Destruction Flag Otome – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – The engagement was decided


For the time being, somehow I returned to sanity, and I heard the circumstances from Anne. That is to say, she told me what Prince Jared said that I completely missed hearing.

It seems that Prince Jared feels deeply responsible for causing this incident that left a permanent scar. As such, he felt that he had to take responsibility for the scar. And it would seem that his idea of taking responsibility = something like marrying me.

Oh dear, Prince Jared is only eight years old. It’s still much too early.

…… Even though I think this as the resident of another world, I also know that there’s no such thing as too early in this world. I also have eight years of memories from this world. Certainly, just half a year ago, Prince Jared’s older brother’s engagement had been announced while he was only ten years old. And just like that, the me of this world, Katarina Claes of the duke’s family, would have no problem marrying into the royal family due to my pedigree.

So, even though there’s no problem in particular…

Being engaged to such an angelic prince, and maybe even later becoming a queen… For the other nobles’ daughters, such an event would be just like a dream come true.

When my parents heard about this, they were extremely overjoyed.

But… as for me… honestly speaking, I could only think of this being extremely annoying.

I mean, even though I hate having to make a social debut so much… there’s just no way around it.

Of all things, I got engaged to a prince, becoming something like a queen candidate… It’s all so unexpected…

Ahh, I want to reject it even now… But, I can’t tell the overjoyed family and servants something like “I really hate him…”

……Sighhhhhh…… I’m really depressed.

At any rate, for such a trivial small wound such as this, furthermore it being completely my own fault, that Prince Jared would feel such responsibility as to consider marrying me…

I looked into a small hand mirror and sighed again. The mirror reflected the face of a depressed girl. My forehead scar seemed almost as if it was floating.

Compared to my previous life’s average face like a tanuki, this face was a beauty’s. However, my light blue eyes gave off a tight, sharp feeling… Speaking frankly, it left a strong impression.

If I smile and raise my thin lips slightly, it is the exact image of “the villainous girl.” Moreover, on the inside was a monkey otaku girl. So, I don’t think I can possibly be a good match for that beautiful and intelligent Prince Jared.

I sighed for the n-th time yet again today.


Even though my parents still wanted to talk about various things, and were extremely restless, I found them really bothersome and told them “I still need to rest in order to recover my physical condition” in order to quickly get them out of my room.

The bed I was lying on was about three times better than the bed that the previous me had used.

Honestly speaking, just as I thought my five days of feverish nightmares had subsided, this visit from the prince… I didn’t have the time to properly think about my previous life.

So, since I was finally alone, I began thinking about the previous life. The previous me was born as the third child of a regular salaryman and a part-timer housewife. Since I was the only daughter, I think I grew up very loved. I spent my elementary school years chasing around my two older brothers in the mountains. When I entered middle school I made otaku friends, and suddenly became an otaku myself. I spent my days buying manga, doujinshi, anime, DVDs, and games. In high school, at the recommendation of an otaku friend, I began dabbling in otome games.

Ahh, that reminds me, the otome game I had just bought, I hadn’t beaten the game yet before my previous life ended…

I had just bought the latest otome game a few days before I lost control of my bicycle in that accident.

At my otaku friend’s recommendation, the otome game I had bought had a medieval European setting as the backdrop for a magic school. I was pretty addicted to it, other than school, eating, and bathing, all my time was spent on the game.

That night I had been earnestly trying to get the happy end with the rather evil and sadistic prince, saving and loading new choices repeatedly… However, it wasn’t going well… And before I had even noticed, the sun was already rising…

Ahh… why was I so excited? If only I had went to bed earlier…  There’s no use crying over spilled milk, those proverbs are really accurate.

Somehow or other, I cleared the smile of the super evil prince in the morning.  At first glance, he looked like an orthodox prince out of a fairy tale, but on the inside was the configuration of an evil, sadistic person.

Since he could do everything perfectly, he spent every day bored no matter who he was with. In front of him, will appear an unprecedented, peppy and cheerful heroine that will whisk away his boredom. Starting with interest, and gradually turning to love – it’s such a story.

Since this prince also had quite a perverted personality, he was unable to raise his popularity rating. Also, the rival character of this prince’s route was quite troublesome.

She was the daughter of a duke that had been engaged to the prince since a young age. They had been engaged due to a scar the prince had caused on her in his childhood. Because of this scar, she considered the prince to be hers, and bound the prince to her, and she bullied the heroine and tried to tear their relationship apart.

However, the actual scar has already disappeared. And, the evil prince has already noticed it, but he left the matter alone for the time being in order to guard against other noble daughters’ advances. However, the truth becomes increasingly obvious.

Anyways, this noble girl villainess did many amazing things to obstruct the heroine. Man, she was sooooo irritating.

…….Wait, I seem to have heard this story somewhere before…….

……Because of the prince’s fault in his childhood, getting engaged due to a wound on the forehead, the noble girl that bound the prince to her……

The name of the mega sadistic prince in the game was certainly…… Prince Jared……

Also, the name of the noble girl villainess was, uh……… the duke’s daughter, Katarina Claes!?!?!?

I hurriedly got up from bed and looked at my face again with a hand mirror.

I saw the sharp face of the villainess. It’s supposed to be an evil face… but, being something like evil… but, such a thing….

“You’ve gotta be kidding me~~~~!?!?!?”

Today, a scream echoed throughout the mansion for a second time.

And as such, the Ojou-sama should be properly examined again by the doctor… so it was whispered.


19 responses to “Destruction Flag Otome – Chapter 2

  1. This is burriko but a few twist. A monkey girl rather than an otaku girl, and straight to the prince route rather than deviate to other route.

    I am excited to see what the author gonna do with this setting.


  2. moaaar! Moar Burikko!. oops! Moar! I want moar Kenkyo! Oops wrong again xD well thanks for this 🙂


  3. Oh man, I can really see how the original Katarina would be SUPER IRRITATING. She’d probably be bringing up that scar all the time and using it as leverage. But wait… the prince is a sadist?! This has me intrigued. Hopefully reincarnated!Katarina will be able to form a proper relationship haha, that or break it off and not be a burriko villaness.


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