Demon King Reincarnation – A story about a certain girl bodyguard

A girl bodyguard’s monologue


My ojou-sama is a demon.

I’m a girl that’s in her personal bodyguard troops. As I was growing up, I’ve witnessed the cruelty of my ojou-sama up close. In the first place, I first encountered my ojou-sama in the slum streets of town.

Ojou-sama appeared there, and using gems to bribe everyone, gathered all the girls in the slums together in one place.


“Everyone, kill each other. I’ll make whoever survives into my vassal.”

Those that tried to escape, and those that tried to challenge her were all killed by ojou-sama. It was hell.

But, I found a type of meaning to it.

I made a contract with a demon. I’ve finally found a reason for being me.

– As a result, I killed all my friends from the slums, burned down the slum streets where there were only men left, and was welcomed into ojou-sama’s personal bodyguard troops.


Ojou-sama is a demon. Currently, ojou-sama is making a mockery out of being an aristocrat, but her true nature remains the same.

She’s a demon that should be judged.

But, it’s too naive to assume that there’s anyone standing for justice who can actually do that.


38 responses to “Demon King Reincarnation – A story about a certain girl bodyguard

    • Yes.

      But liking her (for picking her from the slum) doesn’t conflict with whether she should be stopped (she’s a calamity, causing extinctions and wiping off countries on a whim)

      The last statement’s ‘anyone standing for justice’ seem to be for excluding her from the statement (given her earlier killing of her own friends as well as the ‘contract with a devil’), meaning it can be either:
      a) She does have the power to fight her ojou-sama.
      b) She doesn’t plan to stop her ojou-sama.

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  1. Well she is a true demon, but her judgement has been going on for a long time… That much that she is practically an international threat if angered… But also an incredibly strong ally with enough caution, praise, (futa) gifts and a jealous fiancee xD


    • Here’s the scary part.
      Remember her age?

      The time when she first met Heath (ch1) she was 10, and the next chapter on TOC says ‘twelve’…
      And by then the maids were ALREADY used to her soaking in blood…

      Btw, this chapter is her still working on setting up her personal guards.
      And back in ch 10 there was this line:
      “Human bodies are really so fragile. It’s just like when I was first setting up my personal bodyguard troops, I was so angry then at how my body wouldn’t move the way I wanted it to.”

      So she was killing those running away/challenging her, as little girl, while also not being able to move well.

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  2. Meh I really dislike Angelica’s character. In essence, her character tries to attract people with a combination of “clumsy moe” (As in the way she can’t figure out her feelings) and a type of “Crossing the line twice” sort of horror humor. However to me she doesn’t do either thing really well.

    For the former, she’s just too dense and unsympathetic. I think the author tries to make the whole “awkward demon lord trying to figure out her new found feelings” into a charm point, but the way it’s implemented ticks me off. When she’s pissed off or doesn’t get something, she just defaults to killing stuff. Brutal muscle brains are the type of character I hate the most. She also blames other people and never thinks about the consequences of her actions. People like that that cause trouble for others and get away with it are the type I hate the second most. Her character traits and childishness (despite the fact she’s supposed to have been through 3 reincarnations and should know better) are the main reasons I hate her, not because of her evil alignment.

    Then she also goes around slaughtering people who may or may not deserve it. From Angelica’s PoV it’s played for laughs and so over the top it’s ridiculous. Hence, crossing the line twice humor. But sometimes the setting is done in a way where it goes ironically not far enough. Like in this chapter for instance. Gathering hopeless slum kids with money and forcing them to kill each other is such an unbelievably fucked up thing to do, but since it’s well within the realm of possibility and imagination it only “crosses the line” once. Thus making it a WHOLE lot less funny and much more assholeish.

    Really there’s nothing about her that makes me want to root for her. Usually characters have something about them that make you want to see them succeed. For Angelica, I just hopes someone puts down this crazy bitch, even her own body guard thinks so.

    Welp I don’t usually criticize characters but I just felt like something had to be said about this one. Keep in mind it’s JUST MY OPINION.

    tl;dl Angelica pushes all of the wrong buttons and makes me hate her. Too bratty and unsympathetic.


    • O..k…well, not every story is for everyone, maybe this one isn’t for you? Or rather, this is the way she is the whole story, how come you only comments NOW?

      This is also my opinion, but the way I see it: She is the absurd, a monster that do what it wants and nobody can stops it so everyone just do their best to not be in the way.
      Yes she technically reincarnated twice, but the first life’s memory (human) was hazy and in pieces, and her life as demon king is basically doing whatever she want and nobody could stop her (until the hero appeared) therefore her mentality is very much that of the demon king.

      That she slaughter people who may or may not deserve it line also counter your own argument: we don’t know these people, we can’t judge if her action is really ‘bad’.
      For example, the guy she went and killed to send back as a gift to the king for Maru? You may think it’s a horrible act to kill someone, but to her country IT’S A GOOD THING.
      Or the country that she destroyed? What’s to say it isn’t an enemy of her own country?
      And these people in the slums? If it’s the stereo typical slums they’re those that steal/rape/murder for a living, all just to barely survive another day. If a knight cut down a thief/rapist/murderer, do you blame the knight for killing them, even if the knight is just doing his job?
      Is her action extreme? Yes, but that’s just the way she is.

      Or if you want logic, consider:
      Have you ever seen homeless people, and think “why won’t they just get a job?” Maybe she saw those people in such depraved life and thought that, but giving a hungry man fish will only save him for a day, teaching him how to fish is a far better thing if you want to ‘help’ them.
      So, in a mix of cleaning up the bad roots hiding in the slum and to give chance to the ones wanting a better life, here’s the spartan contest.
      The cowards who run away are the type to betray at the slightest coercion, she doesn’t need that.
      The ones who challenge her are not willing to submit, therefore her future enemy or backstabbers, she doesn’t need that either.
      Those that doesn’t have the will to live can just quietly die.
      Those that’s too weak won’t survive, especially given Rose’s notority and that assassins are constant (remember her brother?), the weak will only die shortly after being hired.
      And the one who fight and survived, she’s shown her willingness to do dirty work and the strength to follow in her master’s path.
      It’s a twisted logic, sure, but then again usually nobility isn’t all sunshine and peaceful either.

      Or hey, if you want to condemn someone, how about the definitely-human girl who killed her own siblings AND burned down the street to become the one to survive? Considering this is her chapter why do you not have a mention of how ‘unbelievably fucked up’ that action is?

      And I don’t think her bodyguard hope someone kills her.
      The part about Rose being a demon and ‘should’ be judged is just that, like answering the question if someone asks “Do you not think your master is evil” She’s say “yes she is a demon”
      But if the next question is “why not help us bring her to justice?” her answer would be a mocking sneer and a refusal, because even if she joins them, they can’t win, she who serves Rose know that answer well.
      So between die fighting as a bodyguard or whatever suffering is in place for a traitor, she’d rather pick the former…and that’s if she dies before her master who oh so love combat decide to join in.
      Besides, I’m pretty sure she like her current life, why would she hope someone crush it?


  3. Yup, that’s the kodoku experiment for you – the one where you put poisonous bugs in a jar to get the sole survivor.
    That’s what a REAL DEMON lord does – cruelty ensure.
    Besides, this kind of thing really happens in real life too. We’re just lucky enough to be born in “safe” countries.

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    • True, but a a REAL DEMON LORD wouldn’t be prancing around trying worrying about how to woo her fiance. The way the author tries to mix moe with harsh edgy REAL DEMON LORD actions just doesn’t work for me.

      If Angelica were a pragmatic demon lord that tired cleverly usurped the human kingdom while practicing demonic policies I’d have some respect for her. Instead I get the impression of an empty headed girl that does fcking terrible things simply because she doesn’t know better. She’s like a child with a gun shooting people to death. There’s no sense of responsibility or weight in her actions. She’s a textbook example for why you shouldn’t give overwhelming strength to kids (people who don’t know how to handle it). She’s powerful enough that no one can teach her morals either.


      • She isn’t trying to woo him though?

        She got a fragment of memory on how her current life is much like a story in her pre-demon king life.

        And rather than trying to keep Heath around, she is willing to let Hendra have him (in fact she already assumed Heath likes Hendra)
        as for her? She’ll play the villain, the ‘cool’ villain that doesn’t bully, because “Bullying is uncool”


      • I just interpreted her feelings differently. To me she seems to have tsundere feelings towards Heath. A kind of “OMG he’s like the Hero, so I can’t possibly LIKE him, but what’s this feeling *doki doki*” Where she actually does like him but doesn’t admit it to herself.

        Her actions towards Hendra seem to me like they come from an intense inferiority complex. From my PoV it looks like she feels as if she can’t win against Hendra when it comes to gaining Heath’s love. However in the first place she doesn’t admit to loving him so she does all these crazy things. “I DON’T GET IT SO I’MA GO OUT AND KILL STUFF” etc.


      • The key here is that she herself isn’t actively trying to woo him (anymore at least)
        And I just checked ch1 again to be sure.

        The bottom line is: She wanted to fight strong opponents.

        In fact that’s why she challenged Heath to a duel, and upon realizing he isn’t anywhere near as strong as the hero, she lost interest.
        It was him who chased after her.

        As for her being tsundere, one possibility is that she’s the type to return favors. Her parent raised her, therefore she protects them. The King gave her Maru, so she went and hunt down an enemy of his as thanks.
        In which case, her tsundere denial can be taken at face value, that she indeed doesn’t care for the person in question, just that the favors/debt be repaid.

        As for Hendra,
        If anything, she cared more on Hendra not being worthy enough rival for her (the disaster that was the music festival) than Heath’s love.

        Her “I don’t get this, time to go kill something” is on par with a student getting stumped on a difficult question and decide to look at facebook for distraction.
        Hers just happen to be hunting something challenging, just that being a demon king that she is the difficulty level before it’s challenging is ‘a bit’ higher than normal person.

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  4. I’ve just started reading this and I have a question.. Basically, The MC is a human girl in *our world* that’s reincarnated into a demon lord.. before the Hero come and kill her.. The MC then reincarnate into a female noble, engaged with the Third Prince that looks like the hero who killed her? Then, a country bumpkin come and get too intimate with the Prince which cause the MC to be jealous.. Oh, MC is also accompanied by a Maid-Bodyguard since her birth that’s ready to do anything she wish anytime.. another female noble that can’t read the mood and looks like a pig as stalker.. a Futa who knows what MC wish without needing the MC to spell it out.. a Pair of idiot parents that needs the MC to take care of their assassins everytime.. a Former-assassin as step brother.. What the FK did I miss? Except all her brutalities she has done in her life which I don’t want to bother mentioning even one example of it.. Anyway, I’m sorry for the awkward wording.. But at this point, I just want to shout.. THIS.. IS.. MADNESS!! a good way.


  5. After reading more of the comments, I realise that ln authors “killed” the demon lords.
    Making them appealing, shrewd, charismatic, with a conscience…
    OK, so they’re more interesting that way for us readers, but still, for that girl Angie her truth is that might is right, strenght is everything, and the strongest is never wrong, no matter what’s done.
    After all, what are plots in face of overwhelming strenght???
    In this line of reasoning, at least the author has been consistent until now, since we see a demon lord (genderless main past life) resurrected in a girl with some hints of former otaku girl from her first life.
    Her “tsundere” attitude… just put it in account of her currently being a girl, like Katia in Kumo-san, when physiology influences the psyche.


    • Angelica’s might is right attitude just makes her a less interesting character to me.

      LNs have made many more different kinds of demon lords since the classic lol evil Demon Lord. The classic demon lord serves mainly to be an object of universal hate for the main character to overcome. Such a one dimensional character fits the antagonist role well enough, but fails terribly if transplated wholesale into the protagonist role. Hence why most demon lord protagonists are NOT generic might is right evil bad guys.

      On a random note I really like Katia’s character from Kumo but that’s a whole different discusion.


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