Eliza – Drawing of Kamil


I found this drawing of Kamil that the author did, for those that are interested.


28 responses to “Eliza – Drawing of Kamil

  1. Don’t bully Kamil! He was brushing her hair away even after she acted scared of him! Kamil will definitely get better once he forgives Eliza!

    KamilxEliza OTP~~~

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  2. Allen walker~
    He reminds me of d.gray-man so much…
    Oh am I the only one who is a sucker for gentle and sweet looking guys (and probably the scheming type)?


    • Uh huh. Well, it is true that Kamil smiles much much more than Eliza, but i had thought Kamil to have a bit more darker image. Just a bit.


    • I know what you mean!! I mean, i cant believe i didnt realise that kamil was also still a child from the side story featuring him!! *face palm* all this time, ive been envisioning him as an adult…


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