Daily Summoning – I’ll be unmatched in every world

Hey, you. Have you ever been summoned to another world before?
Have you defeated the Demon King as a Hero? Have you been transported to another world with all your classmates before? Have you ever been involved in a death game in some sort of game world? Oh, this time you weren’t summoned but were reincarnated with all your memories instead? You have my condolences. As for me? Of course I’ve done all that already.


What kind of different worlds have I been summoned to? All of them, every type. Fantasy worlds with swords and magic, game worlds, death games where I can’t logout…… Every type I can think of.


Do I have any cheats? Good question. Whenever I finish whatever I was summoned for in one world, I get summoned to another world.
This is my curse, and the greatest cheat of them all.


At first, that was my only ability. There were so many times that I almost died. However, I was able to obtain every cheat ability while traveling around in all sorts of different worlds.

Magic? Unlimited mana? Holy swords? Magic swords? An item box? A harem of beautiful girls? I have them all. Anything you can think of, I have it. Well, I still can’t get the ability I want most of all.

Whoops, it’s another summoning formation. It seems like someone else is summoning me again. Well, take care of yourself. It must be fate that we met like this. If you ever have any trouble, feel free to summon me.

Whether it be a Demon King that threatens the world, or a dragon that eats the earth itself, or a VRMMO game master, or a reincarnator that misunderstood his cheat, or my pointless, boring fate, or………… Be it that damned god that cursed me with being summoned to another world forever!

Whatever it is, I’ll take on anything.




So this story already has a few chapters out, you can find them here, but they’re machine translated, and I’m thinking about doing this over. Or maybe just doing the otome game villainess girl arc, since that’s the one that really caught my attention. Hmm…… What to do, what to do…… This is a redone version of the synopsis.


11 responses to “Daily Summoning – I’ll be unmatched in every world

  1. A Gary Stu OP MC sounds boring as hell, especially if he’s the type the world bends over to favour him. If we started out at his first summon, I might has cared, but it clearly not the case here.
    My opinion: read out first 3 (and the last), if it proved to be just another bog standard isekai and not interesting, drop it altogether.


    • No, you’re missing the plot point. If you think of it in the scale of him being of killing 1 demon king in one world, then yes he is an OP Gary Stu. If, on the other hand, if you think its about finding and killing the asshole god who causes him to be summoned every day (in fact far more often than that) then the plot is a lot more interesting. Its all about scale: what are you OP relative to?

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  2. Well, I like romance with a good ending, should I say peaceful? or happy ending?
    So when I saw that there’s no romance in it, I instantly vote for the otome game villainess girl arc!

    And really, if the story have plot holes or isn’t really that GOOD or whatever then I suggest just going to RR to read a fanfic similar to this one but for sure good 🙂


  3. I remember reading a bit of this series. I didn’t really find it that appealing or have anything that drew me in. The villainess arc sounds interesting, but no idea if the author did it in an enticing way.

    If you plan to do the series, I say just do the villainess arc alone.


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