Destruction Flag Otome novelization announcement

Destruction Flag Otome Novelization Announcement – message from the author

This has only been made possible by everyone’s support and reading my work “Destruction Flag Otome.” It will be turned into a light novel by the publisher Iris. I’m really so very thankful to everyone.

There will be a new chapter “The fifteenth birthday party” in the light novel, as well as a newly written side story “After the birthday party” included as well.

The illustrations will be done by Hida Kanami-sama, I’m so very, very thankful for the wonderful illustration of Katarina-sama!

It’s been decided that it shall be published next month on August 20. I’ll be in everyone’s care.

Once again, for my own story to have become so popular, it’s just like a dream. And so, when the publisher Iris read my amateur story, and reached out to me, it was only because of everyone’s support that made this possible. No matter how much I thank everyone, it’s not enough, but……Everyone, thank you so very much.

Yamaguchi Satoru


30 responses to “Destruction Flag Otome novelization announcement

      • No idea where you’re from, but if you’re shipping from Amazon to North America, I suspect it shipping will probably bring it to about $9–14 USD per book, plus $5 per order. It’d be nice if they let people outside of Japan buy ebooks too, especially ones that’ll probably never see an licensed translation.


    • off-course~! kukuku…~!
      I really collecting such novels that I like… I mean I really like having a collection of novels after all. 🙂


    • lots of thanks for the chapters that you have been translating at a rather fast pace. I ❤ your translation a lot so please don't give up on translating more chapters xD If not, i will have to go on and hit a real destruction flag from destruction flag otome withdrawal symptoms.


  1. …This is a question not a request..

    Will you also translate the light novel?
    (if yes) Will you edit past chapters so we can see the Pictures of Bakarina-sama?
    (if yes) Thank you for translating the WN.

    P.s. The choice “NO” is not permissible……

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