Eliza chapter 17 – Elise Cherstoka

Because an orphan from Cyril village in the Kaldia domain had thrown a rock at Viscountess Kaldia, and caused her to fall off her horse, several villagers were punished and had to take responsibility.

The child that was the actual culprit in question was tied up in a jute sack and thrown into a river, while those that hired the child to do it, the people that the child was living with, and various other villagers associated were flogged in front of the other villagers. That was the rumor that reached the capital soon after my birthday celebration ended.

The Kaldia domain has no particularly noticeable features about it. However, the scandal about the previous lord Orville Kaldia’s atrocities, and the family’s deaths by poisoning in which only the youngest daughter survived, causing Marquis Rittergau’s younger brother to have to become her guardian, were some of the biggest events to be gossiped about by the nobles in the past thirty years, the gossipy nobles in the royal capital with too much leisure time all had their attention on the Kaldia domain.

“- and that seems to be the current overview of the Kaldia domain in the royal capital.”

“Thanks for your hard work, Kamil. Although it’s within expectations, that they even know about the orphan incident means that the House of Lords really has nothing better to do than pay attention to what’s going on here. It’s depressing to think about that.”

The other day, when the earl attended a meeting at the House of Lords, as part of the earl’s retinue, Kamil had went along with him to the royal capital for the first time. Even though I’m a noble, I still can’t go to the House of Lords as I’m only six. But this means that the earl finally intends to take me to the royal capital soon.

The House of Lords, is like a government agency, which all Arxian nobility with peerage belong to. It’s the highest level government body below the king, and it can do various legislative and administrative tasks apart from judicial ones which are left to the church.

As an aside, thanks to the existence of the House of Lords, there were very few other places for Arxian nobles to socialize. Very little diplomacy or politics was actually conducted there, it’s simply become a place for nobles to have fun and show off their power, far from the church’s values of being contented with honest poverty.

“So that means Charlie’s surprisingly delicate?”

“What’s this about surprisingly, how rude.”

Kamil was just as imprudent as usual, and I began to massage the wrinkle between my eyebrows reflexively. I had said before that I would forgive his irreverence, and since I had memories of a previous life, I figured it would probably be easier to put up with Kamil’s informal attitude rather than the alternative, I was finally able to organize my feelings recently.

I briefly summarized what I had heard from Kamil and jotted it down on a piece of parchment, sorted it away simply on my writing desk, and got up from my chair. The sunlight shining through the thick window panes felt so warm, it was making me drowsy. Recently the chill of spring had been fading, the long hours of sunshine in the summer were arriving.

I laid my head on Rashiok’s belly while he was sleeping on the windowsill, feeling his smooth scales against my cheek as he breathed. Rashiok woke up with a snort of annoyance as his nap had been disturbed, but even so he stretched out a wing and covered my body. Before I’d realized it, his wings had become wide enough to comfortably cover my small body. Even though his wings had only been the length of Kamil’s arm when he came to this mansion, his growth rate is really quite something.

“Charlie, are you sleepy?”

“No, I’m just lying down for a bit. Let’s go see how Elise is doing before noon.”


– The residents of the Mansion of Golden Hills changed immediately following my birthday celebration. My nanny was changed, two girls were welcomed as my companions, and Kamil got his own small room as well. However, one of the girls “was sickly and had to recuperate right after she arrived.” – That’s the story.

“How’s the food, Elise?”


In one of the innermost rooms of the mansion, I greeted the child that was lying in bed. Although I called him a child, he was actually three years older than me, and due to malnourishment he didn’t seem older than me at all. Although he was now receiving good care every day, there was still something wild about his black hair, and his shining dark eyes were glaring at me. The gloves that covered his fingertips and the dress he was wearing don’t seem to fit his image too well.

“The cook Nathan was worried about you and even went to the trouble of making it for you himself. If you don’t properly eat your food, you won’t have the energy to strangle me, ‘Elise.’”

A jarring metallic sound resounded. From behind me, Kamil softly put a hand on my shoulder, hesitantly thinking to restrain me from something rash. On the bed of the dim room, the small child was trembling in anger.

“……So annoying. Besides, my name’s not Elise. I’m Ratoka.”

“No, that’s wrong. The orphan named Ratoka from Cyril village has already been executed. You’re Elise Cherstoka, my playmate companion, and a girl belonging to the Mansion of Golden Hills.”

“That’s not it! ……I’ll definitely kill you someday!!”

This time his chains were making a loud jingling sound. I laughed at his high-spirited appearance as he shouted at me. You’ve gone overboard, Kamil indicated to me by squeezing my shoulder more firmly.

“You, in the end, you’re just a coward who couldn’t even kill me!”

“Well, I have no idea what you’re talking about at all. You’re such a precious companion of mine that’s come to visit my mansion, why would I have you killed?”

In anger, he threw a pillow at me. However, since it was filled with light feathers it had little momentum, and it fell silently to the floor before it even reached me.

“Let’s ask Nathan to prepare something that’s easier to consume. Since she can’t even get down from the bed, let’s not make things too hard on her, right, ‘Elise?’”

“Shut up!”

As I listened to him yell, I wondered if he was going to burst a blood vessel, as I left the dim room. I used a cheap provocation, but as long as he eats, then it’s fine.

But next, just how long does Kamil intend to keep his hand on my shoulder? However, his hand did not leave on its own. When I looked at him to see what was going on, he hesitantly opened his mouth.

“……Um, you know, Charlie. Why’d you decide to specially place that child close to you? You really might be killed in your sleep.”

“It’s not that I’m specially keeping him close. I’m keeping him alive because his dark red eyes could be useful. You can fool people with hair color, but eye color is the one thing that can’t be changed. Even if he won’t become a trustworthy retainer, there’s plenty of ways to use tools.”

When I said that, I saw something that I’d never seen before in Kamil’s eyes. He furrowed his eyebrows while thinking something, but for some reason it didn’t seem like he was condemning me. What is this feeling, I wonder. Even though I probably should have known it in my previous life, right now the current me had no idea.

A strong gust of wind must have blown outside the window, the leaves of the trees suddenly made a loud rustling sound.

“……If that’s the excuse you’re going to make to me, that means you don’t think you need to tell me.”

“Then, I didn’t kill him, in order to use him. Because I wanted him to acknowledge me, I placed him beside me. Are you satisfied now, Kamil.”

Silence enveloped the hallway. Kamil’s hand dropped from my shoulder, and I saw him clenching his fists tightly. It seemed as if he disliked me looking at him, and he averted his gaze. I wonder if he’s disappointed in me at this late hour.

He can think whatever he likes, and we continued under this strange atmosphere. This wasn’t the only “Elise’s” room we were going to. As we walked on in unnatural seeming silence, something heavy suddenly landed on top of my head. It was loosely twirling around my hair, and I realized that it was Kamil’s hand.

From his hand that seemed like it was comforting me, I finally remembered the emotion I saw in Kamil’s eyes earlier. It had been pity. Kamil had felt compassion for me. However, as for why he would pity me, I still have no idea.


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  1. And so the cast of characters has been updated again. For reference for those of you that know rudimentary Japanese, I figured I should mention that Elise (Ratoka) refers to herself as “ore,” the manly, arrogant version of “I” in Japanese used usually only by males. Eliza uses a more typical gender neutral “watashi.”

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    • Mhmm probabbly. More like, it’s a child that’s been trained in thinking in term of “using” for the purpose of politic and governance in stead of playing like normal. That she cant even show compassion for fear of being taken advantages. Something like that, I guess.

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      • That too, but I think her reason is more of something on a personal scale. She’s basically a lonely kid and everybody hates her, so this is her way of making a non-tool friend.

        Kamil probably saw that she was lying when she specifically said that Elise is her tool – which is to say, Elise will be the only kid her age that she consider friend and not a tool, and the fact that a 6-year-old kid had to do this to make friends was pitiful in his eyes.

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  2. The plot is hard to follow, Eliza seems to be being sadistic just for the sake of it. Either that or I’m retarded 😦
    Even if it’s hard to follow the story is interesting, thanks for the translation!

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    • She is being sadistic but on actually she is to truly be pitied, since she wants to make friends (real) but the screwed way things are, she would be left with tools. So, knowing that, she tries to act the proud ore-oujo-sama instead of moving by her true motives.

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    • It’s not that complex…
      She didn’t want to kill Elise~ because she isn’t the kind of person to kill a kid like that, so she looked for a way to let her live without looking weak. She decided to keep her as a friend because she is desperately lonely and still a bit childish.

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  3. So, instead of killing the boy, she forced him to crossdress and is planning to use him as a maid?
    Charlie, were you really that cruel and perverted?

    And I guess that the other new “nanny”, the other “Elise” as Charlie said, is the daughter of the mayor that should also have been executed…
    Wonder what happened to the mayor in question…

    Or it’s the contrary. The daughter’s location is unknown and the mayor is now a maid.


    • Elise was always a girl. Japanese uses gender neutral pronouns, so her gender wasn’t revealed until this chapter. I think I did my best to only refer to her as “child” and avoid using “he” or “him,” so let me know if I missed something somewhere.


      • In chapter 13, you refer to the child as “this guy.” I suppose ‘guy’ can be gender neutral, but that is usually only in its plural form (e.g. “hey you guys” can refer to a group a girls), but by itself it is generally assumed to be a male.

        > … and left the child’s line of sight. The child was somewhat clever and impertinent, but I know well now that this guy’s just a simple child. Yes, and on the surface Kamil seemed obedient …


  4. So she’s keep them as body double? I think she should also train some kid into loyal yandere eyes secret corp. Imagine an army of people with lightless eyes staring at you will probably be scary as hell.

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  5. oh, Eliza. So pitiful. Well, I’ll say she’s cute! but still pitiful, with what and how she is doing yet always struggling. ugh… Kamil! Don’t worry! I understand you! We do! lol~!

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.


  6. Lol. Everyone’s so surprised that Orphan-chan is a girl… Me included.

    Yes Kamil, come to the pedo side…

    Really though, how old is he? Really curious. Did the author draw anymore pictures of the characters yet?

    As always, thank you so so much for the chapter! This speed is also awesome and amazing. I find myself reloading WordPress every few hours to see if the next chapter is out yet ahaha… I really shouldn’t though…

    You are one awesome person! Thank you! ^o^


  7. She’s starting to show a more needy side of herself after the thing with the priest.

    Ahh, and I think Kamil has always felt pity for her since he first met her when they were training Rasiok. He just feels it more forcefully right now because she kidnapped someone so she could have a friend.

    Thanks for the daily translation~~~!

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  9. The thing about Elise is what people are reacting about with this chapter? …seriously? no one is going to comment on the fact that she just had a bunch of people including children (and these are just random innocent bystanders remember, to directly qoute chapter 13 “Haul fifteen people from the village that have some relation to this child to the mansion. It’s fine even if they are children.”) publicly tortured? besides being repulsive this strikes me as an rather insane act considering that she is trying to make people stop hating her… and before somebody tries say that it could just be a lie like the execution notice that it says that this was done in front of the other villagers, which would mean that for a plot like that to work they would have to lie for her which they obviously wouldn’t do since they hate her.

    Unless i’m missing something major this chapter strikes me as both extremely character breaking and erases any chance of me sympathizing with the mc in the future, a psychopath that abuses her power to oppress and torment her people (the very thing she murdered her family for doing!) would deserve whatever happens to her.


    • Yup. You’re missing something. You’re missing the fact that the people in this world are the same as the people in medieval ages. i.e: Stupid.

      We have a saying. “Latoon ke bhoot batoon say nahin mante.” In other words “those used/familiar/addicted to the stick never listen to what you say” (closest translation).

      This was particularly the case in the older eras where people were so foolish and stupid that they needed a strong ruler to keep them in line or the country would fall to ruin. And often the ruler would have to set an example to keep his people in line. A weak ruler would just invite destruction to his country. Even now this method is practiced in military training. After all you can’t risk people with guns going on a killing spree.

      Please understand that we are currently actually living in a blessed age where words have power over people. And mass-manufacturing is reality in this age. The people in that age did not listen to words.

      For example: If you were a king or queen and gave some poor medieval guys tools to make farms (in the hope that the new farmland would help reduce or eliminate the food problem of the country) and went through all the trouble to explain how to do the farming and gave them land to farm in, you’d find they had run away with the tools and sold them. And the tools were costly as hell because you’d need a blacksmith to manually make them. EXPENSIVE.

      So the ruler had to be firm when needed in order to stop problems in the bud or from spreading out. The point was not to go over the line.

      According to what she did, she followed the country’s law to the letter save for Elise’s case. The country’s law itself supports shared responsibility of crime for family and involved parties. Their civilization has not evolved to the point where the shared responsibility can be dropped, unlike ours.

      To sum it up. Don’t use modern world ethics and common sense in stories of medieval civilizations. It’s stupid.

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    • Also, torture? Pfft. They were only flogged. If you ask me it’s quick and better than locking them up, mentally torturing them and giving them food out of your own pocket
      Criminal (before going to jail): Isn’t the latter a reward? No wonder crime is on the rise. If you’re successful you get loot and if you’re caught you get a roof over your head and three meals a day. Whoopee, where’s my gun?
      Criminal (after going to jail): It was humane they said. It’s better than torture they said. The first day I came here that guy tore open my backdoor and completely defiled me. I had to stick around with people worse than me and become even more evil than I was before I came in here. Jail is hell on earth man.

      Prolonged mental torture or Quick physical torture. I ask you which is better and which is worse? Especially since they both end up doing the same thing, acting as deterrents. The only difference is the time and cost involved. at least the flogging was over quickly.


    • As Cucumber put it, Eliza did things in accordance to the law. She doesn’t want her people to fear her, but as she told Ratoka, she also doesn’t want to die, so even though she won’t send the message “I’ll torture you randomly like my parents did”, she Will send the message “Mess with me, and I will provide punishment in line with the law.” Besides, we see those villagers later on and they’re fine, they were just beaten up and let go. The villagers lack education since Eliza’s family kept the Church away, but later on, Claudia, who’s also a noble, understands what’s going on with Eliza and that Eliza is actually going easy on them.

      In any case, this is quite consistent with Eliza’s character throughout the rest of the series. As the translator put it, Eliza is a pragmatist. She’ll make use of torture (on her enemies) if it gets results, though she’ll also provide kind treatment to those close to her.

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  10. My nanny was changed…

    That was a rather ignoble end to Mrs Galton, I think. Sure, we mock her because she doesn’t share our enlightened 21st Century views on gender roles, but she did try to raise her charge as best as she could. Too bad she preferred to use the Count Terejia as a role model, instead.

    Hopefully, the “Mrs” in Mrs Galton’s name actually indicates marital status, and that she could successfully go back to being a simple housewife in her husband’s home; otherwise, a nanny who was relieved of her employment when her charge was only six years old will probably not look very good on a résumé…


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