Eliza side chapter 3.5: Memories from dreams within dreams, Part two

I fell down into the muddy world of sleep. In the darkness, beautiful yet lurid colors were overlapping. If this is a visualization of my own spirit, even I feel that it’s quite bleak. I’m not quite able to describe it accurately with words, but it was a twisted sight, that seemed terribly hollow to me.

Even though I was so immersed in my dream world, oddly my mind still retained quite a sharp sense for emotion. It feels like while I’m asleep, my heart is shriveling.

Memory bubbles appeared again out of somewhere, they were wriggling. What will I see this time, I wonder. At any rate, I had no way of resisting, so I’ll just quietly watch them obediently.

They were some pretty old memories. It happened when I had been just a little older than I am now.

In front of the young girl that used to be me, was her younger sister that was scratching in pain at herself due to the effect of some plant. The girl was watching the sight in horror.

The girl’s younger sister had been playing in a shallow river. Her whole family was out that day on a picnic. Her parents noticed that her younger sister was violently thrashing about in the river, and came running over. My father forced my younger sister to throw up by sticking a finger down her mouth, while my mother called an ambulance.

Her younger sister had accidentally swallowed some hemlock’s leaves growing by the riverside. It seems that some of the leaves had fallen into the water, so she swallowed them along with the river water.

It’s an extremely clear memory. Even though my memories had begun fading after I reincarnated, this is one of the clearest memories that I can recall. I had used this memory to kill my entire family.

Even just a few tiny leaves had almost killed my younger sister. When I had shredded maybe hundreds of the leaves into the soup, it was a memory that remained carved into my mind even until now.

Without paying attention to my feelings, the memories kept changing on me to new scenes.

“Oh? ……So there was this type of game as well.”

The girl was holding a video game controller pointed at a TV screen. The 3D CG character looked pretty good on the screen, and places that seemed like western palaces were beautifully displayed on the screen as well. In front of all this scenery, was the girl that was the heroine of this game.

“- If you take this path and turn right, the crown prince should be there.”

Next to the girl, her younger sister was giving her information on the game’s capture targets. Even though the girl really didn’t care for spoilers about characters and story that she hadn’t seen yet, her younger sister kept blabbing on.

Maybe it was that she sensed that her older sister was not long for this world, and that she wanted to have more conversation time together.

“If you listen to the crown prince, you’ll also learn about the military commander-in-chief’s grandson. But, you won’t be able to go down the crown prince path then.”

On the screen was a young boy with blonde hair. It seems that he’s the crown prince.

The screen darkened as some conversation choices popped up, while an image of the crown prince remained on the left side. It seems that there’s different screens for when the characters are conversing with each other.

“Hey, Emilia Rindarl. What’s up?”

Although the lines had voice acting, the voice actor acting the part sounded a bit unnatural. The girl furrowed her eyebrows as she went to the options menu, and turned the voice acting to the OFF option.

“Ah, wait.”

The girl ignored her younger sister’s objection. The tone of the male voice had sounded a bit too flirtatious, and the girl felt uncomfortable at that.

This is quite a long memory. Even though I didn’t want to see it, the memory continued on. Still, I couldn’t avert my gaze. Even if I tried to pay no attention to it, I wouldn’t be able to erase this from my memory immediately. My heart was pounding.

Even though I refused to watch and tried to resist, I couldn’t budge at all. Even though I’m feeling distressed, this time I wasn’t able to escape.

The game’s BGM suddenly changed, to a much more aggressive soundtrack. A girl in a gaudy dress with black hair and sharp eyes appeared. She had a much different type of design from any character that had appeared so far.

“Ah, it’s Eliza.”

The girl’s younger sister suddenly muttered that, and the girl learned that Eliza was the heroine’s rival and enemy.

There was a noise ringing in my head. The fog was already fading from my head, and I just kept staring at the remnants of this piece of memory in my mind.

I can’t say that the person on the screen merely looked like me. After all, the person on the screen really had been “me.”

The moment she appeared, it was made clear that she was the heroine Emilia’s enemy. She’s always dressed in vulgar and gaudy clothing, and has a twisted, evil personality. She would feign politeness while getting in the way of the relationship between the crown prince and the daughter of the archduke from the neighboring country.

That was the type of character that Eliza Kaldia was.


27 responses to “Eliza side chapter 3.5: Memories from dreams within dreams, Part two

    • Seeing as the original Eliza was just abusing her parent’s power, whereas the current Eliza is already an orphan, I’m not sure she’ll even have the same reputation going into school.

      Liked by 2 people

      • Let’s see…
        She is an expressionless viscountess that dressed like a boy and, with her training, she might even be good with a sword and a spear in the future.
        During the school arc, she will at least have as servants Kamil, OP swordman/beheader, Claudia, OP knight, and the stone-throwing child.
        She will also have a badass giant dragon wolf.
        She will have the reputation of having participated in at least a war and, according to the draft, she will take a general’s head.
        Finally, she looks after her people.

        I don’t even see how she will be able to return to the game’s personality…
        In fact, with her stats, I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes the Heroine’s crush…

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      • It was mentioned that the war hasn’t happened in the game. Now that it’s about to start, it seems unlikely that the daughter of the archduke is going to come over to study even after the peace is established, or at least the situation is going to be quite different.

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  1. Thanks for the side chapter 😀
    Eliza’s previous life memory makes me want to cry…

    But WTF is wrong with her doctors and parents?
    She has a weak constitution from birth and suddenly has troubled to breath after a simple effort and has a pain in her chest.
    I’m not a doctor but I can say just from that that she had a heart defect from birth and that it got worse with time…
    Heck, she had to faint five times at school to be sent to a doctor…
    She should had poisoned everyone around her in her past life too.

    But that sister is sweet 😀
    She decided to pass more time with her big sister because she felt that she didn’t have long.
    I hope she reincarnated too and they will meet in the future 🙂

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  2. Her life is so sad, both past and present. Hope she will meet with someone that make her release her guard, make it possible for her to laugh and can carry some of her burden.

    Thanks for new chapter….

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  3. Problem is, that mass homicide do leave indelible impression on the young Eliza. Even now she seems to display some trauma. There’s just no saying what she will do.
    It’s not that I dont agree she wont follow the game path, but there’s just no telling.

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  4. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Just making sure. Is the heroine Emilia an archduke daughter from the neighboring country? If so, that’s a deviation from the usual commoner heroine.

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  5. Ugh… Reading through these memories are quite grim. What sucks more is that I was able to resonate with some of her feelings.

    But Eliza! You’re not like game Eliza at all! I don’t even see where she thinks the similarities are.

    She’s not vulgar. She doesn’t wear dresses or act according to her own desires (because at the moment she doesn’t really have any, but still). She doesn’t bully others because she wants to (with the exception of Ratoka) and she doesn’t take pleasure in causing others grief.

    Don’t be so down on yourself, Eliza! ;-;

    As always, thank you for the new chapters imperfectluck-sama!

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    • Well this did take place before most of those changes as chapter 4 is where she gained her pet. I wonder if the country the game heroine is from is the same one they are at war with. It would get real akward if the general they are fighting is her father and events turn out like the prototype story.


  6. >”The game’s BGM suddenly changed, to a much more aggressive soundtrack”

    For some reason, when I read this, the imperial march began playing in my head. Even though I cannot imagine it being remotely appropriate for the original Eliza…

    My thanks to you, imperfectluck.

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  7. I thought she had a relatively normal previous life and just died an early death. I feel pretty sorry for her now, she just went from one bad situation into another. I hope she finds something she enjoys!

    Thanks for translating!

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  8. When you are destined to die early, you have no hopes or dreams. You don’t try to do stuff, because it wouldn’t matter in death. Sad… But this also applies to everyone, if you remove the ‘early.’ If you think about enough, you question the meaning of existence. You realize that you are lesser then a speck in the world of the universe. Then you get slightly depressed, and try to think about other things because you are in the age where suicide happens the most. 2ed point of view!

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  9. “Maybe it was that she sensed that her older sister was approaching death, and that she wanted to have more conversation time together.”
    This… just this made it all really sad…

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  10. R-Rindarl…. Well, this might be considered a slight spoiler since I came back here from ch. 70 to re-read this, but… the neighboring country referenced here was the Rindarl Union?! As in, THAT Rindarl Union? Okay, let’s logic this out here: the original in-game heroine came from /that/ Rindarl Union in order to seduce at least one prominent person from the Arxia nation. Someone like the crown prince or the grandson of the head of the military…. Haha… Is that why there was no war originally? Because they were willing to try this sort of honey pot indirect takeover kind of scheme? But then Eliza accepted the refugees which they (the Densel Dukedom) were strangely motivated to take down. Here’s betting that the Shiru Tribe is carrying some real amazing national secrets. Would this theoretical honey pot scheme have no chance of working given those potential secrets? Geez, I feel so conflicted all of the sudden.


  11. That Rindarl name really made me wince. And then I looked up hemlock. And realized I may have seen some recently and was thinking how pretty the flowers looked. UWAH THE WORLD IS SO DANGEROUS! TT___TT

    The side story is really disturbing: Eliza really wanted to know none of it. Since some theorize that the priest or someone else may have been responsible for the reincarnation, it’d mean that Eliza was forced to absorb someone else’s memories against her will. If that’s the case, I wonder what went through the mind of the one who specifically chose someone with knowledge that this is a game world. D’:


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