Eliza chapter 23 – The children loving margrave

Just as I was beginning to get tired of the overly luxurious food at the dinner party and was getting a little drowsy, the nobles from farther away began leaving as well. While waiting for Earl Terejia who was still surrounded by nobles, Kamil, Claudia, and I remained in the corner and poked at what remained of the food. Although we had free time, we weren’t bored. There were so many nobles here that I’ve never met before. While observing their elegance, I learned who each of them were, as this was absolutely necessary in order for me to seriously enter their society later in the future.

And so while I was quietly sipping my tea, Kamil suddenly froze up.

“What’s the matter?”

“Margrave Molton is coming over this way.”

He said so in almost a whisper as he kept his line of sight fixed on the margrave, and indeed Margrave Molton who had just been talking calmly with the other nobles from the royal capital was now walking leisurely in this direction. He was also looking at us, and our eyes met as if he had nothing to hide.

As expected, he was smiling without seeming to have any bad intentions. Without any hesitation, he came to our location, and he encouraged the shorter man following behind him to step in front.

I remembered the face of this man who seemed slightly troubled. He was introduced to me at my birthday party by Earl Terejia as a senior viscount who was a secretary at the royal palace.

“How do you do, Viscountess Kaldia?”

“Greetings and how do you do, Viscount Gribell. Thank you very much for having taken the trouble to attend my birthday celebration.”

“No, it was my pleasure.”

As he nodded, the viscount’s expression seemed like he was seeing something strange. I wonder if it’s because I’m not talking like a child. Since it’s been so long since I was actually a child, even though I have some idea of what it’s like, it’s difficult for me to act like one. Because it’s easier than having to pretend, I’ve become like this now.

However, because of this, the viscount now seems to be considering how to speak to me. It would be rude if he was too direct with what he really wanted without at least making some conversation first. As a result, he missed the timing for his next sentence and silence had fallen upon the conversation for a bit.

“……At my birthday celebration, thank you very much for the grape juice. I’ll have to hold off on trying the wine until I become an adult.”

“Ah, it’s fine. I’m glad that you were able to enjoy it.”

I managed to remember back to my birthday celebration in order to continue the conversation. Viscount Gribell had given me a set of both grape juice and red wine, since many other nobles had simply given alcohol, his consideration for me still being a minor had left an impression.

Viscount Gribell had such a relieved expression when I continued the conversation. He glanced at Margrave Molton who was now behind him, then spoke up again.

“Since it was from the Freche region, I felt that you’d enjoy it. My younger brother is currently serving Earl Garlof as a squire.”

“When you say Earl Garlof……”

“Junior Earl Robert Garlof is Margrave Freche’s younger brother. When my older brother was in school, he got to know Margrave Freche, which is why my younger brother got to serve Earl Garlof as an apprentice page, and now he’s become a squire.”

“I see, how fortunate for him.”

“Yes, yes. School is the perfect place for fated meetings. After all, studying together for three years, can cultivate deeper relationships. ……Ah, come to think of it. Viscountess Kaldia, I’d like to introduce my friend from school to you.”

He’s finally gotten to the point, as I sighed mentally at how roundabout the conversation was, by all means, I consented. It feels like meaningless chatter accounts for eighty percent of talking between nobles. I haven’t really interacted with many nobles other than Earl Terejia, so I’m unused to this kind of interaction.

“This is my friend from school, Margrave Molton.”

Viscount Gribell stepped to the side to make way for the man with him. The man bowed, and lightly shook his silver hair. As I saw his face from up close, I felt like he was really quite the handsome young man.

“Pleased to meet you, Margrave Molton. I would like to give thanks to the gods that I was able to meet you here today. I apologize for my rudeness in not greeting you the other day.”

“All good, Viscountess Kaldia. It is I who should have apologized for not greeting you despite it being a celebration for you. I should be the one thanking the gods.”

I didn’t expect the major noble from the northwest, Margrave Molton to approach me so directly, and while I pretended to remain calm, I was actually in turmoil inside.

It wouldn’t hurt to stay slightly longer in the royal capital to make some connections, but even though he had accepted the invitation to my birthday celebration, why is he only greeting me here at this late hour.

Unluckily, right now Earl Terejia is quite far away and busy accompanying the other nobles. It couldn’t be, was he aiming for when the earl would be too busy to pay attention to me? I wondered what Margrave Molton wanted from me as he smiled gently, I wasn’t able to read his intentions. I was nervous to the point where I was about to break out into a cold sweat.

“You don’t have to be so stiff around me. I have a son the same age as you. As a parent, I just wanted to talk to someone who was the same age as my son.”

Margrave Molton’s cheerful statement exceeded my comprehension capacity as I was being too vigilant and nervous.



I had been so high-strung that I broke myself.

As Margrave Molton began talking about his son being the same age as me and being the right age for a playmate, and asked what kinds of things I was learning, I could only feel like as if it were an out of body experience, as I had lost all my energy due to my own feelings of how stupid I’d been.

The reason for his mysterious smiles seems to have been because it was his way of encouraging children to work hard. That’s what I had detected at my birthday celebration. But it was natural I’d misunderstand since I hadn’t seen such an expression until today.

In the end, it seems that Margrave Molton has a soft spot for children and he’s taken a liking to me. Since he’s come to the royal capital to do business with the merchants here and sell daily necessities, I got a promise from him to sell those to us cheaply.

And since we needed to make many bulk purchases to help the refugees set up the foundations for what they would need to live in my domain, there’s no reason to turn down an offer to be able to buy things cheaply. When Earl Terejia was finally free from all those nobles, he seemed very pleased as well, so it seems that I didn’t do something unnecessary.


“Come to think of it, even if Kamil didn’t say anything, Claudia-dono kept quiet as well.”

Claudia’s father has quite a low social status among the prestigious Rolentsor family. Even prestigious families will have nobles without peerage due to having too many people. For those like Claudia that won’t succeed to the peerage, nobles without their own lands often have to find governmental work. Due to the family’s status and influence in the military, it’s relatively easy for Rolentsor to find work for the Royal Army. Compared to me, Claudia’s social status is actually much lower than mine, but even so it could be useful to keep a connection to the Rolentsor family.

“That’s because! I’m aiming to become a knight, so it’s different from you guys. Father told me that once I’m twenty, I’m free to enter the knights and do whatever I like, but since I have to do it with loans and I’m already mostly cut off from my relatives, it’ll actually be more like from when I’m thirteen. Shouldn’t you know this already?”

Urgh, although Claudia was proudly puffing out her chest, I had to conceal how much her story actually troubled me. Looking at the current situation, there would probably not be much of a bright future waiting for Claudia by the time she turns twenty. Judging by both her age and personality, I don’t think she’ll be easy to marry off, either. However, for Earl Terejia to have gone to the trouble of bringing her here, with how strong her spear skills are, and the fact that she’s still a Rolentsor, I feel like maybe she can actually make it as a knight before she turns twenty.

“……Arxia has never had a female knight up until now.”

As if to answer the question in my mind, Earl Terejia secretly whispered that to me. I see, then she has quite a difficult path ahead of her. In that case, then the earl’s aim can only be one thing. Claudia will enter the knights, so that she doesn’t become a burden forever on this household.


29 responses to “Eliza chapter 23 – The children loving margrave

    • I think it’s okay as long as they’re good at killing people? They also have to have at least *somewhat* decent tactical ability and not *entirely dismal* strategic ability, since they’re more likely going to be put into a position of command.

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  1. Frankly, after reading the title, I was expecting way worse than a guy just trying to take care of a child and trying to gain territory by presenting Eliza to his son.

    I wonder if the son is one of the game’s capture target.
    Or if he will become the rival of Eliza’s route :p


  2. … Wow no one thought of the simple idea that maybe the margrave did not like children but was instead setting up a potential marriage partner? Am I the only one who clearly felt that vibe? Asking about Eliza’s likes and dislikes and mentioning his son in such a short conversation… Politicians are very convoluted speakers in stories, but before you know it they have a interesting understanding of your character and will try to use it to their advantage. Just the poison on the karma scale points out that the government is much more mysterious then it seems (although there is the possibility that it was the God/goddess weighing her and no one else could see what was on the scales.) Honestly, she barely remembers her previous life and immediately caused a huge butterfly affect by killing her parents, so the otome game is barely important in the story. But I would bet that the margrave is definitely setting her up as a fiance. Honestly that conversation that she thought was 80% convoluted fluff told him so much about her character.

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    • Yep yep, my thoughts exactly.

      And by giving her discounts and establishing good relations, he’s effectively putting her in his debt. Now he can call a favor or two from her, and she can’t treat him badly because of what he’s done for her.

      I don’t know WHY. He would approach Eliza specifically seeing as there are a ton of other noble girls he could’ve chosen from, but maybe it’s because she doesn’t act like a child, seems to understand her duties and responsibilities well, doesn’t act like a normal ojou-san, and maybe he can see the future potential of the Kaldia region.

      Can’t take what anyone says at face value in this story, especially the nobles. That’s why I love it xD

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      • It’s actually quite obvious as to why the Margrave is trying to set her up with his son.
        Should it come through and they get married, they will be of one family, NOBLE family.
        Remember that it is a patriarchal society, so his son would be the head of the household and everything that comes with it (i.e. becoming the lord of Cardia territory among others).
        Should the son be the heir to his father’s title and territory, the Cardia household and peerage will be dissolved into his because Charlie is marrying into his family and becoming Margravine of Fossbar (I think that’s the name?), essentially expanding his territory.
        If the King intervene because he does not want the noble house of Cardia and all of its glory and history to be lost, it can be merged instead and both of their title would be Margrave/Margravine of Fossbar and Cardia. (They can later split this title for their children to succeed.)
        Both would be VERY beneficial for the noble house of Fossbar.
        If the son is not the heir to the noble house of Fossbar, he can marry into Charlie’s family and become Viscount Cardia, which for a son who won’t inherit a noble title is a huge win. Well, mainly for the individual, but since both houses would be connected, it still benefit the Fossbars.
        Tl;dr, IF the Margrave managed to hook up Charlie and his son, his noble household would get a shitload of benefits.


    • I actually have a slightly different theory, which may or may not involve marriage. During her birthday, Eliza specifically wondered why -Earl Terejia- invited Margrave Molton. So I can imagine two possibilities:
      – Earl Terejia and Margrave Molton have some ties, and Earl Terejia wants Eliza to also be able to form ties with him (in a later chapter, we see Molton handing Eliza some intel).
      – Earl Terejia may have wanted to provide Eliza with an ‘exit plan.’ I refuse to believe he was so cold-hearted that he’d force a young girl to the front-lines. I think at the first signs that she couldn’t handle it, he’d have initiated a plan to pull her away, and that plan was to have Margrave Molton adopt Eliza, thus taking her faaaaar away from the front-lines. He thus didn’t introduce the two during Eliza’s birthday, to give Margrave Molton space to see whether he likes Eliza or not (and Earl Terejia knows that he does like children, and would probably see Eliza as a cute, hard-working and well-behaved child/potential playmate for his son).

      The reason I don’t think Margrave Molton was aiming for -political- marriage is because Eliza’s domain is too far away. He seems too fond of (his) children to be sending them off to a dangerous and poor domain near the front-lines, where he’ll need 1 month just to get to.


  3. New chapter!! Yay!!

    Thanks so much! Love it!

    Molton is definitely up to something. Eliza was not wrong in suspecting him. I mean, why did he wait until the party to greet her, especially when he had the perfect chance to do so at Eliza’s birthday party? Did seeing her at the council convince him to make an approach?

    Not sure either, but Kamil also seems disturbed by Molton. Maybe they have some history together, or he has an innate feeling, since he’s observed many nobles already and can probably sense their intentions.

    Molton is definitely fishing for Intel on Eliza. It’s probably most likely as a marriage candidate for his son. He said playmate too, so he wants them to meet and get to know each other…

    Oh, but now that I think about it, Elise is also a fair target considering she lives at the Kaldia mansion now, and was previously too sickly to meet anyone, probably. Maybe Molton is aiming for her. Hmm.

    In any case, this guy is full of hidden intentions. Yep.


  4. Somehow Claudia’s part reminds me of Tortall Universe novels by Tamora Pierce.
    Especially the Protector of the Small saga since its about a girl who attends the Knight academy as the first female student in centuries.
    And boy, did she experienced a whole load of shit.


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  6. Eliza and Margrave Molton in the modern world:
    Margrave Molton: 😀
    Eliza: *phone* Hello 911? There is a suspicious person observing me in my backyard. I suspect he may be a kidnapper.
    Margrave Molton: *being taken away* ;_;


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