Destruction Flag Otome – Side story 7

Side story 7 – About the engagement


I, Alan Stuart, called out my fiancee Mary Hunt today in order to talk with her about our engagement.

We were in a dorm room, and nobody else was here. I intended to finally have a conversation with Mary about that.

It’s been a month since the dark magic incident that Katarina Claes got involved in. At one point in time I had been troubled by thinking about what I could do for her, but the incident was resolved with everyone returning safely. As for the main culprit behind the incident, Sirius, or Rafael, he’s left school, and there was a bit of commotion about the student council, but things were still going on as usual even so.

During all that, there’s something that I absolutely have to do.

When I, Alan Stuart, was eight years old, I got engaged to Mary Hunt, the fourth daughter of Marquis Hunt. She was lovely, and I thought that it would be alright if I spent the rest of my life with her, but…… However, I realized that no matter what, I had no romantic feelings for her whatsoever.


I got my hint during the incident when Katarina seemed like she might lose her life. At that time, when I thought that Katarina might lose her life, I noticed my true feelings.

I’m in love with the girl known as Katarina Claes.

When I realized this, my feelings suddenly overflowed, and I couldn’t stop them at all. I wanted to be by her side even if just a little, and always see her smile.

I know very well that she’s the fiancee of my brother Jared. That’s why, even if my wish can’t come true…… I wanted to stay as close by to her side as limits would allow.


And so, when I was busy thinking such things, I thought about Mary. Certainly, I like her well enough, but, it’s more like a familial love for a little sister rather than romantic feelings for her.

Familial love, while she certainly might not mind, but…… So that I’m not being disrespectful to Mary……

Since it’s like this, it might be better if she gets engaged with a different man that she loves instead, is what I thought.

I kept being troubled and troubled by my thoughts until finally, I decided to make my intentions clear to Mary. I’m not in love with Mary, and the girl of my dreams is someone else instead.

And so, I decided to meet with Mary and tell her this. I’ll leave it up to her what to do about our engagement……


And so, Mary finally arrived. My lovely fiancee had a puzzled look on her face wondering what I called her out for just as I expected.

To Mary, I…… told her everything that I had been thinking about, except that I left out Katarina’s name.


“Mary, I’m really sorry to have done something like this to you. That’s why, if you want, you can discard this engagement right now so that you’re not troubled by someone like me.”

At first, Mary had a really surprised look on her face, but then her expression became somewhat troubled as well. Then……

“…………You were more serious than I thought. How troublesome.”

“Eh, what?”

Although Mary muttered something, it was too soft for me to hear, so I asked her to say it again. Mary just laughed and said “it’s nothing” while smiling gently. Then –

“I understand Prince Alan’s feelings very well now…… But, if I discard this engagement now, my family will probably find another fiance for me immediately. I’d be troubled if that happens.”

“You’ll be troubled if you get a different fiance? You’re very popular in our social circles, wouldn’t you definitely be able to find a wonderful fiance that can love you?”

In truth, Mary is very popular in society, and there would be no shortage of suitors for her hand if she discarded her engagement with me. However, Mary shook her head with a grim look on her face.

“No. What I meant by troubled was…… Prince Alan, I’ve always kept quiet about something as well, it’s…… In truth, I also have someone that I’m deeply in love with as well.”


The development was too sudden for me, I opened my mouth wide and froze solid.

“I’m really very sorry about keeping quiet all this time. ……But, the love I have for that person won’t reach them.”

“………Is that so. So you were like that as well.”

So that was it. Unbelievable, for Mary as well…… She had a person in mind as well. What a dense guy I am, to have never noticed all this time.

“……But, I won’t give up…… My chances aren’t good, but I’ll try my very best. That’s why, rather than getting engaged to a new fiance, I’d rather keep this engagement with Prince Alan who feels the same way I do. That’s why, let’s please stay engaged just like this.”

As she said so, Mary was looking at me with slightly wet eyes. When Mary who seemed ephemeral was asking me like this, I found it impossible to decline her request.

“I understand. Until the time when you succeed with that person, I’ll continue being your fiance.”

When I said that to Mary, she smiled so happily.

That smiling lovely girl, was actually our biggest rival, and what’s more the strongest enemy, was something I would only realize later and a story for another time.


39 responses to “Destruction Flag Otome – Side story 7

  1. This line “That smiling lovely girl, was actually our biggest rival, and what’s more the strongest enemy, was something I would only realize later and a story for another time.” 😀

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    • Lets also say that she wont let anyone advance more than an inch on where they are right now… She will make sure that they are “processed” first before they can even advance… that is if they can advance

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  2. Was wondering why it took you awhile to get the next chapter out. Turns out you had a 5k word chapter on your hands. Also wasn’t expecting the side story so soon. Thanks for the chapter!


  3. You can’t break up with me to run away with Bakarina I’M BREAKING UP WITH YOU TO RUN AWAY WITH BAKARINA! or rather, lets stay together, so i can have more time to plan my escape with Bakarina

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  4. hahaha…. now confiming the yuri element is strong… look like mary will win the black hole “heart”…. hahaha… such a long fight… btw thanks 4 the chapter today

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  5. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Poor innocent naive Alan! Mary knows about you but you don’t know about her. Mary knows that everyone is her rival.

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  6. hahahah~ XD! Final Boss Appeared~!
    Mary! So Formidable! Scary~! kukuku…~!

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.


    • No, Mary Keith and Jared (and A-chan I suppose) at least are fully aware of the harem and its ever expanding size( those nameless fanclub included) Alan is the only fully oblivious one. Maria and Sophia probably belong with Anne in the ‘doesn’t care, just want to stay near her’ camp

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  7. Thanks for the new chapter.
    I think there is a small quiproquo in the last sentence. “That smiling lovely girl, was actually our biggest rival, and what’s more the strongest enemy.” Most readers seem to take it the wrong way: as if Mary was to become an evil “final boss” sort of character, a murderous yandere even more dangerous than the Stuco President. THAT’S NOT IT AT ALL. What Alan means is: “Of all the people competing for the heart of Katarina, Mary was the strongest contender, and we, her rivals, would only realize too late her true power at the game of love.” Something like that. The original Japanese writing is very clear.

    Hehe, all hail the power of yuri! ❤

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  8. One of these days, our dense MC will cause a civil war among the 3rd prince faction, 4th prince faction, nobles faction, dark mage guild, church of the light, yuri alliance, and commonwealth of side characters.
    And the world goes out with a boom.


    • pff, the Overlord faction will win that fight. our plan is to wait it all out until our glorious overlord has captured the heart and minds of all beings, and then start preparing for her Holeiness 30 birthday.

      We in the overlord faction like to give ourselves plenty of time for our plans.


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