Eliza (first draft) – Prologue



Although I cried when I first decided to poison my family, I have no more tears to cry now.

I dumped my damned father’s cigarette butts into the large pot of mystery soup, and stirred it. There’s no poison detection system here anyway.

Luckily, on the dinner table was a large quantity of seafood and other delicacies that my damned father probably got somewhere from unscrupulous merchants. How funny that this would end up causing them food poisoning.

Viscount Kaldia and his family that was famous for being villainous, all died, leaving their daughter Eliza who had just turned two as the only survivor. For the crime of poisoning the viscount’s entire family, a merchant who was once again famous for being villainous was executed.

……And that is the story of how I, Eliza Kaldia, succeeded the position of a Junior Viscount. Obviously since I was only a two year old infant, I wasn’t even considered a suspect in my family’s assassination. My damned father and his entire money-obsessed family have been punished and annihilated. Although I was the only survivor, since I was still two years old, I wouldn’t be able to take up the duties that came with being a Viscount immediately. Of course, for the time being, the royal capital sent someone to become my guardian.

And so, the old man that the royal capital sent to me let out a terrible wail at seeing the terrible state of my family’s lands and economic situation. From numerous debts, to a rickety domain, the people were in tatters, now let me see how you intend to fix things.

Of course, as a two year old, I had no powers. So no matter what, until I became an adult, or at least until I matured and was able to provisionally take power, it’ll be troublesome if my domain isn’t peaceful by then. That’s why I killed my entire family.

Well, there was a reason why I killed all eight of my family members when I was only two. It’s not because I’m merely a mass murderer.

It seems that I’ve been reincarnated into this world. This country seems similar to Europe in the Middle Ages, but there had been no country named the Arxia Kingdom in European history. What’s more, Eliza Kaldia of the Arxia Kingdom, had been the name of a game character in an otome game I played in my previous life. I don’t know how I’ve become reincarnated into an all-too-popular game world reincarnation situation.

This character Eliza had been the rival of the heroine. The spoiled Eliza and her family were the perfect templates for typical villainous nobles. While the details had been omitted, their misdeeds had piled so much that the entire family would be executed in the end.

I had originally borrowed this game from my younger sister in order to kill time, but now that I’ve reincarnated into this world I need to really think things through clearly.

Of course, with such a horrifying destruction flag in the future, I’m going to utterly destroy it to the roots as early as possible. That’s why, I killed my entire family while I was still two years old so that nobody would possibly suspect me.

Huh, I guess I’ve done something even worse than the Eliza in the game. I assassinated the viscount.

Since I didn’t have the power to rebuild my desolate domain that had a mere 3000 in population, I’ll have to leave it to my guardian. Well, my guardian will probably do their best in rebuilding my domain for their own future benefit as well.

By the way, the name of the old man who became my guardian is Senior Marquis Terejia. It would be nice if I could change my own name to Maria after I become the family head, but that would be unlucky. Although, it might not be a problem because countries like Austria and France don’t exist here.

Five years passed, and by the time I was seven, my domain had mostly settled down. My guardian, Marquis Terejia, taught me territorial management and this country’s laws first rather than how to become a noble lady.

He had prepared people to take care of my personal appearance, and I’ve become a passable ojou-san.

I also got to interact with other nobility, and the senior marquis’s words were perfect and his actions beautiful and elegant. Of course, being influenced by them I learned etiquette.

That’s probably why the marquis thought it wasn’t necessary to teach me these things officially. I don’t mind if it’s like this either. In the end, I only started taking my first class in etiquette at the extremely late age of nine years old.

At the same time as when I first began learning about territorial management, I was also taught military strategy, basic martial arts, and how to ride a horse. If there was ever war, as the lord of this domain it would be expected for me to lead the troops.

Other noble girls my age were learning etiquette, international relations, and refinement, but if they only waste their time studying those useless things it might be very hard for them in the future. That’s why, I’ve only been studying other things.

When I turned eight, I became the second-in-command of the marquis’s troops, and he taught me how to lead my own platoon. There were only twenty people in it. I was very embarrassed at having subordinates for the first time in my life, and the difference between our age and gender made it worse, but by the time I turned ten I was somehow able to manage leading a hundred soldiers.

At the same time when I was eight, I was allowed to join in meetings at the House of Lords, and it became mandatory for me to attend every time. My domain runs longer east to west, and my estate is located in the village closest to the royal capital, so it would take about three days to reach the royal capital on horseback. I would have to attend set meetings about once every two or three months.

As expected, other than me, it was all men over the age of twenty-five, and I was only included in the discussions but not allowed to participate.

For now, I’ll just stand in the shadow of the marquis and steal the political skills necessary to survive in this world from him. After all, the marquis can’t look after me for forever, so there’s no helping it.

In order to become a proper Viscountess and manage my own domain, I did my best at studying, but thinking about the future where I’ll have to manage thousands of people, I’m probably going to have to hire my own subordinates to help me. In comparison to my previous life…… It felt as if I would be running a small city.


When I turned twelve, the neighboring country’s armies attacked us. At that time, we somehow put together an army by conscripting three hundred farmers, and entered the battle.

As a result, I obtained the enemy general’s head myself in my first ever battle.

Why did it turn out this way……


16 responses to “Eliza (first draft) – Prologue

    • Ummm… does she still get the General’s head? Because it must happen. This not happening will sour me off translations forever. 😛

      Seriously, I’m dying to know. And if it happens, the school arc (if it ever happens, realistically speaking – I’ll cackle if she has to periodically leave to attend the parliament!) will be hilarious.

      Please tell me…~~

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  1. You’ve really been on a roll translating this, haven’t you?

    Not that I have any complaints. On behalf of all leeches everywhere, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work you’re doing. orz

    There are some changes from the first draft to the current, so I wonder if these things are still a reliable source to predict things to come. I think the invasion will be inevitable, but the age when she’s at, or some other factors that aren’t mentioned here (like nameless rock boy and draconis etc) might end up making the real story much different.

    I’ll be looking forward to it in any case! ❤


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