Eliza chapter 148 – The battle of Ritox Plateau, part 2

Ritox Plateau is located in the lower mountainous region of the Amon Nor Mountains, it’s a strategic location that connects the Amon Nor mountains to the Bandishia Plateau, a place that can’t be avoided if you want to cross over.

Just in case that the Rindarl army didn’t have enough information on our movements, I intentionally let the enemy scouts know we were here. It’ll be a great help if they move just as I expect, and see what I’ve prepared for them.

Thanks to Rashiok’s nose and Claudia’s eyes, we were able to detect the enemy scouts earlier, but we didn’t do anything to them on purpose. After all, we wanted them to tell their army what they saw here and bring their forces.

“Claudia, how is it?”

“Mm, there’s quite a lot of dust rising. The Rindarl army is coming! It’s going to be a battle!”

Of course, the only one who had sharp enough eyesight to see the dust clouds in the distance, was Claudia. Go back to the shonen manga world you belong in, I brushed away that thought that reflexively came up in me again, and I avoided looking at Claudia who was clearly getting excited.


The Rindarl soldiers passing by under the plateau after a long march to get here were all staring in shock at a ditch in which there was a forest of impaled people. This would be the perfect opportunity to ambush them from above with arrows while they’re in a daze, but in order to further increase the effect of their fear and hatred in the future, I waited on purpose.

I could see how shaken and confused the enemy soldiers were. Although their commanders seemed to be trying to restore order, maybe there were some captives in the ditch that the soldiers recognized, there was a surge of soldiers rushing for the ditch in a huge commotion.

Eventually the effort of their commander went to naught, as the soldiers who were probably conscripted farmers judging from their equipment broke formation entirely and starting rushing for the ditch haphazardly in a mess.

One of their knights riding on a horse with an expression like he’d given up on this rabble, was one of the first to approach the ditch.

“Arxians!! This is too cruel! It’s overboard! Do you even have chivalry, or humanity anymore!!”

I stood up and faced towards the knight. Then, from the high elevation of the plateau, I threw what was in my hand in his direction.

At first, the knight was surprised that the one who stood up was a child, but when he saw what was rolling at his feet, his complexion instantly paled.

It was the head of a young soldier. It was easy to tell from his facial characteristics and skin color that he must have been from Densel, and the head’s expression was one of dreadful fear and pain with eyes wide open in his final moments.

“What a joke, talking about humanity when you’re trying to sneak into someone’s home like a rat!”

While the knight was lost for words, I spat out some more choice words for him.

“To begin with, you rejected our terms for surrender, and you were the ones who abandoned these prisoners to their fate. This is the foolish result that you bastards have brought upon yourselves, carve it into your barbaric heads!!”

……This is no good, I’m not skilled at taunting the enemy. The fact that the captives were abandoned by their own country to their fate, even I feel that it’s rather pitiful. Since I’ve already decided that I should leave a terrifying impression in the enemies’ hearts, I really need to add more contempt to my voice so they won’t take me lightly. It seems that I don’t have the talent to become an actress.

I wonder what that knight is thinking about chivalry on the battlefield now. He just kept staring at me dumbfounded, as if his entire code of morals had been shattered, and this time I started laughing.

It seemed like he didn’t even notice the fact that the soldiers behind him were turning into a disorganized, out of control mob.

“What’s the matter, rat? You don’t feel like fighting anymore? Then, just obediently watch from where you are. From now, let me truly begin executing the Rindarl prisoners.”


I ignored him, and gave Gunther who was standing behind me the signal to begin.

The Rindarl troops that had ignored their commanding knight who was just in a daze, and rushed into the ditch, suddenly heard the command of “fire!” from above.

My soldiers suddenly stood up all at once on the plateau with the fire arrows we had prepared earlier, and all of them aimed their arrows into the ditch. It ignited the oil already smeared on the prisoners in the ditch, as well as the oil that was on the ground of the ditch as well.

Sizzle, there was an instant uprising of a wave of heat. The captives that were still alive while being impaled, and the soldiers that rushed in to save them without thinking, all of them were burned alive as screaming began to echo throughout the plateau.

……This was a reproduction of the worst scene I’ve ever beheld. Whatever the case, I judged that this would be the most effective method of planting nightmares into the enemies’ minds, so that’s why I decided to do this. Well, it’s probably even worse than what I remember my father doing, because the scale was much bigger this time.

I could feel cold sweat running down my entire body, and my knees felt like they had no strength in them. As I expected, I felt terrible. I supported myself by leaning against my halberd.

Everyone in the ditch was burning. The soldiers that didn’t rush into the ditch all seemed to be watching this spectacle.

The amount of oil I used wasn’t all that much. The roaring flames are probably going to lose their momentum soon.

Before the enemy has a chance to calm down and think, I’m going to completely break their minds – it’s time to use my other, even more rotten plan.

If the strategy I used in this battle becomes widely known, it’s probable that my father’s evil reputation will be completely replaced by my own. As expected of Orville Kaldia’s daughter, people will make sarcastic jokes about it, mixed with fear and disdain.

“Rashiok, come to me!!”

My most loyal servant, came up to me and rubbed my side.

While it was still chaotic on the ground below, the screams were indeed dying down, and I brought out the tied young captive soldiers – since soldiers are conscripted from the commoners, they have no value as prisoners at all, and Arxia was already planning to execute them anyway.

They were about my age, and in full view of the remaining Rindarl soldiers, I started pushing them down to the fire pit below.

When they fall, since they’re tied up and can’t stand, they’ll end up just rolling around in the flames. Or, maybe they’ll fall onto a stake and get impaled.

“-Stop it!! Just how rotten can you be!!”

I could hear a frenzied, angered shouting that was louder than the fire’s crackling. I instructed my archers to aim for that voice. It’s important to kill the intelligent, rational ones first. I’m going to assert my dominance over this battle from beginning to end.

I shall toy with their emotions, and I’ve brought their soldiers down to the level of a mob. Then, the defeated soldiers that survive will bring the news of what happened here back to their country, and Ergnade suggested I let eight captives go free as well to bring the news – about what I did to their captives in the name of warfare.

Below the plateau, it was a living picture of hell. It was such a strange sight to behold, and with various complicated emotions mixing about inside me, what came out of my mouth was the sound of high-pitched laughter.


End of Act 3, Part 1


40 responses to “Eliza chapter 148 – The battle of Ritox Plateau, part 2

  1. Well, that’s nightmarish. And with this probably goes any hope of Eliza having positive relations with any of the nicer people during the school arc.

    My thanks to you, imperfectluck.

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  2. Holy hell. Eliza brought hell to earth and giving those hypocrites just what they deserved, but… Eliza’s heart is what I’m really worried about. She feels terrible, and she’ll be treated terribly in the future due to fear and disdain. The “MC” is from Rindarl right? She would probably hate Eliza off the bat and cause trouble for her :/// On the other hand, Eliza is friggin badass.

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  3. …am I allowed to make jokes about this?
    Eliza is broken, Her name shall forever be scarred in the minds of every soldier. Even the dead ones, for they shall scream her name in the afterlife.
    XD thank you!!

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  4. Well, this is war for you! If you are not prepared to face your own death or the death of people you know or colleagues then you shouldn’t be in the war on the first place. War is something that can kill people for big or small business. I wonder if the survivors will not only blame Eliza but their own country for ridiculously wanting to be on war with Arxia for just a petty reason, hope that it creates instability for the new country and it breaks apart~
    Thanks for the chapter!


    • You forget that all of her soliders are refugees from these guys or have endured hell from their attacks in the past.

      They are every bit as twisted as she is. They probably see her as the avatar of their rage.


  5. 😯 Eliza, Devour of souls. The child of Consequence…
    I’m so conflicted, on one hand I’m thrilled that Eliza is so ruthless, but I’m sad knowing she can’t take this well.
    Though, I’m certain that anyone who tries to bully her… They gonna get some of that Crazy w/ a side of Badass

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  6. well i think i can wait more patiently for game of thrones’ new season to start after this.

    Eliza definitely doesn’t have anything to envy from ramsay bolton.

    thanks for the chapter! 😀


    • Difference between acting out of sadistic glee or ruthless pragmatism.

      Eliza clearly doesn’t enjoy re-enacting her own worst nightmare on a grand scale.


  7. Well, the Jackal just about pretty much sums it up:

    ”You can’t break a man the way you break a dog or a horse, the harder you beat a man, the taller he stands. To break a man’s will, you have to break his spirit, you have to break his mind. Men have this idea that we can fight with dignity, that there’s a proper way to kill someone. It’s absurd, its aesthetic. We need it to endure the bloody horror of murder, you must destroy that idea. Show them what a messy terrible thing it is to kill a man, and then show them that you relish in it. Shoot the wound, then execute the wounded. Burn them, then take them in close combat. Destroy their preconceptions of what a man is and you’ll become their personal monster. When they fear you, you become stronger, you become better. But let’s never forget, it’s a display, it’s a posture. Like a lions roar, or a gorilla thumping at his chest. If you lose yourself in the display, if you succumb to the horror, then you become the monster. You become reduced, not more than a man, but less. And it could be fatal.”

    Eliza, you’re a one scary badass girl.

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  8. Well… hearing why this war goes on makes me think Rindarl, the country deserves all beating Eliza throw at them.
    I will not say what Eliza did is right, but she do what she got to do for her people. The two countries could argue all they want about pride and shit, but the one who gets the worst brunt is her small domain… she is the one who have to fight for her people and if magnificent display of cruelty to discourage their enemy is what she has to do, so be it.
    She is truly the Vlad of this world, while he was famed as cruel historical character to his people he is a good ruler who protect them with his all.


  9. Though few can best him in cruelty but right now I felt the same fear as I read through this chapter as when I read the deed of Oskar Dirlewanger.

    Our girl is surely far better than him for she is only a pragmatist girl with good conscience and heart.
    Pray that we will not be at the sharp end of her blade for that is the start of the nightmare.


  10. Eliza’s allies POV.
    Gaunter: Aa Aa.That shitty brat sure is having fun huh, sigh.


    Claudia: Hey. Hey. When do we attack? when do we attack?Huff huff (Huffing in Excitement).

    Oscar:Hmm. how can i capture more Rindarl soldiers to offer Lord Kaldia so that she could be more happy.

    Agil: Sniff* Sniff* Im SORRY! PLEASE DO NOT RESENT ME! Sniff* ‘Throws more arrow than the rest’

    Margrave Ergnade(Watching from a distant): Subarashii! My Little Kaldia Oh is so beautiful with her evil laugh, PAINTER!! Don’t you ever miss even a little bit of her elegance OK?! or I’ll bring you to that hell too.

    Other noble watching: Hiiii, Hey hey we didn’t offend Earl Kaldia right? right? i don’t want that Little demon visiting me if i offend her!

    On that day forth Eliza Kaldia Ergnade became the symbol of fear on both foes and allies alike and through the whole continent where even mothers tell their children’s if they don’t behave Eliza Kaldia will visit them and those children will behave properly!

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  11. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    “Deal nicely with the nice King or deal with me!”
    That’s the kind of vibe I get. An extreme version of good cop, bad cop.


  12. Thanks for chapter.
    Oh no when I read last word, about Eliza laugh in middle nightmare scene I thought she further going to dark side. It seem she cant go back Into normal person anymore. But dont worry! I very welcomed a dark loli!


  13. Thanks for the chapter~ :3
    Oh my God I reaaally wanted to draw what I imagined when she was laughing crazily. But I don’t have the skill… ;A;


  14. The last part of the chapter sure sends chills down one’s bones. Ironically, Eliza is usually always calm and apathetic. It’s only at this moment that she laughs. The worst thing is, until now, she often heard the laughter of her father ringing in her head, as he sent people burning. That was her nightmare, and here she stands now, laughing at the same scene.


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