More on Eliza

I contacted the author regarding some questions, and she clarified for me that Ratoka is actually a boy. It does seem that he’s being forced to dress like a girl, though. I had to ask, since Japanese is gender neutral pronoun wise, but Ratoka was being referred to as a boy or as a girl by various characters. I had to figure this out to start the next arc, as the next 10+ chapters will be from Ratoka’s point of view.


Also, for those of you that got to see the light novel images, and for those of you that didn’t, the author requested that I take those down. At least the upside to it means that it was real!


8 responses to “More on Eliza

  1. Wait, so Ratoka really was a boy?
    So Eliza dressed him as a girl to bully him?

    I wonder if he is participating in the knight training as a “girl” or a “boy”…
    Probably as a boy.
    Even if it would be funny to have Eliza being followed by a cross dressing knight :p

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