Eliza timeline of events, and spoiler for future arcs

This is for people that would like a rough idea of what’s going to happen next in this story, and how long it’s going to take Eliza to reach school. This is a chronology of events done by the author, and will have spoilers about where the story is heading in its general direction, so only read on if you like spoilers.



Year 608 of the Holy Arxian Calendar, Eliza 2 years old

Eliza poisons and kills her family, succeeds to the position of Viscountess, and inherits everything as the sole survivor

Earl Terejia becomes Eliza’s guardian and her regent until she comes of age

Year 610, Eliza 4 years old

Eliza and Earl Terejia talk for the first time

Year 611, Eliza 5 years old

Eliza obtains a draconis chick together with Kamil

Eliza spends autumn in the barracks

Year 612, Eliza 6 years old

Eliza decides to accept refugees into her domain

Eliza leads her army in the battle at Fort Jugfena

Year 613, Eliza 7 years old

Eliza deals with a bandit group that’s attacking from across the border

Eliza quarrels with Ratoka

Eliza helps new immigrants to her domain pass winter

Year 615, Eliza 9 years old

The Kaldia cavalry platoon and Terejia cavalry platoon are created

Eliza tracks the terrorists making a commotion in the royal capital

Year 617, Eliza 11 years old

Eliza participates in battle against the Rindarl Union as logistical support in the back lines

Year 618, Eliza 12 years old

In a battle under the command of the Arxian Royal Army, Eliza participates in the front lines in a mobile unit

Eliza begins attending noble school


19 responses to “Eliza timeline of events, and spoiler for future arcs

  1. It’s ironic that the end “begins attending noble school” feels like a epiloge to me.
    That’s what I thought would happen arround chapter 10 when I started to read this novel.

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  2. Wow, Eliza will be facing many battles ahead… really didnt expect that for this novel. Looks fun though… far better than the usual transfer/reincarnation with the immediate school arc.

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  3. So is she going to take the enemy general head after attending school or before attending school or will she never take the enemy general head? But that’s all fine since she’s badass enough with all that battle awaiting her and who knows if she gone more funny in the head if she took a general head. Dear Eliza, I worry about your mental state.

    Dear Heroine, whoever you are, if you have the magic (or plot armor) of an otome game heroine, please heal Eliza mental wound if you ever met her. It’s okay if you’re shallow, just let Eliza be healed so that she can kick more asses or so she can be at peace. Or so she can enjoy youth and be happy.

    Oh, and ‘mobile unit’. Does that mean she will fight whilst riding on the back of DRAGONS? ‘Cause that’s super badass!

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  4. Thanks for the timeline 🙂

    By the way, now that I think about it, wasn’t the heroine something like the daughter of a high-ranking noble from the neighbooring kingdom?
    Is it possible that that kindgom is Densel?
    After all, the war wasn’t supposed to happen in the game.
    So, sinc eit happens, that means that something changed between the game and the reality.

    Is it just because Eliza killed her family and became the Lord?
    And she then accepted refuges?
    Since the Church and some nobles were asking that someone take care of the refuges, I suppose that even if Eliza hadn’t accepted, someone else would have been forced to do it.
    So is that really what changed?

    What if the Heroine is also a Reincarnated and if she is from a high-ranking family in Densel?
    What if she is the one who started the war?

    Well, those are just my speculations :p

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  5. Thank u always for ur great work…

    Her life is really roller coaster huh, many battle ahead and it seem will be full of action and feeling…


  6. So, I’m quite behind and I intend to catch up when I’ll have time, but there’s something I really want to know. (I’m don’t mind spoilers at all.)

    How old is Eliza as of the latest chapter(113 or one beyond that if another has been posted by the time you read this)?
    And are we still in the Noble school arc?


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