yesterday, Dad came back looking awfully cheerful.

The day after listening to what Liliana told me, Dad took an unused field and tried scattering leaf mold and ash on it for the growing plants.

He happily told us that the result: the crops grew quickly, were bigger than the crops of the other fields and that the total yieldings dramatically increased.

From now on, he is going to increase the number of test fields, and if they also provide good results, then all the fields in the village will start to use it.

And today, when Liliana dropped by at our village, I told her about what had happened.

Liliana looked relieved for some reason.

I wonder why?

◊  ⧫  ◊

Subsequently, leaf mold and ash were used on every field in Miina’s Filua village, and the harvest that year was the biggest they’d ever had.

Learning of this, the Lord made every village in the entire Oliviria region use this method, and the Oliviria region came to be known as the country’s food storehouse.

And so, the young woman, Liliana, who was the daughter of the Lord, Count Oliviria, became widely known as “The girl of good harvests”.

And finally, the one who starred in this legend, Liliana La Oliviria herself, made a lifelong friend.

This lifelong friend, was Miina Filua.


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