Eliza chapter 157 – Dealing with accusations during a children’s meeting

“We’re going out. Reka, Tira, please make the preparations.”


I got a reply from my guardian that I contacted for the first time after I came to noble school. After I confirmed the contents of Earl Terejia’s letter, I placed it in my desk drawer, and Tira who thought she would just prepare my school things like usual raised her voice in surprise.

“Out? Does that mean we’re going outside the school?”

“Yep. First we’re going to Earl Terejia’s residence, then the House of Lords, and after that will depend on the situation. Elise will come as ‘Ratoka’ today. He’ll act as my personal attendant.”


Saying that he’s going as Ratoka today, means that he’ll be wearing men’s clothing this time. With an expression that said he was tired of having to wear annoying maid clothes all the time, Ratoka quickly left the room to go change together with Reka.

“……Wait a moment. We’re going to the House of Lords as well?”

“Arktoria Castle which contains the House of Lords only permits nobles to enter. You guys can just wait for me at the entrance. There’s no need to be so nervous, Athrun.”

“Nah…… It’s not that I’m nervous. Are you going to be alright, taking us with you? Taking us Shiru tribe members close to the royal palace, won’t it be a problem?”

“It won’t be a problem,” I answered the anxious Athrun as I looked him over from head to toe. The Shiru tribe that originally lived in the plateau have slightly darker skin than people from the Jugfena region, but their facial features are just about the same. Besides, I wondered why Athrun thought it would be a problem.

In my domain, I’ve successfully kept any negative feelings about the Shiru tribe under control. In fact, my original citizens have positive feelings towards them, as they’ve helped spread domesticated meat, milk, and dairy products in Kaldia. Even though we’re not in Kaldia now, there really shouldn’t be anyone holding such negative feelings toward the Shiru tribe here. And when the war with Rindarl begin, many Shiru members joined my army for the war effort, and the current atmosphere in my domain is that discriminating against them is taboo.

Athrun’s line of sight moved to Tira standing behind me. Tira is the only pure Shiru kid among us, and it’s a bit evident that her skin is somewhat darker than the farmer’s child Reka and the half-Shiru Athrun.

“Arxia has many people with darker skin. There’s plenty of people from the southwest with even darker skin than the Shiru tribe. Your features may be considered rare in the eastern part that we reside in, but it’s common for nobles’ servants to come from all over the place, so nobody will find you strange at all.”

“I see……”

Athrun nodded, but it still seemed like he wasn’t in full agreement. ……Well then. In noble school, there’s very few people that know just where Tira and Athrun came from.

Maybe those who are extremely well informed will figure out from their skin color that they came from the Artolan refugees that Kaldia accepted, but like I just explained to Athrun, it’s common in Arxia for there to be tan skin even darker than theirs. With no evidence, not counting children, any nobles with an education wouldn’t make a fool of themselves without proof.

I turned from Athrun and looked at Tira. She was still smiling calmly and softly, but since Athrun seemed to be so worried, as their guardian I feel like I should say something about this.

“Tira, in the end Mrs. Heideman is just someone from outside Kaldia. No matter what she said that day, don’t worry about it. You’re always my citizens first and foremost, and I won’t let even the Terejia family insult you guys. I don’t mind even if I have to issue a formal protest to Marquis Rittergau. I’m going to meet his younger brother today, anyway.”

“Oh, I didn’t mind it. Personally, I think that I can trust my lord, Eliza-sama more than anyone else, and believe what you say. ……Um, you know, for us Shiru tribe, the word of an outsider is worth less than the baying of our livestock. That’s why, it doesn’t really matter what other people say.”

I nodded at Tira’s words. Servants usually have different ranking systems divided by gender. For Mrs. Heideman who was the head housekeeper, it must have been a blow to her pride when she learned that Tira who’s only my maid had a larger room given to her than what Mrs. Heideman probably had.

Since the Terejia family has profited from the demands created by war, for them to send her for the purpose of disparaging the Shiru tribe couldn’t have been their intention. If Mrs. Heideman had been using the Shiru tribe as an excuse to attack Tira, it’s because she couldn’t find any other faults. Tira’s such an excellent maid.

“……Shiru women are so strong.”

Athrun finally seemed relieved as he muttered that. Ratoka finished changing and came back at this time, and just like that this matter was settled.

I suppose I need to start paying attention to Mrs. Heideman’s movements, and judge based on the situation if I need to fire her. For the Terejia family to have saddled me with such a useless person, it’s a good chance that they’ve given me. The Terejia family isn’t a solid rock after all, maybe this will become a useful attack card in the future.


18 responses to “Eliza chapter 157 – Dealing with accusations during a children’s meeting

      • The family is actively exploiting her to profit from the Kaldia domain and its access to the war.

        Previously it was mentioned that Earl Terejia was enabling such activity, but Eliza dismissed it as a fair payment for his aid.

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  1. Eh, Ratoka will go to the House of Lords dressed as a man? Will his face be hidden? Would his cover as Elise and Eliza’s double be blown?
    Oh, wait, is that visit somehow actually related to him, perhaps? I wonder, what are the Earl Terejia’s letter’s contents…


  2. Huh, trouble with the Terejias? Earl Terejia would be sad if he knew how suspicious Eliza still is of him and his family. I don’t really see Mrs. Heideman as having bad intentions either. Nobody would care about how casually a lord acts with his servants in his own domain, but the nobles of the capital probably have different habits and expectations after all.

    If anything, it kind of seems like Eliza is overly rejecting outsiders and too focused on her own people. Maybe it’s because her reputation is bad, so she’s already given up on socializing too much outside the military circle? Or maybe the situation with her own family then the Nordstums made her distrustful of nobles in general? Does she also still think that Earl Terejia only helped her territory because it also benefitted him?


    • “The Terejia family isn’t a solid rock after all,”

      From this sentence, I understand that the Terjia family is divided into several factions.
      She trusts the Earl, and she trusts Oscar who was recommended by the Earl.
      However, just because a part of the family is on her side, it doesn’t mean that the rest of the family is.

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    • Not really… Earl Terejia is just one person she owe as her guardian, the rest of the clan she has no direct relationship with? A fair game if they try to take advantage of her. It’s a large family and from what I see the earl is a fair person and he cares of Eliza, and… Eliza does believe Earl Terejia is sincere in helping her but his clan isn’t the same case and she pay fair compensation for his help by the end of it.

      As for Mrs. Haideman… while her admonishment of Eliza’s servants is not necessarily wrong. The way she brought it up is ‘wrong’ as those servants are Eliza’s trusted servants, her ‘inner’ circle and Mrs. Haideman herself is still an outsider. Yet, she wasn’t being tactful when interacting with paranoid Eliza before gaining an iota of trust from the girl. She also brought up the issue of Tira being a Shiru, this is racism. Eliza had memory of a modern people, so this behavior send alarm to Eliza’s mind as this concern not just one of her people but the whole tribe. In the story setting perhaps racism is common and no big deal, but it’s different to Eliza.
      With this in mind, it’s no wonder Eliza has a bias against Mrs. Haideman and since this woman hasn’t done much for Eliza either, she is deemed ‘useless’ and let’s just fire this woman.


    • We only know of two major Terejias though: Earl Terejia and his brother the Prime Minister. There has never been any mention of the rest of the Terejias meddling, and I’m not sure Eliza thinks herself important enough for the Prime Minister himself to be keeping an eye on her.

      Mostly, on the chapter Mrs Heideman appeared, Eliza thought that she was either sent by Earl Terejia or by someone else from the Terejia family. In short, Earl Terejia is included among her suspects list. Also, in the earlier chapters, she thought Earl Terejia helped her because it was in his financial interest, not to mention he recorded debt in her name to fund the domain development, and she later noticed that one of his means to influence other nobles is through them owing him money (ch. 22). She’s grateful towards him, but there has never been much indication that she closely trusts him like the people of her own domain or even the Einsbarks.


  3. Thaks for the chapter~ :3
    Those shiru children are so loyal to Eliza. I’m happy for her.
    Ratoka wearing male clothes, huh. Wonder what others will think with his feminine features.

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  4. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    It’s mentioned before that Ratoka looks more feminine than Eliza, and shorter too, so I have a hard time imagining him wearing male servant’s clothes.


  5. Eliza really dotes on her people… they’re really lucky, for citizens of Kaldia to have a domain lord who is not only devoted but love them more than herself.
    Tira’s line is especially admirable and speak a lot for her people and perhaps Kaldia domain’s citizens, outsiders could say whatever to slight their lord but they won’t give a s***


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