Eliza World Glossary

~~Kingdom of Arxia~~

The country Eliza lives in, a major country that rules over the northwest portion of the continent. Also the stage of the otome game. Bordered by the sea to both the north and the west, while its eastern border and southern borders are guarded by mountain ranges, making it a natural fortress.

~Royal Capital~

The largest city as well as the capital of Arxia, the royal palace is also located here.

~Jugfena Region~

The Arxia Kingdom’s southeast region, consisting of the easternmost domains to the south of the Amon Nor mountains.

Kaldia domain
Eliza’s domain. South of the Amon Nor mountains. Borders the Jugfena royal domain, has a narrow shape that runs much longer from east to west, with a gentle hilly region in its west, and a lake region in its east. The villages are all concentrated in the west. The climate is warm, but winters are very chilly.

  • Area under direct control
    Located in the westernmost part of Kaldia. The domain lord’s residence, the Mansion of Golden Hills is here, along with the barracks, a wheat field, a small forest, pond, and river.
  • Cyril village
    A village in Kaldia near the feet of the Amon Nor mountains. The village farthest away from the area under direct control.
  • Claria village
    The most prosperous village in Kaldia. Located on the outer edge south of the area under direct control.
  • Nezu village
    The southernmost village in Kaldia. Located in the middle of a large forest.
  • Pioneer village
    The village constructed for the newest citizens of Kaldia. Located right in the center of Kaldia.

Jugfena royal domain
The border domain north of Kaldia. Fort Jugfena is located here for national defense.

  • Fort Jugfena cavalry platoon
    A group of knights whose role is to guard the border.
  • Fort Jugfena defense corps
    A defense corps consisting of people from the Jugfena royal domain. Unlike the regular army, they focus solely on border defense.
  • Monster Forest
    Located in the Jugfena royal domain, an ancient forest where monsters and magical beasts reside. Used to be known in ancient times as the Great Alfena Forest. People are forbidden from entering.

Genas domain
South of Kaldia and Jugfena, and is currently the largest domain in all of Arxia. Simultaneously has to deal with border defense from both the south and the east, making Genas the most vitally important location geographically for border defense. Has cavalry troops.

Galbaito domain
A domain south of Kaldia whose lord is related to Margrave Genas. Later incorporated into the Genas domain.

~Freche region~

The southern region of Arxia, including west of the Karan mountains.

  • Freche domain
    The domain bordering west of the Genas domain. Located on the southern border. Is the leader of the southern domains, they have their own social circles, and the main city under direct control here is even grander than the royal capital. Has cavalry troops.
  • Ruktoferd domain
    The domain bordering west of the Freche domain. One of the southern domains. Famous for training military horses. Has cavalry troops.
~Greenfield region~

The inland region in between the Freche and Jugfena regions. The nobles in this region are shamed if their women are working.

  • Henznaut domain
    The domain that’s southwest of Kaldia. Has excellent livestock production.
~Ugaria region~

The northern region west of the Amon Albus mountains.to the mouth of the Ronde Ris Leguna River. Archaeological studies thrive here, and it has many remnants of ancient cultures.

~Fushobari region~

A region even farther north than Ugaria. Has many similarities to the Ugaria region.

  • Molton domain
    Located at the farthest northern tip of the Fushobari region, bordering the sea. It’s so far from the royal capital that it takes a month to travel there by horse-drawn carriage, but since rare resources are produced here, the domain has quite a lot of power.

An independent territory located in the southeast of Arxia. 50 years ago, it converted to the Ar Xia church, and it got integrated into Arxia. Originally a vassal state of the Arxia Kingdom.

~The North~

Between the black Amon Nor and the white Albus mountains, is a vast barren area of remote frozen ground. Because of that, it’s a little bit behind the times, but it has its own distinctive culture.

  • Nordsturm domain
    The domain of the family that rules the north. Produces hardly anything, but has a thriving financial industry.
  • Ogren domain
    A tiny domain in the western portion of the north.
~Sacred Holy Lawful Kingdom of Arxia~

The religious kingdom that was the previous incarnation of Arxia. Founded by the combined countries that supported the Church of Ar Xia. Established approximately one thousand years ago, and became the Arxia Kingdom six hundred years ago. Its first king was St. Ahar, from the Ar Xia church.

~Ar Xia Church~

Arxia’s national church, as well as the largest sect of the Xia church. Believes in the god Misorua. Its founder St. Ahar was also the first king of the Sacred Holy Kingdom of Arxia. Kusha Fema left behind the Sacred Code, which followers abide by.


~~Eastern countries~~

A group of countries to the east of Arxia.

Densel Dukedom
A country bordering Arxia. Highly hostile to the Arxia Kingdom. The western dukedom of the former Rindarl Kingdom.

Planates Dukedom
South of Densel Dukedom, and also borders Arxia along the Genas domain. The southern dukedom of the former Rindarl Kingdom.

Giograd Dukedom
Located east of Densel Dukedom. The northern dukedom of the former Rindarl Kingdom.

Parmigran Dukedom
Located east of Planates Dukedom. The eastern dukedom of the former Rindarl Kingdom. Since it trades over the sea with southern countries, it has the highest prowess in shipbuilding and navigation of all the northern countries.

Rindarl Kingdom
A former kingdom that ruled over the northeastern portion of the continent. Now split up into four smaller dukedoms and a city-state in name only, with only a remnant of its former capital remaining.

Rindarl Union
A country consisting of the four dukedoms, Densel, Planates, Giograd, and Parmigran, that have united into one.



West Alfena Church
A dangerous anti-Arxia terrorist organization that’s a sect of the Revua church.

Xia Church
According to the teachings of Kusha Fema, they believe in only one god, Misorua. They abide by scriptures known as the Sacred Code. Kusha Fema’s descendant, St. Ahar, created the largest sect of the Xia Church, known as the Ar Xia Church.

Revua Church
The main religion of the eastern countries, a religion with many gods.


~~Maps (fan-made)~~

The map below is based on a map made by the author that can be found here. Fans added additional information based on information in the glossary as well as within the series (discussions here). Notes:

  • Kaldia domain is initially smaller than shown on this map, as Monster Forest was originally part of Jugfena Royal Domain. Changes to the domain occur later in the series. Fans use dotted lines here for a rough estimate of the original frontier.
  • According to the author, this map can be considered an older work drawn in times when surveying technology wasn’t very accurate. So some geographical features may be off.
  • The author has since drawn a new version of the map for the light novel version of the series. This version has deliberate major changes including different positioning of some domains, which was done for the sake of a better story. However, she states that the old map is still valid for the web novel version.


General Map


Map of Kaldia Domain




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