Higawari Teni Chapter 49

Chapter 49 – Engagement cancellation, noble girl villainess arc


“Duke’s daughter, Lady Serena Bronzenell. Let me borrow this venue to announce that I shall be cancelling my engagement with you!”

The moment I heard those words, I realized. So this type of world has come…… and I was filled with disappointment.

It seems that I’ve been summoned to a party. There seem to be various high-ranking nobles as well as their children gathered here for their luxurious entertainment. All of them seem to be wearing expensive-looking clothes and dresses, as well as glittering jewelry, while drinking wine and champagne.

Nobody at all noticed me suddenly appearing from a coat of arms on the banner. Even if it had been Itsuna or Shian that had come out, probably no one would have noticed either.

Right now everyone’s attention was focused solely on the person who had made that declaration earlier, and the girl next to him.

That person was wearing clothes that seemed even more beautiful and of higher quality than the other nobles. The girl named Serena Bronzenell was a beautiful young lady.

I’ve been to so many different worlds by this point that I can identify just about any pattern. Without a doubt, this is a noble girl villainess world. Well, I’ll explain what type of world this is later. For now, I need to confirm if Serena is the noble girl villainess. This girl who’s currently being told that her engagement is cancelled is the top priority.

“Inspection eye, activate.”

The first thing is to inspect the presumed noble girl villainess – Serena Bronzenell, the girl who just had her engagement cancelled in front of everyone. Rather than remaining calm, she looked like something really big was happening to her.

My waves of sky blue colored magic turned gold. The process took only a few seconds. Her name Serena Bronzenell, turned into a very common Japanese person’s name under my inspection magic.

“This, this is…… This can’t be.”

Lady Serena was turning pale and her lips were trembling. This is what’s commonly called “remembering a past life’s memories.” The shock from having her engagement cancelled in front of everyone, has caused Serena to remember her past life as a Japanese girl. And as a rule of thumb, she also knows the events that are going to happen in the future. Getting exiled or executed. Or some other type of destruction end awaits her.

Eh, why do they always know the future? I forgot this detail.

Anyways, although the degree to which they despair is different, it’s always about a reincarnator fighting against their destruction end…… This is the noble girl villainess world I’m familiar with. Well, I’m going to have to hear her particular story from her later.

Just in case, I also used inspection magic on the really handsome noble that broke off the engagement.

His name is Alex Ovren. My magic indicates nothing special about him. He’s a normal resident of this world. He’s probably also the prince of this country. Even if he’s not a prince, his clothes indicate quite a high position.

I focused my attention on the other girl beside him with my inspection magic.

She seems to be an ordinary Japanese girl, with a cute appearance. She clearly looks like she doesn’t belong here, and she’s watching the situation develop while standing behind the prince.

Her real name is Shiromi Hasumi. She’s an otherworlder just like me. She’s one of the main parties involved in this incident here.

Several other handsome guys were gathered around this girl, and were all glaring at Lady Serena. However, my magic still indicated that only two people here were special.

The reincarnator Serena, and the otherworlder Hasumi.

This is all I know so far…… As pathetic as it sounds, I don’t know what to do next.

First of all, I’m not very experienced with noble girl villainess worlds. I’ve only gone through them seven times before. Including this time, I’ve only been summoned to the scene of an engagement cancellation three times.

In the case of an engagement cancellation, my summoner isn’t limited only to the main characters, it can also be a side character, and what’s more the oath I have to take care of almost always has to do with romance.

There’s too many unknowns that I don’t even know how to start confirming the rules of this world. I really don’t know how to go about achieving the oaths where I have to help two people get married to each other.

Especially in the case of marriage cancellations, the oath always has something to do with getting married.

Noble girl villainess worlds combine two elements that I’m bad at dealing with, serious and love comedy worlds. Love between teenagers is such a sensitive thing, I’m so terrible with it.

Whatever it takes to get a guy and gal together, I’ll just go with the flow, I guess.

Well, for now, show me what you got, noble girl villainess…… Lady Serena.

“Why…… d, did you decide so? Prince Alex.”

Serena was looking straight at him. While her voice was shaking, I could see that her eyes contained a strong will.

So the noble girl villainess this time has decided to resist against her fate, eh. To keep going on strong in the face of destruction, this reincarnated girl must be mentally tough.

“Why? You ask why? Even now, are you still going to deny that you cut Shiro?”

Alex’s handsome face distorted as he seemed to blame Serena for something.

“What’s this about cutting Shiro. I did nothing of the sort.”

Serena remained calm in the face of accusation. If she really doesn’t know what she’s being accused of, I suppose that will appeal to the surrounding nobles.

“Haven’t you been bullying Hasumi all this time!?”

Alex seemed to lose control of his temper, and started waving his arms around exaggeratedly. Serena’s expression of mouth wide agape in surprise is probably her just acting. Just to show the nobles here that there was nothing of the sort.

“Bullying, is it?”

After sighing, Serena continued in a calm tone of voice.

“For example?”

“For example!? Are you planning on denying it?”

While clicking his tongue, Alex folded his arms and started thinking.

“At the literary festival party, didn’t you tell Hasumi not to dance with me?”

“That’s because I didn’t want Hasumi-san to embarrass herself. She’s an otherworlder. There’s no way she would know noble dances.”

Ahh, as I expected Hasumi-chan is an otherworlder, and it seems that this is the pattern where she’s being protected by the country.

This was the only thing that’s familiar…… Well, if it wasn’t so, I wouldn’t know where to start.

After Serena answered him clearly, Alex pointed his index finger directly at her.

“You’re saying that you don’t want to embarrass Hasumi, but aren’t you planning to do something to Hasumi right here, right now!?”

“Considering the current situation where you just cancelled your engagement to me, I think I should be busy with things other than doing anything to Hasumi-san right now.”

Well, of course. The other nobles here seemed to agree with her as well, and I could see them nodding. The guys around Hasumi all had frowning expressions but none of them said anything to counter Serena.

But well, Alex is the most important one here.

“Hoh. Sly fox, are you revealing your true nature now?”

……Er. Is it alright to just hit him already? No wait, I killed the prince character before in this situation, and it just made things incredibly complicated.

Serena is trying her best, I can be patient, be patient……

By the way, I inspected the brat closer with my magic to make sure. He’s a prince, his title is “Prince Alex.”

“There’s plenty of others. You told her not to get close to me.”

The prince had a smug expression on his face as he said so. Serena seemed to be confused at hearing what he said.

“Don’t get close to you…… oh, that. I thought it would only be fair, as Prince Alex’s fiancee, to ask other women not to get too close to you.”

“That’s the problem!”

How is that a problem. Isn’t this something that’s supposed to be? Now I know something’s wrong with Prince Alex’s head.

“As the first and crown prince, you can’t tell me what to do! Serena, you’re overstepping your boundaries!”

Oh, so this guy is the crown prince. This means he’s going to be the next king. The future of the Ovren Kingdom looks grim indeed.

“Uh, um…… Are you seriously saying that?”

“Of course!”

Serena seemed to be lost for words at Prince Alex’s belief in his own statements.


“That’s enough, Aly.”

Shiromi Hasumi was the one who stopped Prince Alex. What’s more, she has such an unbecoming nickname for the first prince. Prince Alex’s cheeks were turning red from the disrespect.

“But, but, Hasumi.”

“Just stop it. It seems like Serena-sama doesn’t agree with what you’re saying anyways.”

With dignified steps, Hasumi walked past the prince and confronted Serena directly.

“I think it’s unfortunate that things have become like this.”


Hasumi seemed so pained by her words, while Serena put her hand on her neck to cope with her anxiety.

“Maybe it was so that Serena-sama was concerned about me, however…… Even so, you definitely did hurt me, you know?”

“Th, that’s…… Sorry.”

Was Serena giving in to Hasumi’s voice that sounded on the verge of tears, she obediently lowered her head and apologized. This might be bad. Although only partially, she made Serena admit to a mistake. What’s more, Hasumi’s not done yet.

“Right now, the important thing isn’t about Serena-sama’s intentions. You’ve just admitted to hurting me, and you’ve also angered First Prince Aly…… These are all facts. What does Serena-sama have to say to all this?”

……This woman.

Although she’s being a bit forcefully unreasonable, she’s making a good emotional appeal to the others around her by making herself out to be the victim. What’s more, she’s even using the future king’s emotions as her weapon, and reminding the nobles whose side they should be on.

Up until now, this has all been politics. Politics is all about how everyone can personally benefit. And, of course the nobles I see here are all the type that think about their own gain. They just need to be reminded of it. Shiromi Hasumi clearly understands this and is acting on it.

In the previous engagement cancellations I’ve seen, the part about convicting the villainous noble girl of her deeds didn’t go well……It seems that Hasumi isn’t stupid at all.

“But, Serena-sama has apologized. And it seems like this is all just a misunderstanding.”

Serena laughed uncomfortably as things developed outside of her expectations. Without paying her any mind, Hasumi pretended to be cute as she twirled around to look back at Prince Alex.

“So let’s do this, Aly. The graduation ceremony is in one week. Think it over again and decide if you still want to cancel your engagement then.”

“What? Then, what about the planned graduation ceremony?”

“Mmm. Just have it changed.”

……Wait, something’s wrong. Your smile is telling me that everything is going to your plan, Hasumi. What are you plotting.

“Let’s go, Aly.”

“Ah, ahh……”

Aly, and his retinue of followers, walked away from the crowd. The dignified figure of Hasumi walking among them stood out like a sore thumb for how unfitting she seemed amongst them. Serena could only stare at their backs in stunned silence as she remained standing there.

Of course, they passed by me as they walked back towards the entrance of the hall, but…… Hasumi happened to look in my direction, and she was shocked when she saw me. Well, we’re the only two Japanese people here, so this is only natural…… Probably.

“I found you.”

With an unsettling smile and licking her lips, she approached me.

“Nice to meet you. What’s your name?”

“……It’s Sakahagi Ryouji.”

I couldn’t help but give in to her feeling of pressure, and couldn’t give the usual name I used.

“I see. I’m Shiromi Hasumi…… Pleased to make your acquaintance?”

This time she smiled a carefree smile as she exited the party hall. Although that Prince “Aly” and his retinue seem to be glaring in my direction, I don’t really care at the moment.

There’s something more important right now. The fact that I was ignored.

“Am I not needed here?”


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    • Imperfect Luck asked about whether we would like just the Otome game arc or to TL from scratch. The MTL of the first couple chapters show a large harem where he just stashes his wives in Pokeball like items when he wants them around or not. Overall with the plot, it wasn’t very interesting, so the opt was for the Otome game arc only.


  1. Dammit. Another sly home wrecker. The otherworlder chick has marked our MC as a secret character is what I’m guessing, but I hope that he humiliates her in the end lolol > 7 >);; It’s very musing that we get to see an otome game world in such a story after all. Thanks for the chapter!


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