Eliza chapter 156 – The reason for children arguing, my second experience

“My head hurts…… I don’t want to go to school……”

“What are you saying, weren’t you the one who said I shouldn’t switch in for you for a while?”

Ratoka was chewing his breakfast while talking, furrowing his eyebrows in puzzlement. Ever since that mock duel, I hardly ever had him substitute in for me. Based on the situation, I judged that it would be difficult for him to take my place.

“Hey, you should eat your breakfast properly as well. Just what exactly happened? I’ve never seen this type of expression on your face before.”

“……You’re being noisy. I don’t want to talk right now, Elise……”

I kept clenching my head, while Ratoka stopped eating, picked up a piece of bread and smeared some jam on it, and stuffed it into my mouth.

“Hurry up and eat. You’ll be late for the next class unless you leave soon.”

……Urk. My head hurts. I don’t want to go to school. I mean, why do I need to keep going to classes I’ve already learned? Rather than doing something meaningless, shouldn’t I use my time more productively instead on my domain lord work?

Am I the type of student to skip classes though? That thought kept circling around in my head as I listlessly ate my breakfast.


“Good morning, Kaldia. Are you alright? You don’t look so good……”

“Ahh, Zephyr…… Good morning.” (TL reminder: Jeff -> Zephyr, see last chapter TL note)

Zephyr sat down next to me and looked over with a concerned expression. I decided to go to class in the end, although I feel like I may feel worse if I don’t take a break soon. He often talks to me like this, even though his reputation may be affected. Lately I’ve been worrying as well if he’s suffered because of it, so as a result I’ve been chatting with him more often.

“My body’s fine. I’ve just been dealing with too much lately, I’m a bit tired.”

“I see. Try not to overdo things? Um…… it’ll be difficult for everyone if a domain lord collapses.”

“Ahh, thank you for your concern.”

He should also know the real reason why I’m not feeling well. However, I’m very grateful to him that he isn’t asking me to talk about it, it’s very difficult for me right now as it feels like my heart is being stabbed.

“Good morning, Earl Kaldia, Molton.”

“……Good morning, Rolentsor.”

“Good morning as well to you, Baron Rolentsor.”

Sieghart came over to us like it was the natural thing to do for him, his nonchalant expression saying he felt like he belonged, and I softly clutched my head again.

It’s been 10 days since that mock duel. However, after the argument between Sieghart and Eric on that day, they’ve been arguing each time they see each other every day now. Crown Prince Alfred and Grays still haven’t returned yet from their official business, so there’s nobody that can mediate between them.

And on top of all that, the general commander’s grandson now hangs out with me every day as if to guard me from Eric.

This is why my head hurts.

For Sieghart who’s a member of the prestigious Rolentsor military family, he can easily make a connection with Eric who has royal blood from Archduke Dovadain who is the king’s younger brother, if they just talk it out, I’m sure they can go back to being good friends again and forget about their argument.

The crown prince and the two brothers from the archduke’s family have a social status that’s far too different from mine, if at all possible I don’t want to associate with them, but the general commander’s grandson is a different story. I already get along quite well with several members of the Rolentsor family, and taking the future into consideration I think that I wouldn’t mind if I had a friendlier relationship with just Sieghart from the four capture targets.

However…… this situation is bad. Since I’m in the center of it all, it’s really bad.

After that mock duel – Sieghart forced Eric to apologize twice for his insults that went overboard. I also apologized myself, only to Sieghart.

Of course, Eric became more distant from us after this incident. Then, Sieghart declared in front of the entire class, that he wouldn’t renew his friendship with Eric until he apologized sincerely.

Even though Sieghart seems quite calm now, the way he’s dealing with this whole matter is…… he’s just a stubborn child, although I can’t say that directly to him.

This is terrible. ……Because of me, there’s now a rift in the crown prince’s retinue. Right now it’s still only to the extent of a children’s quarrel, but when I think about how the story might be twisted by the time the crown prince returns…… my head hurts.

“Come to think of it, I think it’s about time…… if it’s okay with both of you, I’d like to call you by your first names. Especially since I’ve heard that Earl Kaldia already has a good relationship with several other Rolentsors?”

“……Mm, ahh……?

“Or would you prefer if I just call you Kaldia like Molton does? In my opinion, I think that we’re friendly enough now where I’d like to be granted this permission.”

“Ahh…… I suppose……?”

During my headache Sieghart kept bothering me about something, but honestly I didn’t really pay attention to what he said and just responded with something that seemed appropriate. Then I noticed how happy he suddenly seemed to be, which snapped me back to my senses with a bad feeling.

“Is that so, thank you. Then I’ll be in your care, Kaldia. Is it alright if I also call you Molton then?”

“Oh? It’ll be my honor, becoming friends with you. Go ahead and call me Molton if you like.”

……Wait a moment. This is a conversation about what to address each other as?

Among nobles, what they call each other in private is a huge indication of their level of friendship. At first you’re supposed to address them by their proper name or title, they’ll use honorifics when they get to know each other, and when they become close friends they’ll start calling each other by name.

Now I’m deeply regretting that I responded without paying attention. I hope that this won’t cause the fighting to intensify even further…… and, when I noticed Eric glaring in our direction ferociously, my all too sweet dream was dashed instantly.

Before the crown prince returns, I need to figure out how to manage Eric and Sieghart.

……Ahh, my head hurts. I want to go back to my room and sleep.


40 responses to “Eliza chapter 156 – The reason for children arguing, my second experience

  1. Just when I’m notified about an update, I clicked so fast, I’m not even concious of it. Been waiting for this and IT.WAS.WORTH.IT. I’m more than happy to see that a lot of people (high-ranked at that) likes to hang out with Eliza. Not that I like seeing her so stressed and tired but my bloody queen deserves to be either admired. Bet sooner or later that Eric guy would be following her like a puppy OR he would be so jealous of her that he have folders containing plans for her downfall.

    Welp, I’ll just be here watching like a hawk for the next update. Seriously imperfectluck, you do awesome work as always bruh. Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Can I just sleep and forget the world is still spinning?
    My sentiment exactly, Eliza… when boys are being stupid. Or the world in general.

    Though… it’s so Eliza who prefer managing her domain over school at twelve. How many kids have this kind of thinking? Her people would fall in love with her again if they know.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Its Thirteen Years Old, and yes, Politically speaking its a huge advantage to anyone who will marry Eliza. She has that almost cheat memory of her past Life as advantage to make her domain prosper, she only has to diligently remember all the useful things she could remember and that would be a huge advantage already.


      • Hm… political marriage with Eliza I think would be a dubious subject to those boys, except for someone with SIegfried’s background…
        She just didn’t fit the mold of proper noble lady, and her accomplishment in army would unnerve a lo of potential suitors.
        Nah… so far I didn’t see much of ‘cheat memory’ which is realistic. We don’t remember much of those kind of knowledge in modern era once we hit our twenties unless you’e survival nerds.


    • but if you think about it, her thought process is quite childish. She wishes to escape school like any other child. Now that eliza is interacting more with children, we’re able to see more of the side of her that we don’t usually see.


      • Yes, she does occasionally have childish thought process.
        Though I disagree this time it’s childish, wanting to escape school. Or rather she didn’t feel like dealing with complicated political relation that ‘now’ in school called ‘friendship’
        It’s like breaking a complete puzzle and putting it back is a pain in the a**


  3. Eliza doesn’t notice it yet but she’s already building her own Reverse Harem LOLOLOL. Just hope that she doesn’t fall to any of those 4 + molton before the heroine shows herself or else she will be hit hard when the Plot Armor arrives.

    Liked by 2 people

    • #YuriRoute

      Eliza uses the heroine to try and escape the male encirclement (in a non-romantic manner, just befriending her), and then the heroine is confused at why she has all these ‘love rivals’ that are male, or why Eliza’s manliness level is making her heart skips although Eliza of course will not notice it.

      Then we start having some war because how dare you think this will be a fluffy sugary story.

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    • If that’s a harem though, it feels like the world’s most unromantic harem. xD Outside the people of her domain and the few adults she has personal ties to, Eliza just thinks of everybody in terms of political ranking and connections. The only reason she’s somewhat interested in being friendlier to Sieghart is because of military connections, lol. The other three, she just views as trouble.

      Zephyr seems like a nice person though! Too bad his domain is so far away. She’d never accept moving away from her own domain, and the reverse is likely just as difficult, since Zephyr is the son of a Margrave.

      It’d be interesting to see what happens if/when the heroine shows up, but I suspect Eliza wouldn’t care at all who the heroine tries to seduce.

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      • Eliza wouldn’t care at all who the heroine tries to seduce as long as the heroine doesnt try to seduce her(Eliza) XD
        Go Yuri route Go! XD

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      • I am kind of afraid that in the far future the author will make Ratoka the domain lord and just marry Eliza to someone. 😦

        Liked by 1 person

      • @boblander I don’t think it will happen, Eliza running off for love and abandoning her duties goes against everything her character is.


      • Ratoka becoming the domain lord won’t be that bad… you cannot become the empress of the whole continent if you’re stuck on a pumpkin field for the rest of your life…


  4. I admit that I wasn’t a huge fan of this novel at first, but it grew on me. She really is a natural, but I really want her to scold Eric and Sieghart like a scolding mother to make them make up (one punch each to the top of their head and forcing them to kneel to listen to a lecture about brotherhood). Thanks for the chapter.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Well, she has her own communication problems XD she cant just be honest XD its like when she had her fight with Ratoka, they took a long time to make up because of this XD

      Liked by 5 people

  5. Hahaha, poor Eliza. It’d be funny if she were to have a conversation about school right now with her tutor.
    Mrs. Marshan: How’s school?
    Eliza: It’s so complicated. My head hurts.
    Mrs. Marshan: I’m a failure as a teacher?!

    Sieghart seems okay, except for the part where he appears to have both the Crown Prince’s obliviousness and Eric’s stubborness. xD Poor Eliza. Can handle murderous adults. Can’t handle overly friendly children.

    It could have been worse Eliza. He could have started calling you by your first name. Then you’d have been in real trouble when the Crown Prince returns and starts calling you by first name as well. xD

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  6. So…
    What’s the chance that Eric is just tsundere about wanting to be closer to Eliza?
    You know, the annoying type that keep mocking the person they REALLY like, to the point where they run away and the guy’s still delusional on why won’t she submit to him? Because he’s too stubborn to admit his feeling, when another guy get that girl he’s all doom n gloom while the audience cheer about it, possibly even going as far as trying to commit crime to break the new couple apart only to suffer in the end?

    THAT sort of character where even in NTR story you’d cheer for him getting NTR’d?

    Liked by 3 people

    • Well, he does looks like a spoiled child who got a crush on a girl, doesnt know how to deal with it and ending up bullying her to get her attention XD


    • I don’t think so… it feels more like how ratoka was at the beggining (or at least a spoiled noble version of it ) the actual Ratoka is quite likeable despite being cringeworthy in the past but… I don’t feel like giving him a chance..


  7. Thanks for the chapter~ :3
    I love how Ratoka just stuffed bread into Eliza’s mouth. And she’s just ‘I don’t wanna go to school~’.
    Ahh… Eliza’s bad habit to ignore anything around her when she’s deeply thinking. Not that I can blame her, tho. The prince is going to call her Kaldia too when he’s back, I bet!

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  8. Ratoka: “No, seriously, what happened?!”
    Eliza finally opens her mouth with an expression like the world will end: “..I got… friends…”
    Ratoka: ???
    Thanks for the chapter! XD

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  9. I’m not sure it’s clear yet. What’s been happening on those days when it’s Ratoka who goes to class? Kimi no na wa, anyone?

    Eliza has problems with companionship, much less friendship. Make that friendship from a boy and it’s even more difficult.

    As for Sieghart, I wouldn’t call him tsundere (when was he truly tsun? Eric has that potential, but…). He does have that pokemon quality though; it’s cute that it’s after she defeats him in battle that he’s acting ready to be captured.


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