Eliza cast of characters updated

Updated cast of characters

Be warned, it has many (as of the current story) unintroduced characters. However, for those that are interested, it does very minorly spoil the direction that the story is taking next. Also, we get to find out the ages of the characters now.

For reference:

Eliza – 6 and a half (Another spoiler: it seems like she will be 12 at the time of the school arc)

Claudia – 16 (She’s not 10 as I originally thought, I mistranslated it in her introduction chapter, she was actually saying that she’s 10 years older)

Kamil – Roughly 12-15

Earl Terejia – 73

Gunther – 26

Elise – 9

Ratoka – 8


11 responses to “Eliza cast of characters updated

  1. still find it hard how a 6 year old can go to war with her troops but she cant run her territory seems Earl Terejia has the best role, send out the charge his taken care of into war and if she dies…no more heir so all her stuff is now his


  2. Thank u always for ur great work…

    That age is current age till chapter 59 right?

    I still think Eliza is 10y/o and Claudia is 12y/o, but if that’s true then Claudia ability is legit…

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  3. Now this makes more sense, I was starting to think that adults in this novel are useless, when they can’t even beat a 10 yrs old child~
    16 huh?! …well …… still the best solider is beaten by a 16 yrs old girl ……… they are pretty useless aren’t they???! (¯―¯٥) *sigh~*

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