League of Legends – Season 6

Random blogging time, I would like to say that I think the new ranked system is awesome. While queue times definitely need some work due to the amount of dodges going on currently, that’s a problem that will solve itself. There’s so little appreciation out there for the game company that allows everyone to play this game for free, and way too much bashing, I feel. Well, the cries on the forums have won out to an extent anyways, and true solo queue is coming to ranked next month as well.


Brb, time to attempt carrying myself to challenger starting tomorrow as the new ranked season is starting. Too bad there don’t seem to be any high ranked readers that are willing to carry me…… xD


20 responses to “League of Legends – Season 6

  1. only up to silver at most since i don’t play ranked too much
    usually i just chill around with friends, chatting and slaughtering bots


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