Destruction Flag Otome – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – Strategy meeting


For now, I need to make sure that this really is the world of that otome game. I can’t prematurely decide that this is the game world just because the name and the setting seems to be the same!!

First off, I decided to write down as much as I could remember about the otome game.

The game I was playing right before I died was called “Fortune Lover” – it was set in a medieval European style country with swords and magic, with a magic school as the stage, an otome game about love and kingship.

In this world it is mostly the nobility that are born with the ability to use magic. While some commoners also have the ability, it is very rare. And, when a person with magic power reaches fifteen, in order to properly teach them how to use magic, they are sent to magic school.

The heroine was a commoner girl that was enrolled in magic school, an extremely rare presence. For the heroine that suddenly entered a school entirely of nobles, with her bright and peppy nature, she will confront a variety of difficulties.

By the way, magic in this world is divided into “water, fire, earth, wind, and light.” Earth magic is the most common type, followed by wind, water, and fire. Light magic is the strongest of the five types, but only a handful have the ability to use it.

Of course, the heroine obviously had the ability to use light magic.

“The four capture targets”

One capture target was the third prince of the country that I captured the night before I died, Prince “Jared Stuart.” He is seemingly a blonde-haired, blue-eyed prince straight out of a fairy tale, but has a twisted, sadistic personality. He is a prince that can accomplish anything with little effort. He has no interest in anything and is eternally bored. He has had a fiancee (Katarina Claes, the duke’s daughter) from an early age. His magic type is fire.

The second capture target is the fourth prince, Prince Jared’s twin brother, “Alan Stuart.” He grew up to become rather perverted since he was always compared to and considered not as good as his older brother Jared. Even though they are twins, their appearances are different. He has beautiful yet wild silver hair and blue eyes. As the youngest child, he grew up quite spoiled. His magic type is water.

The third capture target is Katarina Claes’ stepbrother, “Keith Claes.” He was taken from a branch family due to his high magic talent, but he spent a lonely childhood due to his cold relationships with his stepsister and stepmother. As a result of growing up with a lack of affection, he developed an indecisive and fake character. His blue flax colored eyes were overflowing with sensuality. His magic type is earth.

The fourth capture target is Alan and Jared’s childhood friend, the son of the prime minister, “Nico Ascarot.” Although he is the most normal person among the four capture targets, his brazenness and untalkative personality makes him difficult to approach. He has beautiful black hair and black eyes. His magic type is wind.

And now we come to the rival character.

The only daughter of Duke Claes, “Katarina Claes,” a selfish, spoiled princess type. Because Prince Jared injured her during childhood, they had gotten engaged. Because of this scar, she considered the prince to be hers, and bound him to her. In addition, she didn’t think highly of suddenly getting a stepbrother, and often bullied him. Her magic type is earth.

By the way, there is also a reverse harem route in this game.

And, as for the most important character to me, Katarina Claes’ ingame behavior…… Of course in Prince Jared’s route, and even in her stepbrother Keith’s route, she was an extremely insufferable obstacle to the heroine. She’s also this way in the reverse harem route. Anyways, she’s such a hard-working villain!

Meanwhile, the hard-working villainess girl is…

If the heroine captures Prince Jared successfully, and gets the happy end – Katarina attacks the heroine with a knife in a fit of jealousy, and instead gets killed by Prince Jared. Prince Jared would rather protect the heroine than his fiancee, the duke’s daughter… and sets off on a journey to other countries with the heroine.

By the way, in Keith’s happy end or bad end, either Katarina gets exiled or dies…

…… What? Isn’t this weird!?!? I get exiled in the happy end, and die in the bad end…… There’s no happy end for Katarina Claes!?!? It’s bad only!?!?

I tried to confirm the facts by jotting everything that I remembered down on paper. I gathered information on the country’s nobility from my parents and our butler, and paid frequent visits to the library in order to examine the country’s history and whatnot.

The doctor got called again to see me because I had disheveled hair and bloodshot eyes, but I categorically rejected seeing him because I did not have such spare time.

And the end result after a few days passed…… I had no choice but to admit defeat……

After investigating, without leaving any room for doubt, I was convinced……

I couldn’t do anything but admit……

That this was the world of the otome game “Fortune Lover……”


I was finally convinced that this world was in fact “Fortune Lover,” the otome game I was playing right before I died in my previous life.

However, just because I have admitted that it is does not mean that I have accepted the destruction end of Katarina Claes.

Honestly, whether it be being exiled, or of course being killed off, please spare me. To make matters worse, since I exited at an early age in my previous life, I want to be able to relax and pet a cat on my knee in old age!

So, it was decided that there would be a strategy meeting in order to avoid the destruction end.

Chairman Katarina Claes.

Representative Katarina Claes.

Secretary Katarina Claes.

I’m trying to think through this situation all on my own. After all, I have nobody to consult with.

If anything, whether it be consulting with the doctor or family servants, I would only be viewed with doubting eyes if I suddenly declared “this world is that of an otome game from my previous life!” If I made such a statement, I could even be forcibly taken away and institutionalized.

Well then, the first session of the Katarina Claes destruction end avoidance strategy meeting shall commence.

“Alright, does anyone have any good ideas?”


“Ok. Well then, please go ahead, Katarina Claes-san.”

“First of all, I think that we should break off the engagement to Prince Jared. Without it, there will be no destruction end in his route.”

“That is so, but… since the engagement was offered by the prince himself, can we break it off in a manner that won’t offend his family?”

“Yeah, that’s a problem.”

“Well then, how about if we don’t go to magic school? This way, won’t we never meet, or get involved with the heroine?”

“But, it’s mandatory for those with magic to attend magic school. Because Katarina has already displayed magic power at age five, it will be impossible no matter how much we beg father.”

“Urgh, all because of some shabby earth magic!”

“In the first place, wouldn’t it be fine if we just didn’t bully the heroine?”

“For sure, I agree!”

“But, in the game, Katarina’s entourage bullied the heroine together, what if we were considered the mastermind even without bullying?”

“It’s not even that, the fiance is that evil prince, in order to be with the heroine, there’s even the possibility of him getting rid of me!”

“Such a thing… then what on earth can we do?”

“……I don’t want to be killed……”

“……If I get exiled to another country all by myself, I wouldn’t know what to do……”

“For the time being, let’s calm down. I have a good plan.”

“You have a good idea??”

“First of all, just in case, we practice swordsmanship, in case we get killed by Prince Jared. If there is an emergency, we won’t get done in easily, and can fight back!”

“Ahh, of course!”

“And, just in case we have to survive on our own if we get exiled, I suggest that we strengthen our magic!”

“How would we do that? In the first place, the only magic that Katarina can use is the shabby earth magic……”

“In other countries, magicians to begin with are rarely found. So, if we were decently skilled in any type of magic, even if we get exiled to another country, it would surely not be hard to find a job. And in the game, Katarina was just too busy being selfish and chasing Prince Jared, her grades were really poor!! She never practiced magic in the first place. So if we go all out, we should be able to at least use magic decently to some extent!”

“Oh, very true!”

“That sounds right!”

“Alright then, everyone. So our plan shall be to practice swordsmanship and magic extensively in the future.”


And as such, the first Katarina Claes destruction end avoidance strategy meeting was concluded.

If, there had been even one person other than Katarina Claes at this conference, maybe this conference would not have resulted in such an absurd conclusion. Unfortunately, with no other ideas, Katarina Claes would have no choice but to plunge ahead by herself…… What a pity, if only there was someone to accompany us……



38 responses to “Destruction Flag Otome – Chapter 3

  1. “Destruction End Avoidance Meeting”
    Katarina Claes (I) had some good suggestions there, but Katarina Claes (II) also provided some good follow-ups. Gotta watch out for Katarina Claes (III), though, I’m betting she tends to go a bit over the top.

    My thanks to you, ImperfectLuck.

    Liked by 8 people

    • You’re welcome! Reading these comments are motivating, especially since I’m just starting out, so feel free to point out any mistakes in the English that you see, since I’m doing this mostly by myself without the help of any editors or proofreaders. Also, I would like to request that you address me as imperfectluck with no capitalization, or just ipl for short :p

      Liked by 1 person

      • Understood, imperfectluck.
        I didn’t notice any major issues in the text. Overall, I’d say the quality was pretty good (better than many translations that I follow, to be sure).


  2. Lol. So cuute~ x3
    That’s similar to the way I talk to myself in my head(lol)…
    Thanks for the chapter~


  3. Thanks~ btw, is this the one that sheeprabbit said was inferior version of kenkyo with harem? I hope it’s not since he kinda spoil a lot of it.


  4. Thank you for the job! As far as I’ve read until now, the quality is good (found one or two mistakes, but as I am not an English native, I can’t be sure :P) and the story teases my interest. Waiting to read more (with impatience, I admit) to have a proper opinion but up until now, I enjoy reading this 🙂


  5. I like her. She just seems so nice, and her ideas are just in the right frequency too. I think I used to do that sort of stuff when I was a kid. I wonder when I stopped? Tho I still think in third person sometimes, or make other personalities, it’s more funny that way.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  6. LOL This strategy meeting. I feel like she constructed extra persona’s in her head just to avoid the loneliness of being the only reincarnated person in a fantasy world. FIGHT ON KATARINA! I believe her chances of getting a good end are actually pretty high. The bad ends were all caused by the original Katarina’s crappy terrible personality. For example Katarina could form a good relationship with her brother etc (asdfsdf is a sucker for sappy sibling relationships). But the basics she came up with this meeting are sound. Lol@ the super generic setting, it’s right out of an Otome game.


  7. Is it really necessary to have a secretary? XD

    Despite making her plan out of fairly stupid logic, I definitely think it’s just about ALWAYS a good idea to develop your sword and magic skills!


  8. Thank you for the translation!!
    This was my favourite part:
    “So, it was decided that there would be a strategy meeting in order to avoid the destruction end.

    Chairman Katarina Claes.

    Representative Katarina Claes.

    Secretary Katarina Claes.”
    OMG I am in love with the heroine 😀


  9. This is hilarious. I wonder if the people who knew her before she hit her head will wonder if she’s nuts and needs professional help, if they don’t already. lol. Thank you for the chapter imperfectluck.


  10. I’ve noticed that in these kinds of stories the mc never has any friends when she gets to school part or just ends up spending all her time with the fiance or befriends the heroine. Idk why but I always want the heroine to be antagonistic like in common sense of a dukes daughter


  11. “To make matters worse, since I exited at an early age in my previous life, I want to be able to relax and pet a cat on my knee in old age!”–LOL WHAT? SAME!


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