You think it’s fine to just summon me to another world? Chapter 1 – I’ll never forgive you all

Author’s note: The heroine in this story is of the completely “negative” type. Writing about such a theme, is actually quite fun.



Something like being summoned to a world from a game or manga, completely unrelated to one’s own world, and desperately trying one’s best for the sake of that world, makes me unbelievably frustrated.

I’ve always been like this. It’s just fiction, how can people get so attached to it, it would be a different story if it was a story about modern society, I have no idea how people like that could exist.


Now, that aside.

I’m Kaya Minafuchi, a Japanese high school girl, and right now I have no idea what’s going on. What it’s like to live in a different world. Some incredible situation that seems like it’s straight out of a game or manga, seems to have unfortunately happened to me.

“Strong one from another world. One who has a noble soul. Please, protect our god Tenshi-sama, and bring peace to this world……”

Some old men dressed in weird, profusely decorative clothes, were saying that to the stunned me at a location that seemed like some sort of altar. My cheek twitched badly, and my lips were shaking.

What came out of my mouth was of course,

“I don’t care about that. It’s your world, so do something about it yourselves.”

That’s what I said.


What makes me boil over in anger even more, is that they don’t seem to be listening to me. What’s with this.

“……Well, I’m glad that you appear to be well, Red Guardian of Dawn-sama.”

The lady-in-waiting that forcibly brought me to some room in this god’s temple that was next to a tall and narrow mountain like Japan’s Mount Tenzan seemed to have a troubled voice. I gulped down the contents of the cup that they brought to me, and somehow managed to suppress the urge to hit the lady-in-waiting who was tilting her head at me as hard as I could, closed my eyes, and spoke up.

“……Um, you know. I think this is already like the eighth or ninth time that I’ve said this. I should have said to stop calling me that already. Do you have a bad memory? Is something wrong with your head?”

The tone of my voice was quite hostile. But, I got no responses from her even when I smashed the cup, and she kept managing to treat me courteously somehow. What’s more, I’ve been requesting the same thing from this lady-in-waiting that I met just today for about seven or more times already.

“I should have properly introduced myself for our first meeting. I think it was just sometime this morning. I think I’ve explained so many times already, that I don’t acknowledge your duty towards this Red Guardian thing you’re calling me. That’s why, calling me that really rubs me the wrong way and I’ve asked you to stop so many times already. Honestly, even though you keep calling me milady, if you keep doing that it wouldn’t be strange for this lady to slap you. Please stop calling me that.”

In a low voice, I spat all that out at once.

Even though it was already dark outside, birds were still singing tranquilly. Even though they were like that, my stress was at its maximum and a vein was about to burst from my forehead, this is the most irritated I’ve ever been.

Really, it’s not that I’m easily stressed out and frustrated, it’s that this morning, the entire world around me changed. I feel like I’m about to explode. It’s all the fault of the people from this world.

“Well…… But, the Red Guardian of Dawn, is the number one guardian of the god Tenshi-sama, and it’s a very honorable duty……”

“I know nothing about that. I mean, this god, has nothing to do with my original world at all. I’m not even indebted to this god, so why should I be expected to protect him? Ordering someone to protect such a god, I can’t see any reason why I should accept, and I hate the very idea.”

“Our god Tenshi-sama is a wonderful one. It’s very worthy and noble to serve him for the rest of your life……”

“Um, I, am not a slave you know.”

Although it’s the first time I’ve heard this lady-in-waiting speaking, I cut through her elegant voice like my words were daggers. As expected, seeing how serious I was, she fell silent again. She’s probably a perfect match for those that are terse.

“If you don’t want to get beaten up, get out from my sight. Immediately.”

The sound of her rustling clothes faded as she hurriedly ran away. I finally opened my eyes, and was able to unclench my teeth at last as there was no more source of stress right next to me.


I was summoned to another world this morning.

It was the first time my entire family would have eaten together in a while. My older brother who’s already moved out and become independent came back for a visit on holiday, and even though it was a bit early, my entire family headed out to our favorite restaurant for an early lunch.

That’s when it happened. I heard a mysterious voice that I couldn’t tell where it was coming from, and just as I was wondering about it, the next moment I was summoned to another world. I was sitting on something that seemed like an altar in a wide space that didn’t seem like the buildings I was used to. There were about ten or so people prostrating themselves toward me for some reason. My first impression of them made me think that as unbelievable as it was, they must have been RPG cosplayers or something.

While I was still confused at the completely unfamiliar location, one of the people who had been kneeling before me stood up, and this is what he said to me.

“Traveler from another world, child of the gods from the world of blue oceans, welcome to the world of dawn, Akatsuki. We have been waiting for your arrival, thank you very much for coming.”

Exactly what is he saying. What are these titles? No, their class system has nothing to do with me. ……Another world? Another world? No, it couldn’t be, how ridiculous.

The general meeting of my shrine maidens…… Akatsuki? What’s all this? (TL note: It doesn’t really translate to English, but these are homonyms in Japanese, and she didn’t understand what they were saying.)

“We are of the red world, ruled by Tenshi, and milady’s world is called the blue world of oceans. This is the red world. Since we are next to the blue world of oceans, this should be a world with few differences from yours.”

Probably, at this time I had already figured out the current situation with frightening speed. After putting together the sounds into something that made more sense, I somehow understood what they just said.

“The red world is the first one that’s achieved peace thanks to the management of Tenshi. We have summoned milady here, to have milady become the Red Guardian of Dawn, in order to defend Tenshi and become his guardian.”

It’s a great help that I’ve dabbled in anime and manga to some extent. Setting aside the issue of whether to believe them, I was able to organize their statements and figure out what was going on in a short period of time.

I was summoned from my world which they’re calling the blue world of oceans, to a place called the red world where Tenshi protects the peace, and it seems that they summoned me because they want me to become his guardian.

Then, the person who had been talking to me kneeled back down again, and the person next to him stood up and began talking. The first person that had stood up was already an old man, but the one who stood up this time looked much more elderly, he looked so weak like he should have belonged to a hospital or nursing home.

“Strong one from another world. One who has a noble soul. Please, protect our god Tenshi-sama, and bring peace to this world……”

The old man seemed to be sincerely pleading with me from the bottom of his heart. Well, the echoing sounds of his pleading didn’t get through to me at all.

I’m just going to refuse them straight up.

“I don’t care about that. It’s your world, so do something about it yourselves. Sorry, but I’m not that nice and I’m not the type to help everyone. If you can’t do something about it by yourselves, then just accept the end results and give up already.”

As I spat out those cold words, it caused a commotion in the people prostrating themselves before me.

“That’s why, I don’t even want to listen to any more of your story, so please return me to my original world.”

“T, that’s! This is……”

“There’s nothing to it, really. I’m refusing your sudden request. This is the end, so please ask someone else.”

The people kneeling raised their heads and looked at me in confusion.

“……That’s not possible. Please, we humbly request this of you……!”

“No, even if you desperately ask me, I’m not going to listen. I mean, arbitrarily calling on me just like that, I have my own circumstances going on as well. Is this a bad joke? You’ve basically kidnapped me. An abduction. And you still have the nerve to request something of me? What’s more, protecting this Tenshi, how long would it take? Forever? At the very least, you’re probably not talking about one to two hours, right? I don’t have the time to unreasonably accompany you guys for this, and even if I had the time, I wouldn’t do it. I mean, you’re saying you want me to be a bodyguard, right? Doing something like bodyguarding, isn’t it quite dangerous? Why should I have to risk my life for some strangers I don’t know and a world I don’t know? I don’t understand at all.”

I said everything on my mind that was making me angry, and by the end I wasn’t even using polite speech anymore.

Well, since they were the ones who basically kidnapped me, there’s no need to be polite with them. They’re just people from another world, there’s no reason to respect them.

After I said all that in one go, the old man in front of me was turning pale. I wonder if they’ve realized that what they’ve done is wrong.

“If it’s like this, then there’s no helping it. Everyone, capture the Red Guardian of Dawn!”

……Eh. What?

In accordance with the old man’s command, ten people close to me came flying at me in unison.

Of course, I scratched, beat, kicked, bit, pulled hair, aimed at eyes with my fingers, and attacked weak points, resisting them to the point of fully intending to kill them, but the number of people just kept increasing.

In the end, I was captured with the force of numbers, violently forced down, and something hot was dripped on my forehead –

“For now, burn a curse into her. Don’t leave a scar! Take the Guardian to the Palace of Red Dawn!”

Something is burning on my forehead, it hurts really badly. Having lived peacefully in modern society, I’ve never experienced such pain before. I was desperately screaming for the first time.

Then, a seething grudge boiled up in me, and this was the next thing to escape my throat.

“-I’ll never forgive you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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  2. …. Is she on Mars? I want her to be on Mars… despite the fact that it won’t work out… Also I laughed really hard in the middle of the chapter… Capture her!!! XD XD XD

    But seriously, that’s waaaaaaaaay more realistic than what traditionally happens in the spirited away to another world novels.

    Thanks so much for all your hard work imperfectluck~~~

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  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    I’m curious about the curse they put on her. Does it make her unable to defy them in some way?


    • i don’t think, she dumb you know. think about it properly….. she having a dinner (or was it lunch) with her family. her brother who is leave separately join in the dinner. then you got transfer after that. her family must be… no they will be very worry. can you say things calmly if it is happen to you. if it was me, i’m be really mad at this turns of event.

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  4. I wonder if there are gonna be any masochists that are gonna appear in this story. It would be funny. I mean with that kinda attitude it works LOL. Loving this MC.


  5. A notice this will be quite the dark story, but at least it won’t be as dark as Kuro no Maou, right? Since that… It’s too much.


  6. Lol, she summed up all of Drake’s comments in one breath, and the other side acted pretty much like I expected, and even better, a seal to contain her. Certainly the other side are assholes but if the MC wasn’t that harsh with words, they wouldn’t be forced to play their card that fast either. Not a smart move there young lady.

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  7. i agreed with our mc. think guys, first she was about having dinner with her family. second, her brother who leave the house now visiting the family for the dinner.then suddenly, this happy event turns 180 degree where mc been summon. her own happy time been destroyed by those who call her. if it was me, i’m freaking mad. thinks about her family that want to have dinner with their son than the daughter went missing. man~~, i’m crazy mad if it is happen to me.

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  8. Oh my, I already love the MC so much!!!!
    And her thinking seems so natural for me as I would also react like this if it would happen to me!
    Who wouldn’t want to go back asap to his/her home instead of protecting an unknown person for the sake of another world? (Yeees, okay, people with hero-complex, lovers of such stories and some others….)

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