Eliza pictures from Light Novel Volume 2

Character pictures, from bottom right, clockwise:

Eliza Kaldia (7 years old)

Claudia Rolentsor

Ratoka (bottom left)

Priest Faris (top left)



Earl Terejia

Eliza Kaldia (13 years old)

Available for purchasing here if you’re interested! http://www.arianrose.jp/detail/doushite2.html


18 responses to “Eliza pictures from Light Novel Volume 2

  1. Whoa! Definitely not how I imagined them. (If that’s Elza at 13, she’s gonning to make all, the girls fall for her by the time the school arc comes around XD)
    Ohhh I can see the resemblance between Ratoka and Eliza now

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  2. Whut? That’s 13 y.o. Eliza? Gdi she looks much more mature than her age and exceedingly handsome. Rip to all those future classmates who lay eyes on her.


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  4. Like most of the comments here, Claudia was the one that really got me here. Like she’s either a villain, or the crafty main character. Especially with badass older Eliza looking over her like that.

    Honestly, 13-year old Eliza is pretty interesting in this one as well. Mostly because of the way she’s positioned in the corner and looking over the other characters (similar to Evil God Average’s volume covers, haha), and because wot? That’s what she looks like at thirteen? She’s gonna look like an adult by the time she enters high school. o_o


  5. The one that got me was Gunther. I always imagined a stern looking older guy whos a bit raggedy. I know hes only like 24 at the time, but the way he’s described screams middle aged uncle, so I always imagined him to look older than he is. But here he looks like the romance antagonist.


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