Eliza chapter 154 – Two different greetings

“You’re well acquainted with my father? Wow. Really?”

“Of course. I get along quite well with your father. I even sent you gifts for your birthday celebrations before.”

As we walked together in the brightly lit hallway towards the school dining hall, I had a conversation with the person I finally found after all this time, Margrave Molton’s son, Zephyr Molton.

He has beautiful silver hair, and his eyes are a deeper emerald green compared to his father’s – I’m still confused about how I could have missed him, seeing him up close now. Maybe the crown prince just stood out way too much, causing me to miss him.

“……Ah, do you mean those baked confectioneries?”

“Yep. You have a good memory.”

“Every year, when they arrive, father will be so pleased, acting like it’s from one of his best friends. I always thought that it was from a noble in the royal capital though……”

“My domain doesn’t produce any local specialties. That’s why I buy sweets in the royal capital and send them over.”

“Ah, got it,” Zephyr smiled softly in response. Comparing his expressions with his father, they’re not alike at all. His gentle smile makes him seem like someone you can easily approach. It seems that while they look alike, many personality traits are different.

As we got closer to the large dining hall, the number of students in the hallway increased. Zephyr didn’t seem to mind, but for him to be seen associating with me and my bad reputation, I could sense everyone’s curious and distasteful stares.

“……Ahh, come to think of it, I’m sorry, but I have to do something in the library before lunch. See you later!”

As we turned around a corner, I took this chance to come up with an excuse to leave. If we’re seen entering the dining hall together, it’ll attract too much attention.

The Molton family isn’t one that has a particularly strong influence or reputation in the royal capital. The Molton domain is geographically located too far away from the royal capital, and Margrave Molton only spends a limited amount of time here.

However, the Molton domain is one of the biggest producers of jewelry thanks to extensive gem mines, so they often earn money by trading in the royal capital. I’m sure that they would like to avoid causing any trouble in the royal capital if at all possible.

Even if the merchants here already know what type of person Margrave Molton is, the school is an isolated environment and it’s difficult for me to calculate how much of a negative influence associating with me will be for Zephyr.

“Is that so? Ah, er…… mm. Then, see you later, Earl Kaldia…… er, Einsbark.”

Zephyr tilted his head slightly as he said goodbye, which I’m sure the other students noticed. I accepted this, and waved goodbye to him.

“You can just call me Kaldia, Molton. Otherwise it’s a bit easy to get confused with the other Earl Einsbark.”

“Ahh, that’s right. Hm…… you can just call me Zephyr as well. Molton sounds too much like my father.”

“Let’s do that then.”

He nodded as he left. It seems that his father and him are both similarly chatty. Even though he’s just as welcoming as his father, it gives me a strange feeling. So are their atmospheres similar after all, or am I just feeling nostalgia because of their similar welcoming chattiness?


I heard a voice from behind me, and I reflexively turned around while holding my coat so that it wouldn’t get in my way. While turning around I also jumped back two steps, and I smacked away the hand that was reaching for my hair.

I heard a small moan of pain from the hand’s owner. Because I couldn’t see him coming, he probably thought that this was a good chance to attack me.

“……Excuse me, Baron Dovadain. My apologies if I scared you – it’s a habit from the battlefield.”

I barely managed to refrain from pulling out my sword, and I informed Eric about my habit In a steely voice. Honestly, if I hadn’t controlled my reaction a little, I probably could have sliced him in half. Gunther drilled my reflexes against ambushes deep into my bones.

At any rate, I’m someone who was on the battlefield. Eric should at least take that into consideration. I can’t just kill the members of the archduke’s family however I like, though.

“And, did you need something from me?”

“……Where are you going. Isn’t it lunchtime right now? Just what are you planning to do, going in the opposite direction of the dining hall, away from where everyone is? Are you planning to slice someone’s servant into little pieces?”

I tilted my head at his voice filled with enmity and sarcasm. Just what does he mean, saying I plan to slice someone’s servant into little pieces? It’s such an unexpected comment, that I can’t tell if it’s a dark joke meant as some sort of greeting or if he seriously thought that was what I was planning.

“I’m headed for the library. I thought that I’d see if they had any books on irrigation.”

“……Irrigation? What is that?”

“There’s lots of undeveloped land in my domain. Preventing floods, and creating a water transport system near rivers and lakes so that people can live there is what irrigation is.”

“Oh. Aren’t you the hard worker.”

Even though I answered his question, Eric was still quite brusque and seemed frustrated. It’s bothersome to deal with him, so I decided to leave, when he stopped me again.

“I’m not done talking with you yet!”

“……What else is there?”

“Alfred seems to have a high opinion of you, but Grays and I don’t trust you yet! Know your place and don’t get too close to Alfred, you upstart lesser earl!”

Know your place, doesn’t this kind of not apply to me? I know better than anyone the distrust and loathing that many nobles have towards me. I’m the one who’s confused on why Crown Prince Alfred is taking an interest in me.

“As for whatever deep thoughts His Royal Highness may be thinking, I wouldn’t know, as I’m merely a lesser earl. However, since His Royal Highness can think for himself, and as he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, I’m sure he’ll soon learn more about social statuses just by spending time at this school.”

“Huh? What does that mean?”

While Eric was still tilting his head in confusion, I merely said “sorry, excuse me now since I really need to go to the library,” left him there just like that.

What does it mean? It means that I know full well the difference in status between the crown prince and myself. Sigh…… in order to put some more distance between the crown prince and myself, should I find an excuse to go back to Kaldia some time? I’m the head of the household anyway, so I can give myself permission any time I feel like it.


37 responses to “Eliza chapter 154 – Two different greetings

    • Someone like Eric, his hatred probably come from his parents or other influential person in his life.
      Crush that person first, then confront him squarely so he can’t make excuses for himself.

      Well, in the most cases he probably do something stupid and self destruct.


  1. “Huh? What does that mean?”

    (The girl who’s merely a lesser earl don’t know the depths of your thinking. However, since you can’t seem to think for yourself and don’t understand her meaning, they appear to take a backseat to be lesser than the “mere” lesser earl.)


  2. I this something like ‘a boy only bullies the girl he likes.’ I hope it’s not like that because this idiot is not even slightest bit worthy of Eliza.
    Just go ahead and chop him up Eliza. If only I could do it for you.

    Liked by 18 people

    • I don’t think it is like that. From his perspective, the child of the evil mass murderer is now known for violently torturing prisoners and burning her enemies at the stake. He probably thinks that he is justified in bullying her, and is thus confused when his expectations are not confirmed.

      That being said, I still think someone should send him to the front lines, so that he might get some humility beaten into him (or more likely, spears).

      Liked by 7 people

      • U might be right but that doesn’t justify what he is doing.
        But I agree with you he should be send to the frontline only then will he understand the horrors she had been through to save their necks.

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    • Reverse harem route.
      WIth Eliza playing the unlikely role of dense heroine. Just . . . she’s that way for completely valid and rational reasons.


  3. …hmm I guess Jeff can be worthy, but no one will ever replace Kamil! I will go down with this ship!

    Imperfectluck thank you for the chapters ☺☺

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Can’t wait for the heroine to come then get impaled or something to be a tribute for the dead Kaldians soldiers as they are mortal enemies to begin with.


  5. Nah! I wanted to ship Jeff and Eliza, but I think that he is Molton’s heir, so there is no way ;_;
    Eliza is such a nice girl being worried about her new friend, though he probably will perceive at some point that people don’t like Eliza and she put distance to not let he be dragged down because of her.

    But that guy is too stupid, rather, all those protected nobles with no ties with Eliza or army are stupid. Don’t they think that if she was really like her dad she wouldn’t be alive now? After all she has plenty contact with the church, if she was up to no good she would already be arrested by them!
    And isn’t it obvious that the one wanting/pushing for contact is the prince? And our Eliza is rather courteous and distant compared to Jeff?

    Also, didn’t Ergnard’s brother have a son the same age as Eliza? Where is he?

    Thanks for the chapter! ♡ ♡


  6. So she’s being considerate of the people she likes by keeping her distance, protecting them from her “evil” reputation. I swear, that girl couldn’t enjoy human companionship if her life depended on it.

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  7. Nay, I think they have not heard about the impaling event yet. Cuz prince said congrat for your 1st battle. But after that, It also should have counted one even if it was a one sided massacre. So, if they knew she was the one ordered those things and personally kicked down young ones etc… maybe that Eric guy would be reluctant to pull hairs here and there. Thats what I think

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  8. I swear this arc is fei-sty~ in a school-like way. So far, I’m feeling good vibes from it (I hope I’m not wrong) that Eric will not be a villain althroughout. I think he’ll find out sooner or later that Eliza could really kick ass and then he’ll show respect.
    Also! I know Eliza don’t need no man buuuttt I can’t help to anticipate for something. Welp, better not expect too much to avoid being disappointed.

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  9. Friggin Jeff used head tilt. Head tilt is effective against reader. Can our great conqueror Eliza keep this adorable princess? I ship so hard ;; 7 ;;). I’ve waited so long for his introduction and his adorableness slammed into me with the force of a truck…gahhhh but he’s so pure and Eliza is so bloodied how will this work out ahah;;; Thanks for the chapter!

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  10. I wonder how she failed to notice Jeff all this time? Does he have ninja powers? D: But anyway, hahah, I was surprised when it turned out she was looking for Him. I thought she was searching for the protagonists or the capture targets (just to stay informed).

    Eliza and her reflexes. It’s a good thing she didn’t accidentally skewer the Crown Prince on the day he greeted her. School is so dangerous? xD That comment about slicing up someone’s servant really came out of nowhere though. How the heck did Eric get That idea? Still… Eliza can give -herself- time off from school? It makes sense but… it really sounds like cheating. xD

    I can’t tell if the Crown Prince is naive or actually smarter and more aware than he appears. His position as Crown Prince is somewhat contested, so it’s in his interest to form ties with the next generation. From his entourage, he already has the backing of the Duke and Rolentsor families. However, back in chapter 85, it seemed Prime Minister Rittergau (as well as his brother Earl Terejia) and Margrave Genas (one of the most important border lords) back Prince Albert. Eliza is the protege of Earl Terejia, and Marquis Rittergau seems interested in her as well. She also has the backing of the Einsbark family, and cooperates with the Genas domain. The Einsbark family also seems to be actively grooming her into a notable military leader. If the Crown Prince doesn’t have any personal ties to the border military families, it would absolutely be in his best interest to have ties with her.

    It’s funny that Eric talks about ‘trust’ though. It’s not about trust, it’s about ties and influence. Eliza certainly doesn’t trust either the Crown Prince or Eric himself.

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  11. Jeff? I think his name is ‘Zephyr’.
    probably the author explained his name relates the god of wimd from west on twitter.
    anyway, thank you for this chapter.

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  12. I wonder how much will that eric got his payment for all his deed for our heroine, not that game heroine
    Thanks for chap


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