Destruction Flag Otome – Volume 3 Prologue

(Translator note: this takes place right after the end of the original story, at chapter 35. Katarina is now 17 and in her second year at magic school.)


Light Novel Volume 3 Synopsis


I’m Katarina, a girl who reincarnated into an otome game as a noble girl villainess. I managed to avoid all the bad ends at magic school after much effort, and finally, I gained some wonderful friends! The greatest danger has passed, and just as I was getting ready to enjoy my first magic school festival, I got carried away, and was kidnapped!?!? New destruction flags and love events are waiting!?




I, Katarina Claes, have now gotten used to living my days very comfortably. I’m doing well every day. The reason for that is, I’ve finally been released from the terror of my destruction flags.


When I was eight, I hit myself on the head with a rock, and I realized something unbelievable on that day.


What I realized was, that I was in an otome game that I had played before, and that I, Katarina Claes, was the villainess from that game that bullied the main character. What’s more, since Katarina was the rival character for two out of the four capture targets, in the heroine’s happy end Katarina would end up exiled, and in the bad end Katarina would end up killed by the capture target, there were destruction flags everywhere in sight for me if I just waited and let things happen naturally, she was the worst character for me to reincarnate into.


When I realized all this, I despaired, but…… The otome game would only begin eight years later, when I would enter magic school! If I work hard at it, surely I can somehow overcome my destruction flags.


And so, I worked hard every day to defeat my destruction flags for eight years, until I would enter magic school. I practiced swordsmanship so that I wouldn’t be killed so easily by a capture target, I practiced magic so that I could make a living for myself if I was ever exiled, and just in case things came to it, I became an expert farmer as well.


And so, during this time, somehow all the game’s capture targets, and even the rival characters, became my friends.


And so, after eight years, even though I’m not quite sure why all the game’s capture targets and even the rival characters have become my friends, last year, I finally entered the stage of the otome game, the magic school.


At school, I finally met the game’s main character, Maria Campbell. Due to her overwhelming charm, it took only a few days for my fiance Prince Jared as well as my adopted younger stepbrother Keith to fall head over heels in love with her.


Even though I was scared that her unstoppable charm would cause the game to go onto the reverse harem route, before I realized it, I had been captured by Maria’s kindness and cuteness as well. And even though she should have been my enemy in the game, I got along really well with her.


After that, the hidden capture target, Sirius, whom I had completely forgotten about, caused a huge incident at school, but thanks to my reliable friends, the incident was resolved peacefully in the end.


That’s how I spent my previous year at magic school while the graduation ceremony for the seniors approached.


The final event of the otome game was the graduation party, where the main character Maria would decide on a capture target to be with.


Exactly who would she choose, or would she choose the reverse harem route and be with everyone? My heart was beating so quickly and I was so nervous as I waited to find out, but……


Somehow, unbelievably, unbelievably, the game ended with the friendship route…… She didn’t choose anyone to be with, and the game ended with everyone being friends. Finally, it seems that there won’t be any destruction end for the rival character Katarina.


Even though Maria is so charming, why did it become the friendship end…… What’s more, the confession that Maria should have given to a capture target, “from now on as well, please let me always be by your side,” she said that to me for some reason that I absolutely can’t understand, no matter how much I think about it…… But anyways, the game ended without incident!


I’ve defeated all the destruction flags!


It’s been nine years now since I recovered my memories when I was eight, and now that I’ve defeated all my destruction flags, I’ve been living each and every day happily and cheerfully.




51 responses to “Destruction Flag Otome – Volume 3 Prologue

  1. . 〃∩ ∧_∧  ♪
    . ⊂⌒( ・ω・)   Thanks!
    .  \_っ⌒/⌒c   Nepu!!♪
    .    ⌒ ⌒
    Keep dreaming Bakarina!!! Your death flag show no sign of ending!!!

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  2. The Super Dense Blackhole Harem God King of a protagonist is back. And ready to capture more characters. Whether you are male, female, primary characters, capture target, villain character, side character, npc, or the Player character. All will be captured. Not even Light can escape.

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  3. yas yas yas yas yaaaaaaaaaass. Bakarina is baaack! Who else is going to be sucked into the black vortex known as the Bakarina Harem. Who ELSE.

    Thank u soooo much for translating and updating this! I hope ur visit to Japan was amazing! 😀


  4. Buahahahaha!
    It’s back! It’s finally back!
    The unparalleled under the havens black hole baka harem protagonist that makes even people that don’t like harem to like her!
    Such power! lol

    Everything ended, but she seems to forget some important point! That since Maria didn’t get the prince, the prince is gonna marry her!
    …….. no wonder she gets kidnaped…..

    Thanks for everything~!


  5. It’s backs, ufufufu, can’t wait for more of bakarina’s antics, will the wooden snake make a comeback? Oh I can’t wait. Thanks for translating this!


  6. > I got carried away, and was kidnapped!?!?

    Please don’t tell me she’ll be kidnapped out of her country? I’m pretty sure she already has the whole country on her grasp; if she ever get out, I don’t know how many victims will our little blackhole recruits to her legions. Will it becomes the birth of the Empress Bakatarina Claes’ empire?


  7. Here’s my Star Wars fac simile:

    The Bakarina Awakens…

    (Actually, it’s crazy how these Star Wars titles reaaalllyyyyy fit!?)


  8. I mean, look:
    A new Bakarina,
    Bakarina strikes back,
    The return of Bakarina,
    The harem menace,
    Attack of the harem,
    Revenge of the harem,
    Bakarina Awakens.

    See?! They do fit in.

    Epic titles for an epic saga!!!


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