Eliza – World Map

Eliza Map

Many thanks to user cheshiretwilight for doing an awesome job on the author’s map!


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  2. Her domain is quite large yet she is merely a viscountess? Even if you remove monster forest it is still quite large. Is it population factor? Strategic factor can make a tiny area a duke though…


  3. So! Here’s what we know from previous chapters:
    – The Northern mountain ranges are the Amon Nor mountains, and the southern ones are the Karan mountains.
    – The two domains at the southeast are Earl Ruktoferd’s and Margrave Freche’s domains. Jugfena, Genas, Ruktoferd and Freche (then Kaldia) are the only domains with cavalry.
    – The two domains neighboring the Kaldia domain are very likely its two main trading partners: the Henznaut and Rogshia domains. Rogshia apparently counts as part of the Greenfield region, so the Greenfield region seems to be the center-east region of Arxia.
    – Margrave Molton is from the Fushobari region at the most Northwest part of Arxia. It takes about a month to travel by horse-drawn carriage. Assuming somewhat poor travel conditions of 20-30km per day, that’d be around 600-900km away?
    – Marquis Nordsturm basically controls the Northern section. The other domains there are also controlled by the Nordsturm family.
    – Northwest of the capital is the “Artsbelf” region.

    The Nordsturm region had a lot of influence because of money (thanks to their money-lending business). However, attention (and influence?) has been shifting east because of the threat posed by the Rindarl Union.


  4. i think that there is a mistake in the map

    first didn’t they say that after the incorporation of the genas domain the will be connected whit the bandisha plataux where the nomad live isn’t that mean that kaldia domain and genas domain have to be reversed ?

    a d i think that jugfena royal domain have to be in the other way 0.o cuz it’s directly connect whit the bandishia platos who is supposed to be in the border….

    and kaldia domain have to be also in the border but as we see in the map it’s a little close to stala domain…

    and how can the stala domain be smaller that the calda who is just a viscount

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