Destruction Flag Otome – Side story 8 – Epilogue

Side Story 8 – I was found out (Epilogue)


“Hey, Katarina. I’ve always been wondering but, what is that bulge in your pocket?”

I’ve avoided all the destruction flags, and I had been sipping tea while completely relaxed, when Jared suddenly pointed at my pocket, my hand went over to feel what it was.

Huh, what’s in here? What is it? I pulled out the item in my pocket.

It was, in my eight years, the greatest masterpiece among the toy snakes.

……Come to think of it, last night, when I was preparing against the destruction flags, I had put it in my pocket, and I had completely forgotten about it…… What’s more, of all things, I’ve made the mistake of taking it out in front of Jared……

Eight years ago, I had thrown a toy snake at Jared, and he exacted a terrible revenge upon me, and in order to guard against him, I had a toy snake made, and I had been careful to not let Jared notice my toy snake throwing practice. And yet…… Of all things, at such a timing…… Even though I had worked so hard to avoid the destruction flags…… At this rate a new destruction is going to come for me……

I held the toy snake and froze up. I really didn’t have the courage to face Jared head on and see his expression. However, I was able to feel some kind of disturbing atmosphere.

……This is bad. Somehow, I have to deceive him somehow……

“……Ah, ahh! What is this, when did it get there? Exactly who on earth put such a thing in my pocket?”

For the time being, let’s go with the scenario where someone put it in my pocket unknowingly. Uh-oh, the words came out in a bit of a monotone but, I think it’s a great idea.

This toy snake isn’t mine, but someone else put it into my pocket as some sort of evil plot.

“Really, when did such a thing get in my pocket without me knowing it?”

I continued with my convincing performance…… Then……

“It can’t be, someone arbitrarily put it in there?”

Jared raised his voice in puzzlement. Looking at his face, it was just as stiff as his voice was. I, I’ve succeeded. I’ve deceived him successfully. My acting ability is quite something. At this rate, I might even become an actress in the future.

And so, I got completely carried away and continued my acting.

“T, that’s right. Exactly who would do such a thing?”

I made a troubled look. I felt completely like a big-shot actress.

“Really now, I wonder who exactly would have put such a thing there, hmm?”

Jared’s already been completely deceived by my wonderful acting. This is good, this is good. And so, just when I had become completely at ease……

“- What exactly do you think you’re talking about?”


When I looked again, his expression and tone of voice had suddenly changed…… And the same evil smile that had been there when I had thrown the toy snake at him before was there again.

……Huh? What? My sublime performance should have completely fooled him…… While my eyes became completely wide-eyed, Jared continued on indifferently.

“When you think about it normally, it should be impossible, something like putting an item into your pocket, without you noticing it at all. On top of that, doing something like this has no meaning at all.”

“……Urgh, indeed……”

I had thought it was a wonderful idea, but…… It’s indeed just as he said. As expected of the genius Prince Jared.

“In the first place, the only person that would be deceived by such a hilarious lie, would be Katarina.”


“What’s more, you’ve always thought I didn’t know but, that Katarina’s been secretly making something and sneaking out to practice throwing it, I’ve discovered it long ago.”


What’s this!? Even though I had thought that he never noticed…… It’s been completely exposed……

“And so, why would Katarina have such a thing?”

Jared asked me with such a beautiful, beautiful smile.

“……T, that’s……”

Just in case, if the worst was to happen, it was to throw at you! But I can’t say that…… I froze up again.

“Well, I can get a general idea of what you were thinking, but…… What shall I do? Shall I report it to Duchess Claes again?”

“Eh, nooo, please just not that……”

As that evil smile appeared on Jared’s face, I panicked. If mother finds out about this incident, a frightful thunderstorm would surely fall upon me again.

“Is that so…… In that case, if you listen to a request of mine, I’ll graciously forget about this incident.”

“Really!? I understand. I’ll do anything!”

This is great, I’m saved. In comparison to my mother’s thunder, I’ll listen to one or even two requests! To me who was excited, Jared moved his perfect face closer.

“Then tonight, without everyone else noticing, could you come up to my room by yourself?”

“Eh, uh…… Why?”

I had definitely thought that he would ask me something like taking notes for him, or making me buy bread at the store for him like an errand girl, but…… What exactly does he mean by visiting his room and making sure that everyone else doesn’t find out? I wonder if there’s some secret he wants to consult me about?

“You’ll understand the reason when you come. You’ll listen to any request I make, right?”

“……Ah, yes.”

As expected, he must have something to discuss with me. I don’t know if I’ll be of any help, but I’ll do my best.

“I’ll be looking forward to your arrival.”

As he said so with his face close to my ear, he smiled profoundly. At that moment, for some reason shivers ran down my spine. Huh? What? I wonder why. Confused at the mysterious chills, I reached my hands out and stretched my body all over. I was suddenly surprised, and turned around to see Keith standing there.

“Prince Jared, you’re getting a little too close to her there.”

“Since Katarina is my fiancee, this much is normal. As for you, please don’t touch my Katarina too freely. Isn’t it about time that you left your sister? Keith Claes.”

Keith’s voice seemed a bit harsh for some reason, and Jared replied with his usual smile, but for some reason, rather than Keith, another voice replied.

“Katarina-sama doesn’t belong to Prince Jared. There’s no way that could be until the marriage has been officially concluded.”

Without me noticing it, Sophia had been standing in the trees with a grim face I’ve almost never seen her have, and then yet another different voice spoke up.

“That’s right. She’s just a fiancee right now, but who knows what could happen in the future.”

“What does that mean? Lady Mary Hunt.”

“Exactly what it sounds like, Prince Jared.”

To Mary who was grinning, Jared responded with a smile as well. They looked like they were happily discussing something, but…… I wonder why the atmosphere seemed so heavy……

Before I realized it, all the student council members that should have been scattered about had gathered here around us, and everyone had grim faces for some reason.

And so, somehow, I felt like there was a disturbing atmosphere in the air. Huh? Why, all the destruction flags should have been gone now……

“Katarina-sama, I believe your conversation with Prince Jared is over already, correct?”

“Eh, ah…… Mmm.”

I nodded at Mary’s words that seemed rather intimidating, and just like that, it feels like I was pressured into it.

And so, being sandwiched tightly between Mary and Sophia and Maria after that, I enjoyed chatting and having tea with them. Before I realized it, that mysterious chill had disappeared. I wonder what that was. That shivering feeling…… I wonder if I’m coming down with a cold?


And so, in the end, everyone kept an eye on me and I didn’t go visit Jared that night after all. And, I was scolded that I was never to do a thing like that from now on.

Well, indeed, as a noble daughter, visiting a boy’s room late at night, is considered a breach of etiquette. Next time, I’ll just discuss with him about what he wanted during the day.

But anyways, even though the destruction flags should have been gone…… Is it just my imagination that there seems to be a disturbing atmosphere amongst my friends……


64 responses to “Destruction Flag Otome – Side story 8 – Epilogue

  1. Thanks for the translations! Feels like a little weird add-on but I am still shocked at how dense Katarina is x.x
    Maybe take a short break unless there are any other series you’re interested in?


  2. Poor Jared, too bad his plan didn’t go as he planned.
    I was cheering for anyone to make a move on Bakarina just to throw her off her feet and make her see that she is being loved in a romantic way.
    Thanks for everything!
    Why not continue with the ex-pig-onii-san-mc-to-be-the-most-high-spec-of-the-otome-game? Or maybe one that I’ve been curious about, that seems to be about a girl that reincarnated in a otome game, but she only regained her memories at the end (on her bad end)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, I guess with the couple of yandere’s and th e mass scheming against Jared would have created some enmity, but if the status quo remains, its a happier (and hilarious) ending were no harem members are cut off.


  3. Jared is a genius after all… XD Bakarina, I will miss you so much, and you are so baka… I hope that maybe one day the author writes more epilogue (with snake-throwing!!)… but maybe she won’t….

    I’m glad the snake made such a prominent appearance, but I regret that Bakarina wasn’t looking at Jared’s face as she was lying… also that she didn’t magnificently throw the snake in front of him to escape only to magnificently fail…

    I really appreciate all the hard work the imperfectluck has done!!! My eternal gratitude!! I would offer my soul as well… but I pawned that a long time ago…


  4. thankyou so much for translating this awesome series ^^, sucks that u dropped black knight, that was pretty damn good.


  5. Poor toy snake, it never had a chance to shine…
    I suppose there was no other way this story could have ended (except for the toy snake, it could have had its moment in the sun, my heart is full of grief for poor thing).

    My thanks to you for this chapter, and for the entire series, imperfectluck.


  6. aww it’s the end ;-;
    Thanks for the chapter TwT
    btw i think you should finish Dragon Life
    It’s been soooo looong since there was a chapter ;A;
    I cry ! *sob sob*

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.

    How saddening that there wouldn’t be more of Katarina’s exploits. T_T
    And ’till the end, Katarina as always is the same 🙂


  8. Bakarina, when Jared was asking what it is, you should’ve took the chance to toss it and run away as fast as you can! That was what you were training for, no?


  9. Thanks for translating! In my heart I was hoping for Jared to acknowledge the snake, so I’m glad that something happened. But yeah, I wish some actual romantic development happened. OH well.

    If you’re up for reading random recommendations on your spare time, I found a series that’s basically the opposite of this in terms of romance – features an ultimate baka couple that’s ridiculously cute. From what I could translate myself, it’s pretty entertaining.


  10. I was kind of hoping Jared would try for a kiss and Katarina would panicked and throw the snake. Oh well…. I’m sad the ended. Thank you for the translations imperfectluck.


  11. Man oh man, I was really routing for the Maria yuri ending, she was such a cute character and the POV chapters with their interactions was just ADORABLE! Then again it’s a harem series so picking someone in the end wouldn’t work out that well, still, I can always imagine how the two of them would get together. I mean come on, the villianess hooking up with the heroine is such a bold move, I wish that was a series then I could really enjoy that ‘star-crossed lovers’ aspect.


  12. Villainous Brother!! Please this light novel was shorter than I thought it was… and then who would have thought! Something so similar yet fundamentally different xD WOOP WOOP

    But, then again you may be tired of translating such a similar storyline and concept that the fun was beaten outta it…

    although I would desperately appreciate some Villainous Brother releases…!
    Arigato gozaimasu~


  13. This is my first time reading a japanese novel and im glad i found a golden one lmao, but seriously this is so good, i’ll never forget BAKARINA and her DREADFUL HAREM and also the number of times i had facepalmed, i hope they would update the manga version soon tho ヾ(≧▽≦*)o


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