The Hero’s Teacher – Synopsis

The Hero’s Teacher

Author: Pichi & Meru + Mitsuoka You

Ever since he lost his parents, the young boy in poverty, Wynn Bird, has idolized knights. However, since the magic he had was so little that it would be almost impossible for him to become a knight, he got the disgraceful title of “Knight Cadet for 10,000 years” for being unable to pass the knight exam, and he spent his days constantly being caught up to and surpassed by his juniors who would make fun of him. Then, one day, the hero saved the world and defeated the Demon King. Everyone’s attention was focused on the beautiful female hero’s movements who had defeated the Demon King. And so, this is what the hero announced to the world. “I’m going to return to my teacher, Wynn Bird.”

This is a story of how the fallen “Knight Cadet for 10,000 years” class changes into the “Hero’s Teacher.”


51 responses to “The Hero’s Teacher – Synopsis

  1. Now that’s really intriguing~! Interesting~! And quite amusing if I may say so from my guess, as him being the teacher of the hero “Female” Hero I mean! Get it? lol.

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      • What?! doesn’t matter really as long as he doesn’t look that old. Appearance is the first of love after all~! I mean it’s more appropriate if his appearance isn’t a geezers or an oldman lol. They would suit each other then 🙂


      • Actually, according to imperfectluck in a post below, they’re both teenagers.

        Didn’t expet that, as the synopsis makes me feel as if he had already passed several years in the knight school


      • yup yup! I mean his first title right? lol
        Now that I know, things seems to be better that I first thought. 😉


  2. Are you picking up a new projct or doing a “Tuesday Teaser” like FlowerBridgeToo’s “Synopsis Sunday?”


    • Very likely, I can’t think of anything else except time travel..

      But if this true then a theory will emerge based on time paradox and this gonna confuse many readers.


      • I should’ve clarified what I meant with time travel: I meant the loser guy is called teacher by someone of roughly the same age, who is super badass… But how could loser-man be the teacher of the super badass if he never taught anyone? So my assumption was time travel, that he becomes a badass later on and then teaches hero-san way in the future… hero-san then time travels to the past and defeats the demon king


  3. So a possible future project right?

    It’s a pain. The otome game-like stories were resulting interesting

    But is your free time, do as you wish and good luck


  4. Okay, now you have my attention. This seems really interesting, at least for me, and I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this anywhere.

    Tho, I still want more Black Knight e.e

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  5. It’s possible that he’s actually her teacher in other area beside on ‘how to be a hero 101’ or that he thought her basic swordplay or something.


    • Most likely he’s being a nice sempai.

      Since the reason of him getting the nickname was failing to pass the exam, looks like he’s in a knight academy.

      So most likely the hero entered and, using some typical development option (I call her hero but remember at this point she’s still just another student):
      A) Hero was training alone (actually even in a group is fine too), MC passes by and leave a casual comment that most would take as insult. But hero think carefully and realized he’s right, then she go and asks him to teach her.

      B) The academy have ‘sempai teaches kouhai’ sort of pairing (i.e. Squire serving Knight) where the kouhai help with the sempai’s daily life while the sempai teach the kouhai stuffs. Hero got either by luck, choice or by some plot (like, say, hero is a commoner but most knights are from noble family so they decide to put her at disadvantage by pairing her with MC), put as MC’s kouhai, and he properly raised her well.

      C) reverse of A, MC was practicing one day and hero found him, impressed by his hardwork she asked him to tutor her.

      D) The tsundere development, hero have ‘accident’ with MC (too many options to count), demands retribution, things happened, and one way or another she ends up having him teaches her. This would mean her going back to him is either to repay her debt (making her into something like combat maid or guardian knight sort) or to go after him romantically.

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  6. so he is like a certain chara with title “forever Genin” in Naruto?
    forget the reason why he not allowed to rank up since Sandaime.
    even tho he low rank, he got a cool jutsu. same as Guy’s father from the same series.

    becuz of theirs experiences as low rank, they got thing dat hi rank cant get


    • And I say my options :
      1 – Another character with the same name?
      2 – The hero is doing some sarcasm here….
      3 – He’s OP but nobody know
      4 – He’s not strong, and only helped the Hero with something trivial but the words he spoke were cool and the Hero tough of him like a life teacher ( it’s a misunderstanding!!)


  7. I wonder if he is going to be like grandmaster in douluo dalu were he has knowledge but can’t use it himself.


  8. “If you can, do it. If you can’t, teach it.”

    Can’t say I’m totally in agreement with the story’s settings, but it’s got potential. Looking forward to it


  9. I’ve already read a few chapters
    It looks like that the hero is actually wynn’s childhood friend and they actually train together
    When wynn was training, the hero was watching him and so, wynn invited her to train too
    But one day the hero need to leave wynn for some reasons and they made a promise
    After a few years later, the hero annoced to the king that her true teacher is wynn and she also said that she wanted to meet him quickly
    (I guess the story is roughly like that since i relied on google translate)


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