Jashin Average Side Story 02

Translation by Vidar

[The Holy Goddess Sophia-sama created the human race and is our greatest ally.]

I stand behind the seats in the chapel, quietly watching over the mass that is being performed.
On the opposite side of the seats, in front of the idol of the Holy Goddess-sama, stands the priest-sama who currently is preaching to the gathered believers in the chapel.
What he is currently reciting is the story of how we shall be grateful to the Holy Goddess-sama for her blessings.
When the priest’s voice reverberates in the otherwise silent, peaceful church during his sermons, I feel like my heart is cleansed which is why I love these times.

[The Holy Goddess Sophia-sama is always watching over us.]

The Holy Goddess Sophia-sama, that is the name of the noble goddess who created our world, our deeply compassionate ally who protects us from the Evil God who wants to destroy the world.
The Holy Light Faith extols that Holy Goddess-samas exploits, spreading them wide for all the people to hear. Of course, we don’t only spread the teachings. In order to follow our goddess will we also operate orphanages, distribute food during crises and various other services to the poor and needy, mediate between warring countries, and in various ways spread peace among the human race, truly a wonderful organization.
My family was poor and we had problems getting food to eat, that family of mine was saved by the Holy Light Faith. I wanted to save others in the same way I myself was saved, and because of that entered the clergy, becoming a nun.

[The Holy Goddess Sophia-sama loves the human race, and protects us from the agents of the Evil God.]

The church in the town of Riemer isn’t a particularly large church, but because it’s right next to the territory of the demon race, it’s considered as something of a last bastion. Because of that, at the time it was constructed, our archbishop of the time came here expressly in order to create a strong barrier with the help of several people. Even though it’s an ordinary church, it’s protected by a particularly strong barrier. According to the priest-sama, in the unlikely case that the town is assaulted by the demons from the demonic regions, the barrier of this church won’t be so easily broken, which is such a reassuring thought.

[In thanks to Holy Goddess Sophia-sama’s love, let us offer our humble prayer.]

At the Priest-sama’s urging, the supplicants brought their hands together, dedicating themselves to the prayer. Still standing I closed my eyes in order to pray together with them—-

—- At that moment, with a “don”, a tremor went through the church.

No, neither the building nor the floor shook. It was the very air of the room which trembled. The believers were in a spreading state of panic because of the sudden disturbance.

[Please, calm down!]

Priest-sama tried to spread calm, but it was not easy. Not knowing what had happened, I decided to help Priest-sama and was about to raise my voice in order to spread calm among the unrest.
However, that very moment I felt something on my back and looked over my shoulder. What I saw there was a bizarre scene.

The church of the Holy Light Faith always accepted anyone no matter the time, thus the door of the church would be left wide open even during mass. That’s why I, who stood at the back of the church, could see the outside scene through the open door. The bizarre scene, was that outside there was a fissure in the air. On the opposite side of the fissure, the usual bustling scenery of the town of Reimer spread out, which only further cemented the bizarreness of the scene.
For a moment I thought what I saw was the next world, but before long I came to realize that the fissure was in [something] that was covering our church. Noticing what I was doing, the believers and Priest-sama also gazed outside.

[Something] that covered the church? No way, it couldn’t be the guardian barrier that Priest-sama talked about… No, if that’s the case, then why would a fissure appear!?

While watching the fissure, I noticed that someone in a black robe. Because of the fissure I couldn’t see the face of the person, but it appeared to be a girl in the late teens. That girl stood right in front of the fissure. Before I could yell “That is dangerous, please move away!”, the girl raised her right hand and lightly struck the fissure.

The next moment, the fissure spread over instantly over the entire blurred sphere in our vision, and with an all too short pan-sound, that [something] burst open and vanished.

Th-, that… The guardian barrier that the archbishop raised has!?
Dumbfounded, I couldn’t believe what was happening, but I could feel the sacred presence in the building lessening.

Then, while earlier because of the fissure the face of the girl in the black robe could not be seen, we could now see it.
The moment I locked eyes with her, I felt like someone was strangling me, and I couldn’t breathe.
Not only me, the believers and Priest-sama who stood behind me couldn’t utter a word, just standing stock still without breathing.
The girl glared at us who stood in silence in the church and—

—smugly, with scorn on her face, muttered something, then left.

Once the girl left, we could finally breath again. The believers mental fatigue was great, and everyone of them collapsed limply.
There was no way we could continue the mass under these circumstances, so it was suspended and we quickly cooked up warm soup and distributed it. I honestly also felt like collapsing, but someone had to prepare the soup.

That thing looked beautiful, yet that was certainly a part of the Evil Gods household… No, with how easily it broke the archbishops barrier there’s no way that was anything but the Evil God herself.
That it destroyed the barrier without doing anything else, was probably it’s way of evilly pronouncing to us that it could attack us at any moment.
I couldn’t hear what the Evil God muttered in the end, but I’m certain that it was said in a repulsive language of curses.
What has happened to this world, and exactly what is going to happen to us hereafter?

Ahh, Holy Goddess Sophia-sama.
Please, grant us salvation.


25 responses to “Jashin Average Side Story 02

  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Can’t wait to find out the adventurer’s reactions when they find the changed dungeon


  2. Ahhhh, now that I’m starting to see how the other people see her, I am really starting to feel bad for her. Though, I still think that that was pretty badass, even if it all was a misunderstanding.

    Thank for the chapter!


  3. I liked this side story a lot better than the first one. It felt like the first one didn’t actually add anything, somehow, but this one… this one’s better.

    My thanks to you, O master of the harem.


  4. I wonder how the gods are going to end up reacting to her existence. They should at least be able to figure out the misunderstandings… assuming they want to…

    Thanks for the side story. Oh the poor poor MC.


    • But then they’ll end up cursed and will probably amplify her abilities somehow if she tries lol. (Also, they’ll be stuck to her so her eyesight will be permanently fucked up.)


  5. It’s funny, at the same time I’m starting to feel bad for Anri. She’s THAT terrifying to others that she looks like a total monster. When you see things from the other perspective it really adds context.

    Thanks for the translations V!


  6. That thing looked beautiful
    That thing

    it broke the archbishops barrier
    it broke the barrier


    • answer:
      Now that it’s come to this────

      “… … … … … … …Strategic retreat.”

      I desperately made a smile, and tilted my head in confusion before quickly leaving the scene.


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