Destruction Flag Otome continuation announcement

On February 20th, the light novel version of Katarina’s story will be coming out with completely brand new content, continuing the story from where it left off previously. If it matches the previous two volumes in length, expect roughly 20ish web novel chapters length of content.


Oh, and I have 1/3 of the light novel, volume 2’s extra chapter translated… Turns out translating with physical copies is hard because it’s read up to down, right to left, and I’m not used to that… anyone have a digital copy they can share with me… It’s definitely not because I’ve been playing too much League of Legends trying to get challenger with Master Yi, I swear…


20 responses to “Destruction Flag Otome continuation announcement

  1. Digital copies are made by scanning the pages or Screenshotting the eBook, I don’t think that’ll get it to LR/TD direction unless you have it OCR’d, and Japanese OCR can get really bad depending on the program and font.


      • I was looking forwards to the Volume 3 but if it’s like this, it can’t be helped, I guess. 😦


      • Not sure if Hakurei uses a certain ebook provider, but while Japanese Kindle ebooks (from Amazon) are in vertical format, the drm can be easily removed and converted to horizontal form. It doesn’t appear that the vol. 3 ebook is out on Amazon Japan though.


  2. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I think the story ended pretty well as it is. I can’t imagine what the new stuff will be about now that she’s no longer flag burning. Will it be about her adventures in farm life? The quest to conquer the world via farming tycoon? Winning the snake throwing olympics? Any thoughts, guys?

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  3. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m also hesitant since it ended in a good way already. Well I can enjoy Katarina’s antics regardless so it’s still a win.


  4. Well it’s sad to hear that vol. 3 might not get translated, regarding LOL i’m still waiting for Zac’s “white zac skin” hehehe


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