Villainess Brother Reincarnation – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – The brother is confused in the cottage of books


After my training with Lloyd finished, I somehow managed to drag myself to the bath despite my exhaustion. With a countless number of breaks in between, including the laps I did earlier I had to do 35 laps in total.

That demonic drill sergeant, even though he said he’d teach me the sword after I finished running, only had me swing a wooden sword 100 times.

Well, since it’s probably best not to teach me until I have the fundamentals down, he’s properly teaching me step-by-step, I think.

It can be said that he’s also a good teacher like Miss Mary.

After leaving the bath, I rested myself in my room. As expected, I didn’t even read a book, and just laid there on my bed.

When I was just about to fall asleep because of how tired I was, there was a knock on the door, and I headed for the dining room.

In the dining room, I had lunch which was prepared just as according to the instructions I gave yesterday. Mmm, I wonder if it’s because I exercised so much, I think I wouldn’t mind a little bit more meat.

Basically speaking, this body’s fuel consumption rate is pretty bad due to the unhealthy habits that have accumulated up until now. No, I can’t, I can’t, no matter what I can’t increase the amount of meat from yesterday and today’s amount or I’ll be so embarrassed.

At the very least, let’s keep going until this flabby stomach has been entirely reduced.

“Oh my, onii-sama, so you’re really eating vegetables. What’s more, about as much as I do.”

Michelle came into the dining room and said so with wide eyes.

“Ahh, whenever I would get up in the morning my stomach would feel kind of queasy, but that’s not the case today. It seems that an appropriate amount of vegetables and a moderate amount of meat is good for the body.”

“Onii-sama, you used to always pack as much food as possible into your body, and what’s more, as fast as you could.”

Reminding me of Marcel’s eating habits up until now, my sister was giggling.

“Now that I think on it, I don’t think that was very elegant……”

While I was still a round pig, it seems that we often quarreled due to Michelle making fun of Marcel, but this time I’m honestly reflecting on my past actions.

“……Onii-sama, so you’re really aiming to be like Raiheart-sama, eh.”

“Of course. It’s so that I don’t embarrass myself as the older brother of Prince Edwards. If I had kept continuing on like that, I would have been as round as a pig, and would have been so embarrassed to stand near him.”

“Oh my, Prince Edwards is such a wonderful person though, he wouldn’t do something like judge a person based on outer appearance! When I was chatting with him in the royal palace, not only is he so handsome and kind, he splendidly said that no matter what people look like, he’ll be considerate of their feelings. Of course, I agreed with him as well.”

As expected of Prince Edwards – he’s left such a good impression on my smiling sister Michelle.

Mmm, you were raised in such a bad place, as your brother, I was worried about what kind of conversation you would have…… Although I expected it, she also saw the prince rebuking someone by saying who do you think you are, and he was distant from others and blaming them for things.

And so, my sister agreed with what’s common sense without noticing it.

……In comparison to Michelle, my first impression of the prince is much lower. It looks like I’m going to have to visit the royal palace and set things on track.

While thinking about a strategy to deal with this, I paid no more attention to Michelle telling me stories about Prince Edwards and continued to eat lunch.


After eating, I rested in my room for a bit and then studied with Miss Mary. Although I had thought that I might not be able to move at all today due to this morning’s training regimen, I had recovered due to my bath, meal, and resting, and was able to work hard at studying without any problems.

During my exercise this morning, Lloyd heard my plans for the day from me, if he’s calculated his training menu with all this in mind then he’s really amazing.

Since I had a lot less time available for studying today compared to yesterday, we focused on the topics of arithmetic and geography. I think all of Miss Mary’s teaching tools and materials are handmade, she’s put her heart into making what she teaches short yet compact. I think she’s really quite a good teacher.

After I finished studying, I came to the detached cottage in the west garden. Once every three days, I would come to read books here, and today’s that day.

Ever since I’ve remembered my past life, I’ve thought that the education system here is strange. Basically, learning is all from what the governess teaches you, but reading and writing are the only subjects not included in that.

Then, if you ask what’s done instead, it’s that I’m supposed to come here to read books once every three days.

I looked up above the cottage. It’s a tower that looks from the outside like it’s about two stories tall. I opened the door, and called out a greeting.

“Wolf jii-san, I’m here.”

The decorative taste inside the cottage was quite different from the mansion. In the center of the room, there was a table with a lot of books piled on top. Apart from a door that leads to the bedroom, the walls were entirely covered with bookshelves, and there was also a ladder for them in the room.

Using my previous life as a standard, it’s not nearly as many books as a city’s public library would be, but it should easily match my school library’s collection. There was a magic tool hanging from the ceiling, giving off a bright light.

“Ohh, welcome, Marcel-sama.”

I heard a voice coming from the mountain of books. Buried amongst the piles and piles of books was the elderly master of this cottage, Wolfram.

This ojii-san is the only person that Marcel still doesn’t know how to approach up to now. He’s not like a grandfather or anything. He’s the reading and writing teacher for me and Michelle, but he’s not an ordinary servant. From the fact that even my parents pay a certain amount of respect to him, I think it might be more appropriate to describe him as a guest.

I don’t know what his position is or what his relationship with my parents is, he seems to have quite some talent in teaching aristocrats though so it’s probable that he was invited for such a purpose.

Let’s take this chance to see what he can do.

“Well then, come on, take that book sitting over there that’s for you today. If you get tired, the best thing is to read a book.”

After giving me instructions, Wolf jii-san went back to reading his own book. From time to time he would raise his glass to his lips.

It’s wine.

Ever since Marcel started understanding the ways of the world, this jii-san would always be indulging in wine while reading a book with his other hand.

At first, he did teach Marcel how to properly read and write to some extent, but later it basically became entirely self-study. He’ll instruct me to read something, and after that it’s just reading.

Thinking of it now it’s really a mystery, only during this book reading time does Marcel’s selfishness not work for him at all.

No matter how tired Marcel was or how badly he was misbehaving, he never skipped out on book reading time even once. Come to think of it, what would that be. I’m going to have to make sure of the reason.

“Wolf jii-san, I’ve arrived~.”

Michelle has arrived as well. The maid that was always with her wasn’t here now. She only accompanied Michelle to the cottage, and then returned to the mansion.

“Welcome, Michelle-sama. Your book for today is over there, so please take it.”

“I understand.”

Michelle was also obedient whenever she was with Wolf jii-san. Probably, she’s just like me in that she treats him courteously because she doesn’t know exactly what kind of existence he is.

Michelle and I sat in chairs next to each other, and were both reading our own respective books. Using standards from my previous world, my book seems to be at a first-year middle schooler’s level, while Michelle’s is at an older elementary schooler’s level. This world’s spoken and written language are both Japanese.

Languages like English, French, and German are also present, but these are considered aristocratic ancient languages. Kanji seems to be the commoners’ ancient language, so probably because of the original game it’s still appearing in the language now. It’s used in people’s names and some proper nouns in the ancient language, but right now it’s not being used in the mother language of the country or by the people.

However, there’s plenty of examples in the books, and I’m also practicing with them.

Apparently learning ancient languages is considered a refined noble hobby, so they spend quite some time on learning them.

Though my knowledge is imperfect, somehow or other I still mostly remember the kanji characters that a ten-year-old middle school student should know, it’s obvious to see how much passion I’m putting into this.


But however, this is that Wolf jii-san I’m dealing with. Although I said it earlier, he helped us get the basics down to some extent, and after that it’s only been entirely self-study.

I can’t feel any teaching spirit from him.

I understand why someone like Miss Mary would be disappointed in how I am now, but it feels like jii-san started out like this.

When I finished the book, I approached Wolf jii-san.

“Wolf jii-san, I’m finished.”

“Oh my, that was fast. Well then try this, it’s the basic characters in the ancient language.”

He passed me some paper used for writing the alphabet, and Wolf jii-san went back to concentrating on his own book.

I focused on this as well and finished it quickly.

“I’m done.”

“Then, that’s all I have for you to do today. Just read whatever you want at your leisure.”

“There’s nothing else to do for today? Bring some more out. I want to increase the amount starting from next time.”

At my assertion, Wolf jii-san started laughing heartily.

“What’s this, Marcel-sama is so motivated today.”

“Ahh, Wolf jii-san, I’m aiming to become like the king’s brother Raiheart-dono. That’s why, I would like for you to teach me more.”

I said what I always did.

“The king’s brother, eh. Ahh, that’s right, Michelle-sama just got engaged to Prince Edwards recently. Michelle-sama, congratulations.”

“That’s right, Wolf jii-san! Listen listen, Prince Edwards is -”

“Wait, Michelle. Wolf jii-san, that’s why I’m now different from before. So, please give me more -”

I interrupted Michelle who was almost blooming like a flower so happily with the chance to talk about her Prince Edwards, and argued vehemently.

“Those who believe they will succeed, will not. And those who believe they will not, will. – Well then, willst thou succeed, or willst thou not?”

Wolf jii-san’s drunken atmosphere up to now suddenly changed, and he looked directly at me. It’s different from the friendly way he’s treated me up to now, and I suddenly felt a pain in my stomach from being stared at. It’s an atmosphere which feels like denial or rejection.

“‘Shoot for the moon,’ is an ancient proverb. I’ll be rooting for you, Marcel-sama. – Well then, Michelle-sama, please let me hear your story about Prince Edwards.”

Wolfram jii-san returned to his drunken state again and returned to the topic of Michelle’s story.

With the book reading time I had left, I kept trying to figure out the meaning of his words.


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  1. Wew~! Now that’s a sudden change! Suddenly got tense in the last part/ending part lol.

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^. Looks like it’s progressing steadily? hmm~ hmm~! 🙂


  2. Maybe it was said as: Don’t be overconfident on what you are to become but work harder on what you may be… Or something along the lines?

    Hmmm… If taking a reference… then the Filipino Children Story called “Juan Tamad” suits it. Just because some magical existence told that you’re fated to be wealthy doesn’t mean you can laze around and wait for what’s about to happen.
    P.S. Tamad means Lazy in Filipino tounge

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  3. Hm… rather than the riddle, it’s Wolf-jii-san’s social status that intrigues me. That kind of “uncertain how to deal with” social status might imply that he’s someone really powerful, but in a different heirarchy…

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