Eliza chapter 118 – Renvia black tea

(Translator note: for those of you that come from novelupdates and miss other posts, I recently posted some pictures from Eliza’s two light novels, here and here.)

For the time being, since I’ve achieved my objective today of meeting Feria, I toured their garden for long enough to be polite, then excused myself and made my leave of the Rogshia residence as soon as I could.

Viscount Rogshia and his daughter Feria are the complete opposite of all Greenfield customs. Thanks to all the strange contrasting things within the Rogshia mansion, I know now that I lack too much information.

First, that sparkling accessory I saw on Feria’s ankle accidentally – this is such a great piece of information that fell into my lap. I can already guess at why Feria wants to cancel her engagement to Viscount Ogren’s son.

What it means is, Feria most likely has someone that she’s seeing romantically right now. And, she probably wants to get married to that person instead. That’s why she has to break the engagement on purpose.

It’s all very simple to understand. But, anything related to feelings is complex to deal with, and I also felt rather angry inside.

Marriages between nobles aren’t made just for mere status. While they are sometimes made for alliance purposes or power struggles, it’s mostly about trade.

To go on a bit of a tangent, merchants in Arxia don’t hold all that much power. This is because most of the largest transactions are directly conducted between domain lords. When I arranged for the new citizens to get critical supplies such as food and materials from other domains, since most of these products can’t be produced in Kaldia on a large scale, Earl Terejia and I basically bought the products directly from other domain lords, before distributing them to my citizens.

The largest merchants don’t have power because, they mostly deal in luxury and high-class goods, so their customers are almost exclusively nobles, and they’re kept completely under control by the nobility. Even the Sacred Code, our law system, decrees that regulating imports and exports is part of the domain lord’s work. This is probably all to prevent some merchants from disrupting the country’s balance if they have too much money and power.

Alright, back to the main topic.

One of the most convenient methods for doing trade between domains is to arrange a marriage. In the Greenfield region, it’s common for daughters to get engaged early, but on the other hand, it’s also known to be common to break engagements if someone comes along with better conditions.

By the way, since this time I’ve formally had to accept a request from Viscount Ogren, I’m forced to take his side and actively work to preserve the engagement. It will be a big problem if I’m seen to promote breaking the engagement instead.

Engaged families are also formally treated as relatives. There are various benefits to this, such as lower tariffs between the two domains, and relaxing restrictions on goods that are only allowed to be brought across domains in limited number.

This is why the church went out of its way to order me to preserve this engagement. Their trade involves daily necessities, so if the engagement is canceled, it may directly impact some citizens negatively if they can’t get enough goods, and the church’s role is to preserve order.

I’m angry because, Feria’s already at an age where she’s almost about to graduate from noble school, and she’s still ignoring all these things for her own selfishness and trying to break her engagement.

While it’s clear to see that Viscount Ogren’s request to me is entirely meant to harass me more than anything else, and that he’s a nasty character, still. This engagement affects a great number of citizens’ lives in both domains.

Domain lords’ income mostly come from taxes in their own domains. And I don’t know the specifics in this situation, but whenever an engagement is decided, usually it will come with many trade benefits for the citizens. And yet, this girl whose food, clothes, and shelter all come from the people’s taxes, she’s prioritizing her own love interests over that of her people’s well-being?

Well, I still don’t know the full story yet though, so I shouldn’t be getting angry just yet, maybe I’m making a mistake.

Viscount Rogshia’s behavior really caught my attention. Of course I told him in advance what reason I was visiting him and Feria for. He also knows very well that I was requested by the Ogrens to mediate, so that the engagement can be preserved. And yet, he just lets Feria do whatever she wants. From what I saw today though, Feria probably doesn’t know anything. She doesn’t know the consequences of breaking her engagement, nor does she know why I’m here.

“Eliza-dono, I’ve brought you some drinks. How about resting for a little while?”

When I returned home, I was about to begin investigating Viscount Rogshia by candlelight in my study when I was suddenly interrupted unexpectedly. When I looked to see who it was, I saw that it was Oscar, who was already being invited into the room by Claudia. There was also a maid with a tray in her hand behind him, who walked into the room gingerly. Come to think of it, I’ve never called any maids to my study before.

“Ahh, thanks. Hope you don’t mind the mess here.”

“I don’t mind at all. Rather than that, what are you investigating? Is there anything I can help with?”

With his nature of taking everything seriously, even worrying about me, I could only smile wryly. He had left with Bellway to go back to Kaldia immediately in order to take care of all the knight order establishment procedures. It would have been difficult to ask him to do anything else for me right away, and even if he could help, I would prefer it if he’d help Earl Terejia first instead of me.

……Is what I had thought.

Poke, Claudia gently poked my side. Stop it, don’t pinch me next. My muscles aren’t hard enough, and have many soft spots. What is it, when I looked at her, she mouthed “Kaldia army” to me under her breath.

Kaldia army? Ahh, reorganizing the army. It wasn’t an immediate problem, so it didn’t come to my mind.

“Mmm, sorry, Oscar-dono. There is one thing I would like your help with?”

“Mm? Okay.”

“It’s not a great hurry, but I would like to leave you and Claudia-dono in charge of reorganizing the Kaldia army. There are some unique things about the army’s current system…… You can hear the specifics from Claudia-dono later.”

Mmm, Oscar simply nodded and responded that he accepted. So this is one less thing off my mind, wonderful. I felt more relaxed already, and I took a sip of the black tea he had brought for me.


My nose immediately felt such a strong, sweet, cool and minty sensation. Um, what’s this…… It actually feels like I’ve smelled this already recently just today.

“……Did you change the usual tea blend?”

“Ahh, it seems that some Renvia flower petals were added today.”

Renvia flowers again. The flowers in the Rogshia mansion’s garden, where I chatted with Feria only about unimportant gossip, with a strange and uncomfortable atmosphere that was probably mostly my own fault. I must have been smelling these flowers at that time, so this is what Renvia is.

Renvia flowers sure have popped up a lot today.

“……I’m sorry that you went to all the trouble of bringing this to me, but please just stick with the usual.”

I stood up as I said so, and Oscar was tilting his head at me quizzically, while Claudia who knew about everything that happened at the Rogshia mansion was grinning like a cat.


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  1. Woh the pictures helped a lot in imagining the characters. I could already envision how Claudia grins like a cat. Though I first imagined her as someone like Yang in RWBY haha.

    Thank you for your hard work on this chapter again! Love you! *virtual hugs*

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      • Really? I was thinking more along the lines of Oscar being the one that little Ms “Teen Rebel” was secretly seeing and trying to break off the engagement for. What a twist that would be.


    • I’m can’t help but think of her as looking like Kyouko from Madoka Magica with blond hair. Mostly the Rebellion version. Then I start thinking about Eliza like Sayaka, which really doesn’t fit at all.


  2. With this chapter, I can’t help but wonder about Eliza’s own future marriage decisions. As she said, nobles marry for trade deals, not love. So will Eliza Also approach potential marriage candidates with that in mind? That would be really interesting to read about. Imagine if other characters’ reactions ask her if she prefers person A or person B and she starts listing the pros and cons from a trade point of view. xD

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    • This brings me to imagine Eliza in italian merchant republic attire.
      The Most Serene Doge Eliza Kaldia, advising the price and benefit of marriage.


    • Well, with that logic, author can throw a massive curve ball by having a girl propose to Eliza (*coughthisarccough*)

      After all, it’s just for profits, right?


  3. Eliza is the liege of her own domain. She probably allowed to choose to marry for her own love.

    Her love for her people is an issue for cliche shoujo love though.
    And that is why we love her.

    The times for Eliza’s own love to bloom had once passed.
    And the sun that will allow it to bloom again have been concealed by this Dark Cloud called Nordsturm.

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    • In first place no one cannot choose for her because all her family members dead, and she will probably try think by benefits of marriage rather about her and partner feelings(at current state)

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      • Earl Terejia im sure has some say in her marriage being her guardian. But then again, that depends on how long he’ll live.

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  4. I think that what Eliza is saying is bullshit and should be stopped. If i was thay girl i would also like to marry someone i love. I’m a forever kind of marriage person and when I’m having troubles and regretting my marriage choices later in life the citizens are not going ro be there.
    I’m distressed at this attitude from eliza. This yoing lady is being forced into an engagement with someone she does not love and while i understand the political reasons why eliza wants the engagement to go on, i disapprove of her looking down on this girl for choosing to marry some1 that will make her happy. She may call it selfishness but there’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first.


    • This is why you can’t be a responsible noble or authority (in Eliza’s fictional world). Good thing you aren’t. Eliza will call you selfish.

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      • It’s not that girl’s fault that she was born into a noble family. And I’m sorry that i condobe forcing people into relationships for any reason. I gues I’m reacting like this because we do have arranged marriages in reality to further whatever reasons and everyone agrees that that’s horrible.
        My issue isn’t even that she’s having an arranged marriage. It’s the fact that Eliza instantly judges her after meeting her once because she doesn’t want to live her life for other people. As Eliza is the mc, the reader is thus encouraged to take her side.
        Also, let’s not forget that Eliza is actually a viscountess who is or will be the ruler of her region. Apart from that as she is the mc she will most likely be able to be with a person she loves.
        All in all, this response from Eliza rubbed me the wrong way


    • who said Eliza want to be born noble, people never choose who they want to be born, but if you born in rich family you must act like it ask society or you can just leave family and must forgot about title because it something which given with responsibility and this girl try act on her whim and what can be called a selfish noble, and don’t try use modern morale for medieval world, must people don’t see problem in arrange marriage. and last Eliza judge her selfishness that she doing what she want without consider her domain people and even if she is not rule domain but it still responsibility all family members and Eliza cannot agree with another point because she already kill her family and cannot agree with any selfish acts of nobles, and why you so sure she chose partner base on love but not will consider which marriage more benefit, why you so sure she, who devote everything for improving her domain, choose partner base on feeling?

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      • Regardless of what reason, I’m a furm believer that marriage and love are personal issues and should not be used as a way to bargain for anything. But that’s idealistic and i accept that in the times that are being portrayed arranged marriages are a thing. My issues is not with the fact that she has to have an arranged marriage but that Eliza looks down on her for wanting to not have one. Eliza gives all sorts of reasons for having an arranged marriage but does not mention whether the people that her family is in charge of are having any issues. Also, why do we have to accept that the only way for people to make trades are by selling the futures and happiness of girls (becaise this rarely happens to boys). Maybe it wasn’t meant to be portrayed this way but what i see is a woman who has (technically) influence and power slagging another woman without those things because the other dared to do what was not socially allowed. That’s the subtext that immediately occured to me and turned my stomach. And please this is fiction and Eliza is the MC. When she gets married no matter how far off in the future, she will at the least have positive feelings for the person.


    • she is not just not want marriage, she already start cancel engagement and everyone mention it was done by her and eliza mention it she done on selfish reason without thinking about consequences, like i said if you noble then devote yourself to this or stop be one and become commoner, it mean be nobility for eliza and she cannot accept another way. Marriage is best insurance of good relationship between families

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      • I think that cancelling an engagement when you don’t want to marry the other person is a good enough reason on it’s own. I still think that regardless of whether it’s selfish or not, it’s ok for this girl to decide to not marry some1 she does not love. Also, how do you know she is not a good noble. At this point we know literally nothing about her except that she is a female who does not want to marry some1 she does not love, is in love with someone else and has somehow managed to have some independence and autonomy in a culture that has managed to make women submissive creatures. That is canonical by the way. Nobles are not robots, leaders are not automatons. Yes they should try their hardest to help the people depending ob them but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t have their own lives. If this girl was bankrupting her family and region, buying expensive items or generally being horrible, i would agree with Eliza’s conclusion. But she is doing none of those things. She is only refusing to spend her life with someone she does not love. What is wrong about that. She is going to be a noble all her lifr does that mean that every decision she’s going to make must affect the civiluans in some way. I refuse to accept that anyone can live like that. If she had to live like that i believe that she would eventually begin to resent her people. At the end of the day, Eliza is priviledged to have the postition that she has and even if she has an arranged marriage, she would be able to pragmatically choose who would better her and her people. We haven’t even been told what this girl’s fiancé would bring to the table or how he’s character is and we already have our mc belittling another woman. I gues I’m just tired of seeing women denigrate each other because of men both in rl and in fiction. You know the more i write these arguments, the more i feel that perhaps this arc isn’t for me. I came to read this story because i thought it would have a badass mc who according to the summary defeats the enemy commander. So far this novel has been showing me my badass mc who has been trying to make do with she has and has been succeeding so that’s another reason why this arc and this attitude eliza has rubs me the wrong way.


    • you seem don’t get main idea why Eliza don’t accept selfish nobles who do things on like they want, it because her family, she don’t like any nobles who live by selfish desires like this, without, like Eliza conclude, considering what break of engagement will affect on domain people and if she accept some noble which move on her own and not prior people then it decrease reasons why killing her own family was reasonable and right decision which still big trauma, about love affair she is interest only because was asked and personally as long as her father agree i don’t see problems.

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    • Eliza is very serious. Incredibly serious. Hardworking to extreme. Because (among others) she believes it’s her responsibility. Rogshia doesn’t even recognize that she has such responsibilities. You live for you. But, is there anybody who will die if you decide you will go to different school? Leave country? Marry whom YOU want to marry?
      Eliza definitely doesn’t live for herself. She murdered the bandit who rattled because he touched her citizens. And her decisions affect not just her, but most of all those precious citizens!
      Now try thinking, that instead of your parents, caretakers or family, there are hundreds of people who call you “lord”, rely on you, look up to you to protect them, defend them… And in return, they work for you. Your food is made by them. Clothes, sewn by them. Your home was built by them. You want a treehouse, they’ll build it. You want a pony, they’ll give you one. Picture yourself having people who care for you, work for you, who sacrifice for you… do you feel like you owe them? And now there’s this marriage partner who will definitely improve their lot (if you marry, that is). I’m certain you’ll think of one or two scenarios even in our world where marriage with that person would be an option.
      Rogshia will not pay the price for breaking the engagement. Her citizens will. In form of lost taxes, decreased revenue, fallen businesses. If the engagement brings extra food which Rogshia’s domain cannot get, some folks may starve, cause Rogshia “has fallen in love”. If the engagement brings in medics, some folks may die, again, cause “love”.

      Of course, love is amazing and who are we to take away somebody’s love, but… her citizens worked hard for her. Her gardener worked in her garden, woke at 4AM every day to make sure all is well. Why her love life is supposed to take away food for his niece or medicine for his wife?

      And to top it off… we don’t know how deep that love is. Rogshia is young. She may be impressionable. She may fall out of love two years later. And then what?

      Now, I’m not putting down Rogshia. It’s – as you said – not her fault for being a noble. But, neither is the fault of those commoners, being born commoners. The difference is, Rogshia can make the decision. Commoners can’t. They will pay for, or benefit from, Rogshia’s decision. Eliza knows how that system works and therefore, Rogshia’s action (which go against it and harm Rogshia’s citizens) are angering Eliza (who puts her citizens above herself).

      So, summarizing: Eliza puts her citizens before her, cause she’s noble and she’s supposed to take care of them. Rogshia doesn’t even know that her decision may affect her citizens (it’s not whether they starve or fall ill or whatever, she seems unaware of them depending on her actions). It’s like having your prime minister unaware of the fact, that him breaking his word may affect country’s reputation. He’s the prime minister, it’s his job to know that! And that is the reaction that Eliza has to Rogshia; something like “you’re a noble, your job is to take care of your citizens, why are you considering harming them?”


      • We don’t know the price for breaking the engagement. We know literally nothing. We know that generally engagements are used to make trades but this particular one nothing. Also, yes what you say is right, the marriage could bring about good things for her commoners or it might not. I’m just saying that i disagree with not having the chance to choose who you’ll spend your life with is horrible and instead of eliza understanding that aspect she belittles her and labels her selfish. Yes that marriage could do all of that but the reason it could do that is because the system and the society made it that way. Let’s be frank here, this young girl isn’t going to have much choice in anything in her life and so she wants to exercise one of the few choices she can. Also, bs on arranged being used to profit commoners. History has shone that whenever nobles did arranged marriages it was mainly for the benefit of themselves. Eliza is interpreting it this way because she has a good heart and feels that that’s ehy people have arranged marriages. Let’s be truthful here, even if this arranged marriage brpught all these goodies, very few benefits would trickle down to the commoners. Noble families marry to better themselves. What up with this for the commoners bullshit.
        My issues is Eliza as a priviledged viscountess, who is going to be the ruler od her land will choose who to marry. Whether she does it for love or for more practical reasons, she will have the CHOICE. This lady won’t. I can’t help but applaud her desire to choose for herself her life to be. Yes love is important. It really is. I’ve seen so many people hurt themselves in loveless marriages. They knew they weren’t in love but they married anyway. Now some the lucky ones eventually may fall in love. But others at the most can tolerate the other and that kind of life is hellish for everyone involved including the children. Excuse me if i think that refusing to sacrifice your future or life for anyone is not a bad thing


      • Ad “We don’t know the price for breaking the engagement. We know literally nothing. ”

        Two points here:

        1) Yes we do know something. Church was involved and that is not usual. It’s a prime indicator that this matter HAS a serious price tag attached.

        2) It’s not what WE know. It’s what ROGSHIA knows. Does she know about consequences of her actions? Did she think how to break the engagement without making her family/domain/citizens suffer? She is a noble and this comes with privileges and responsibilities. She enjoyed the privileges. Now, question is how about responsibilities.

        Note: I’m not putting Rogshia’s down. Her wanting freedom, desiring love is natural. She’s a teenage girl! But I also am not putting Eliza’s down, especially for a feeling of anger, which I can quite understand.

        As for selfishness – I think we all agree that Rogshia’s motivation is that. She is selfish (putting her above others). Which is her right. But it makes Eliza’s labeling her so – true.

        And – haven’t yet done so – thank you for the discussion so far. Very pleasant.

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    • i say only two things
      first she is not Rogshia, it name of household, we don’t know her name(or know?) and it can confuse if you speak about viscount or his daughter
      second i try explain not why breaking engagement is bad or how much it can affect domain but why Eliza say she don’t like her, she not interest who she will married but she cannot accept when noble choose own benefit then domain benefit (reason is above about her family), why new engagement is less benefit then old one reason is simple, this guy is unknown, viscount don’t even give proper explanation why engagement is broke because it wasn’t told to Eliza so we can think he is not known very well, but i repeat it not important and not something i try prove, i try show reason is why Eliza dislike her and think it reasonable thing.


      • I understand why Eliza dislikes her. I really do. I just don’t think Eliza is in a position to judge when she has never been and will never be in the position this lady is in. I just disliked that we were given Eliza’s point of view about why this engagement is good and how horrible this lady is for refusing to sign away her life. She is not a matyr.


    • If it’s that important to her, why can’t she just have an affair? Really, so what if a few hundred commoners die. Their life is nothing compared to this 16-year-old’s ‘everlasting’ love. Please stop forcing your modern day morals onto this medieval setting.


      • I didn’t say it was an everlasting love. So what if it isn’t. My modern ideals! Modern ideals!! This isn’t even written in an age before now. This is written in modern. It’s an interpretation of western nobility by a person who is neither western, a member of the nobility or lived in those times. You know who else is from our modern times, our mc. Tes she’s losing her memories and whatever. But isn’t it so convenient that the only person in this story who has a background to be uncomfortable with this marriage doesn’t need to worrt because she is priviledged enough to never worry about it.
        Also, don’t give me shit about my modern ideals. Women where forced to marry people they didn’t feel anything for their families sake or the commoners sake or whatever excuse it was fof. If it is so important why can’t this man marry off his son to the daughter of the other fellow. That won’t happen because the son is too important and the girl is a throw away object. I’m sorry that my modern ideals are similar to the problems women back then had with their sutuation. They didn’t like it but they did it anyway because of society. Also, I wasn’t going on a crusade about how horrible it was that she had to have an arrabged marriage. My main problem was that our mc instead of at least showing some understanding of why she would not like to marry someone she does not know instead of judging her, denigrating her, looking down on her and labelling her selfish. As Eliza is the mc, we the readers are encouraged to take her side. Maybe if another character made this comment and Eliza agreed with them, i could understand it but she came up wuth this comment on her own and this bullshit reason that these marriages are done for the commoners when everyone knows few nobles do anything because of the commoners. I just feel that the author realised that she was making Eliza support arranged marriages (something that are universally despised) and had to come up with some reason for Eliza to have the moral ground. Thus, leading to this gurl being labelled selfish because she doesn’t want to live her life for her family or her commoners. Also, keep in mind that Eliza is fron a different kingdom (region)than this girl and her example is based on how thungs are done in her side. She hasn’t even finished learning about the studies of her kingdom how would she know about other kingdoms.

        Also, about the affair tging. Why don’t you marry someone yoy don’t love and then be with the perosn you don’t love on the side. Hiding every day, never letting yourself fully express your love. Never legitimate in the eyes of people. It’s a lot of stress as well as the fact that she also has to keep her family reputation in mind. Also not that as theg are not and are never going to be legitimate all the children they have will be in her husband’s name. The man will eventually want children of his one and will leave her and fall in love with someone else. At the end of the day, she’s still in a loveless marriage and no affair. There’s a reason most affairs don’t last and that’s because most people don’t want to share the person they love with others.

        Have an affair. smh.


    • I say it last time Eliza don’t like selfish choice, stop write three paragraphs about love, Eliza don’t like any selfishness if noble choose between what he want and domain need, she not agree with this in general because her family always act like they want and it don’t leave her choice but to kill them, she don’t interest in love affair, she have problem with choice which this girl made between what she want and domain benefit, not specific example but she don’t like it in general

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      • I didn’t write 3 paragraphs about love. I wrote, and i will say this for tge last time because I’m tired of repeating myself, that i was dissapointed at Eliza’s reaction. Maybe it is selfishness but we and Eluza barely know anything about this girl so for her to be judging her immediately without knowing anything about her situarion felt off to me. I also wrote that Eliza is priviledged and will never be put in the situation this girl is being put in so she has no right to pass judgement until she knows more. I replied to someone else anyway who was able to address what i felt was wrong with that scene and we came to an accord.
        Also, there’s nothing wrong with love.


  5. And to answer other points by Compass-san:

    1) Regarding:

    “I think that cancelling an engagement when you don’t want to marry the other person is a good enough reason on it’s own. I still think that regardless of whether it’s selfish or not, it’s ok for this girl to decide to not marry some1 she does not love.”

    It’s splendid. Truly, no sarcasm here. In our world, that’s very valid reasoning. In feudal world… not so much.

    Engagement there is not like in our world. It’s not “just two people”, buzz off if you’re not one of those two. It’s “two regions entering an agreement, while two figureheads marry” You’re not just choosing a marriage partner. Your family and that other person’s family are doing LOTS of things under this pretext. And no, without it they wouldn’t, cause there are things you do for family and “if we’re not tied by blood or marriage, we’re not family”.

    2) Breaking the engagement means something went wrong. While I agreed with you on “break it if you don’t love” – and I still do agree! – I also realize that it’s a bad move. You have given your word, now you are withdrawing it. That’s nothing to praise you for. That means you shouldn’t have given it. You changing your mind like that is potentially and indicator of other things. I imagine you saying “better earlier than late”. Some would even say “better late than never”, as in “better to divorce her after 20 years of marriage than keep her in a loveless marriage for live”. But… better NOT to tell her I’ll marry you at all. Breaking the engagement hurts the other party and it paints THEM in a wrong way. You are making them look bad, making people gossip and wonder what’s wrong with them, you hurt them (they wanted the engagement, did they not?) and I don’t see that as anything “good” or “great” or “praiseworthy”. Saying “better that than…” is just putting it nicely.

    3) Eliza has a simple reaction. Yes, Eliza is angry at Rogshia. But it’s not “boiling blood” anger or “I will crush you” anger. It’s anger at an ignorant person.
    Eliza isn’t angry because Rogshia loves someone. She’s angry at her NOT thinking about her citizens. Rogshia (from what we know now) wants to break the engagement. It’s a bit childish in execution though. We see nothing that indicates Rogshia even is aware of what her actions mean for people who fed her, clothed her, etc. I wouldn’t put down Eliza for feeling that. Especially not while defending Rogshia for feeling love.

    4) While in Rome, do as Romans do. Rogshia lived for several years BENEFITTING from the system. She got nice clothes. She got good education. She didn’t plow fields. I’m willing to say she didn’t toil at all. She however, enjoyed nice flowers (somebody did toil to make them nice). Good meals (somebody cooked them). People woke before sun to make things ready for her. And if that was OK, than her marrying somebody she doesn’t love equals the scale, cause thanks to it, all those OTHER PEOPLE who worked so far, should get something better. So, it’s OK to bring love to this equation but if we say “yeah, she didn’t want to be noble, so don’t force her to marry”, we definitely are NOT OK to those other people.

    And closing on another note: Rogshia is one, but the truly interesting piece in this puzzle is her father. Cause he knows how things work and he lets her do as she pleases.

    Rogshia does a bad thing according to this world and era’s customs. But she’s only partially aware of it (she doesn’t seem to understand her role in the system).
    Her father has full awareness and he does nothing. That’s worse. First is ignorant, second is intentional.

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    • Thanks for tgis. Your reply helped to address what i felt was off about this scene. I guess I got a bit too agree because i know people who got married because they had to and everyone including me is suffering because of that so when i see arranged marriages I’m like oh my god no.

      Also, i like where you say they should not have enetered the engagement in the first palce. It wa smy gut instinct to reply that she obvioudly didn’t enter that relationship and that it was her father that did so but thinking about it if she has the power to annul this engagement. She must have had some influence on the engagement. So Nameless girl why did you decide to enter an engagement with someone when you were in love with some1 else. I’m not going to be angry if she does continue with the arranged marriage ( a bit irtitated if it’s not written well but it’s fiction and i care about Eliza the most anyway) but i just felt Eliza’s comment reminded of so many times when i see women fighting in media and rl because of guys or, and i will use the feminist p word here, patriarchal culture. I gues i had a viscersl reaction to that.


  6. Thanks for the translation. I find in the novel picture , teenaged Eliza gets the family name of Einsbark right after her own one. Is that means Eliza will become Earl Einsbark’s adopted daughter?or build some other relationship? Maybe Eliza can finally feel the family love this time.


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