You think it’s fine to just summon me to another world? Huh?

By: Sekimura Imuya (Author of Eliza)

I, Kaya Minafuchi, a Japanese high school girl, was summoned to another world by its god, in order to protect it. Their god had summoned me to defend this world, and to the people that summoned me, my reply was of course:

“I don’t care about that. It’s your world, so do something about it yourselves.”


This story is the antithesis of the summoned to another world story.

21 responses to “You think it’s fine to just summon me to another world? Huh?

  1. I dont know about this, sure. taking a third option is always nice, but this isn’t the third, its the second one, and its name is “I aint do shit” aka Golden Sun’s Bad End.

    I get it that as a unwilling participant in this Chosen business, MC by all account, is in the right for taking this stance. but has you seen any superheroes turn away from injustices? Because when you refuse to stop evil despite capable of doing so, you are either a villain or an asshole.

    This summary is too vague, in a unpleasant way, so I withhold any enthusiasm for this until further reading

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    • Superheros and villains make a really really inaccurate picture of the world, panting things in black and white. When instead there is only different shades of grey. Let’s say you are teleported to a world and they suddenly ask you to save them.

      First of all you have no idea what these people have done or if they are trying to trick you to helping them when they have done terrible things. You know nothing about the situation. Nor would you really care. You would most likely worry about your family back home or your friends, maybe you know someone who needs help back on your original world and you want to help them but because some ‘so called helpless’ idiots decide to summon you to a new world you can’t do a damn thing. You would be pissed off, and stressed out about the situation back home.

      Secondly a person is not likely to believe that they who lived their lives rather mundane and didn’t do much ‘magically’ now has the ability to save a world and is now a ‘superhero’. They would call the entire idea to question and likely call bullshit. How in the world could a person who lived a rather uneventful life manage to save a world they haven’t even seen before. The world traveler/ ‘summoned hero’ would likely think that there is a good chance that to help these people the world traveler will in the process die and not be able to return to their world to help people who matter to them. While a human might feel sorry for a person that is being harmed, that human more than likely will worry about their own family before thinking about someone else. Because their family is their most immediate worry. This is basic psychology… Those close to you will always be more important than a stranger.

      Thirdly if a the person transported to another world wanted to save the world they would almost have to be completely irrational. No one would reasonably give up everything they have to save a world they know nothing about that is filled with people, creatures, plants and other things they have never known. Not knowing things easily strikes fear into humans. That’s why children tend to be afraid of the dark. Its unknown and so could be dangerous. In a realistic situation the person would suffer at the very least a version of culture shock, filled with wonder and fear. And because they know nothing about the world it is likely that they will feel more fear to the place they have found themselves in. They could quite possibly find themselves as the only person in the entire world that knows about earth or their origin world.

      Slightly(a lot) longer than I thought this would be but… oh well…

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      • You has raised really good points about dimension hopper’s psychology that few has addressed. Or most of the time, hand waved. Not without good reasons.

        The grey area that you talked about are rarely used, because it requires a certain level of writing from author and commitment of readers that outside the scope of LN genre. Most often, the evil will be non-human side, lead by some guy called himself Devil King, you can’t expect guy calls himself like that is actually the good guy. Sure, the human can’t be too pristine, but the line in these stories are quite clear cut.

        The first thing you experience after a summon is confusion, that is undeniable fact. But after that, whether the summoned capable of thinking rationally about the situation and their acquaintances back home is not guaranteed. The residents of other world would bombarded you with all the grand speech for the Chosen One. They strikes into your ego, the feeling of being important, looked upon with admiration and idolization. And when the concern of return being raised, the promise of method to do that will be deliver. If you notice, most of male summoned are teenagers, thus easy impressionable to the idea of heroes and saviors. When you are in more vulnerable state of mind, how many can second thoughts such a good deal? Be the hero, defeat the evil then returns home with some bonus, well, aint that super fine tourist tour?

        Do you notice a another trend in those hoppers ? Most of them are loner, take a more recent example, Overlord’s Momonga blew his money in the item shop, has a taxing, thankless work, no girlfriend or important relatives to think about. His most important companions are bunch of online friends that ditched him for RL. Shield Hero’s Naofumi, for all the shit he got, never showed anything concrete enough to anchor him to the thought of returning. No Game No Life? NEET. The main theme of all those summoning story is escapism, if you havent forget, so instead of a normal, functional human being that not Japanese, what you get is a naive, clean-state teenagers, written by and for peoples crushed by Japan’s demanding society.

        “Because their family is their most immediate worry”. And that feeling WILL be used against you, both supposedly evil and good side. The desire to returns will become a card to force your cooperation, dont want to save the world? Then no going home for you and enjoy living in that dungeon for the rest of your life. Or the bad guy will propose that to you as well, in exchange for you not stopping them.
        Another point in your 2nd is the believable of normal turn into superheroes. Well, you can thanks all the entertainment media that start their story synopsis with “A normal highschool student…” for that. Even if they themselves are sketchy about it, when presented with concept defying stuffs like magic, add in the ego-stroking, and their doubts will soon crumble.
        For the mortality of saving-the-world business, they can either take the “die for the great cause” card or the “die trying or never return home” card, its matter not what they feeling about it, once they are in another world, they are already entangled in string not of their own hand.
        Those not notice your second point would be the happier bunch, for those that do, its basically kidnapping, enslaving and death game in one bundle. And even if the summoned breaks under the pressure, then whaever gods helps them if the summoners reveal the card “you are expendable”. Its poison but not swallowing it was never an option to begin with

        Your 3rd point is a 50-50, IMO. Depend on the nature of the summoned, they could let the fear take over or their curiosity take over. As likely as they shut themselves in fear of the culture shock, they can become a energy balls, bumping around, marvel at all the new things just as likely. Humans is adaptive species, otherwise we wouldn’t have evolved this far.

        If you think about something hard enough, negative things are bound to appear, I learned that when read EGA and Anri’s evil cultists.
        P/S: chapter 1 was released at the moment I posted this but I have not read it so it wont affect my opinion.


    • Actually the ‘grey area’ is used quite a lot and a key part in literature. In literary fiction or in any fiction for that matter, good writers make sure even the ‘bad guys’ have redeemable traits. Even though in Star Wars Darth Vader is seen as the villain he still in the end saves his son’s life.

      The stereotypical ‘human heros defeat demon king’ is not used straightforward as much as you think. No one would want to read the same book with the same exact formula time and time again, after a time people will tire of it. So writers have to put a twist on the story. This twist many times has the demons being equal to humans rather than the demons being as cruel and evil as humans portray them as. A key part in writing is to never straight up use stereotypes as it leads to bad writing and is seen as unimaginative.

      While there are popular stories that are based around pure good and evil they are only seen as entertainment and tend to not tell that deep of a story.

      In many instances it is not the ‘demon’ or ‘devil’ who gave themselves the name of ‘devil king’ or demon king’ but rather the humans named them this. And people tend to name things they don’t fully understand or even hate by placing dark and evil names to them. Such as witch trials that killed thousands. And the claim that people who don’t believe the same as a certain group are ‘heathens’ and are devil worshipers. They didn’t name themselves devil worshipers but they were called that because they believed in something different.

      For characters finding themselves being loners it is generally used as method to skip around a problem with a story. Many times ‘forgetting’ that even for a loner it would be impossible in today’s society to not really know anyone. Humans are social creatures by nature.Overlord provided a decent explanation when the main character had his emotions twisted to the most where his sense of morality was shifted when he arrived in a new location. And the main character’s friends leaving the game is hardly surprising. Eventually people get bored of a game. He most likely had ample time to find out other ways to contact his friends but never took the opportunity (Which could be considered a plot hole because reasonably he should have found other ways to contact his friends.)

      While humans may be adaptive they are not as adaptive as you think. Humans tend to make patterns in life and if that pattern is disrupted it affects them. If humans were really as adaptive as you think they are then no human would get depressed, they would be able know their way out of a situation. No one would decide that the only way out of a situation was to kill themselves… and yet they do. In the end the only people that are reasonably capable of not caring about such a massive change are psychopaths.


    • I find it refreshing, I like antihero types, and I really hate the “I gotta be a hero coz I was summoned and told to do so” in realty Id be frigging resentful and wouldnt be very happy at all, why should I be someones slave to do as they bid because their world is in danger.

      Its like superman syndrome, he swoops in to save the day so what happens when he doesnt, guess what the world has to figure that shit out for themselves.

      The only reason to agree is if your own life is in danger, why should I be considered a villain or asshole because Im thinking of my own safety. Many of these worlds have messed up shit in it no different to the world the protagonist is from, yet for some reason their needs come before the MCs own world, they also tend to have some powered up asshole that wants you dead, in what way is there motivation for the MC to get involved in that?

      Screw my family left behind, screw any responsibilities I had, the world theyre summoned too are selfish pricks who although justified in doing this are still selfish pricks that you should hold zero loyalty or compassion for.

      Another aspect I wish they would address is how its always a MC who has their best interests at heart, rescuing and saving, selflessly fulfilling their need to be saved. Ive read a few where the MC outright refuses, in another the MC got to rewind time after fulfilling his duty only to get screwed over royally, coming back as a vengeful unrepentant destroyer more in common with the “Villains” than the good guys, why should you believe they hold any good intentions, why wouldnt u be suspect of their hidden agendas, youre a likely candidate for being screwed over if youre not wiser.


  2. It seems interesting. Although, I wonder if she really completely abondaned them or ended up helping the world indirectly in some way. Still, it would most likely be very interesting in its own way


  3. Hola

    Happy new year

    It’s me or the “antithesis of the summoned to another world story” are very common in this moment?


  4. In the course of trying to act as the villain and refusing to help strangers, this girl might actually do more good than all the series heoroes combined.


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