Eliza name changes

The author recently released a list of English names for various things, so as such I’ll be changing the names in the story to the ones that the author has decided upon.

Eliza Cardia -> Eliza Kaldia

Axia Kingdom -> Arxia Kingdom
Ar Kusha Church -> Ar Xia Church

The Rindarl Union Dukedom
Denzer -> Densel
Geograd -> Giograd
Planatis -> Planates
Pamigran -> Parmigran
Rindall -> Rindarl

Recently conquered country
Altoras -> Artolas

Ancient country in the past
Inyatoliss -> Injatoliska

Fort Yugfena -> Jugfena (the J is still pronounced with a Y sound)


One response to “Eliza name changes

  1. Was going to make a rant for this on certain names… But noticed that this is more of a Slavic-centered story than an Anglo-Saxon one… So this is ok.

    But I like better “Rindall” then “Rindarl”… xD


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