I reincarnated as a noble girl villainess, but aren’t I cuter than the heroine? (One-shot)

Author: Sekimura Imuya (author of Eliza)

Tags: Otome game, noble girl villainess, gender bender, comedy, old man protagonist


When grandpa passed away, even though he thought he would end up in the afterlife… He realized that he had reincarnated into Franceska, the villainess of the otome game that he got addicted to playing after he bought it for his granddaughter. While living his new life, he began thinking that “I’m quite cute” in his new blonde-haired, green-eyed body of a beautiful girl. Knowing that the heroine of the game, Riera is known to be an even greater beauty than Franceska, grandpa began to really look forward to their first meeting, but……


The first and only chapter, as it’s a one-shot, should be out and translated by me sometime this week. I think. Hopefully? Well, it depends on if anyone wants to read it xD


31 responses to “I reincarnated as a noble girl villainess, but aren’t I cuter than the heroine? (One-shot)

  1. All though you said it’s a one shot I think it should be a 3 parter
    part one the beginning/problem
    part two what happened/solution
    part three the epilouge/what happened overall or years later

    Then I would feel satisfied and would want nothing more, unless you are a genius writer that makes me want to read more than this :U


  2. Old man to young girl reincarnation. Sounds fun~ XD I’ll definitely anticipate it. And the final sentence of the synopsis makes me think that the heroine will actually appear ugly or not as pretty at least. Lol!

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  3. Hohoho~ Is grandpa going for the reverse harem route as well? Hmm? hohoho~ (only entertaining because he’s not an adorable girl, looking forward to this!)


  4. Ooh? From the author of Eliza? The protagonist is an old guy who played otome games? That sounds intriguing. Is it sadistic like Eliza?


  5. i bet he narcissist, how can he praise himself cute?
    but it sound interesting, an Old Man reincarnated become a CUTE girl as Villainess haha wanna read it

    *The weird part is….. A OLD Man play otome game?? can’t image that, cuz to weird LoL


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