Eliza – Drawing of Kamil


I found this drawing of Kamil that the author did, for those that are interested.


29 responses to “Eliza – Drawing of Kamil

    • It’s a typical face of someone very scheming in lots of other stories. they usually either become a very reliable ally or the worst enemy you can possibly get. the douchebag kind and joker type that hold all the plot secret.
      example: the ultimate assasin on assasination classroom and persona 4 true perpetrator.


  1. Don’t bully Kamil! He was brushing her hair away even after she acted scared of him! Kamil will definitely get better once he forgives Eliza!

    KamilxEliza OTP~~~

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  2. Allen walker~
    He reminds me of d.gray-man so much…
    Oh am I the only one who is a sucker for gentle and sweet looking guys (and probably the scheming type)?


    • Uh huh. Well, it is true that Kamil smiles much much more than Eliza, but i had thought Kamil to have a bit more darker image. Just a bit.


    • I know what you mean!! I mean, i cant believe i didnt realise that kamil was also still a child from the side story featuring him!! *face palm* all this time, ive been envisioning him as an adult…


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