Eliza – World Map

Eliza Map

Many thanks to user cheshiretwilight for doing an awesome job on the author’s map!


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  2. Her domain is quite large yet she is merely a viscountess? Even if you remove monster forest it is still quite large. Is it population factor? Strategic factor can make a tiny area a duke though…


  3. So! Here’s what we know from previous chapters:
    – The Northern mountain ranges are the Amon Nor mountains, and the southern ones are the Karan mountains.
    – The two domains at the southeast are Earl Ruktoferd’s and Margrave Freche’s domains. Jugfena, Genas, Ruktoferd and Freche (then Kaldia) are the only domains with cavalry.
    – The two domains neighboring the Kaldia domain are very likely its two main trading partners: the Henznaut and Rogshia domains. Rogshia apparently counts as part of the Greenfield region, so the Greenfield region seems to be the center-east region of Arxia.
    – Margrave Molton is from the Fushobari region at the most Northwest part of Arxia. It takes about a month to travel by horse-drawn carriage. Assuming somewhat poor travel conditions of 20-30km per day, that’d be around 600-900km away?
    – Marquis Nordsturm basically controls the Northern section. The other domains there are also controlled by the Nordsturm family.
    – Northwest of the capital is the “Artsbelf” region.

    The Nordsturm region had a lot of influence because of money (thanks to their money-lending business). However, attention (and influence?) has been shifting east because of the threat posed by the Rindarl Union.


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