Eliza chapter 159 – The archduke’s family situation, part 2

“……How much do you know about the archduke’s wife?”

Just as I was finishing the last sip of my black tea, Earl Terejia finally spoke up.

“I’ve heard that Grays’ mother is the official wife, and Eric’s mother is a concubine, and that the archduke got married when he was still one of the possible heirs to the throne.”

“The archduke’s concubine Marleen is from the Provents family…… which is a branch family of Marquis Zellutelutsviha’s family, and the archduke’s official wife Otelia is from Duke Zastin’s family. The archduke married them both at almost the same time, and again they almost simultaneously gave him two sons, Grays and Eric, in the same year. I don’t know in detail if his two wives get along well or not. Marleen almost never goes out in public.”


“Marleen’s a princess of Zellutelutsviha. In order to deepen the relationship between the royal family and the independent Marquis territory, it was a common type of political marriage in order to increase friendship with Zellutelutsviha.”

In the Red Karan mountains, there’s a unique area in Arxia known as the independent Marquis territory. I didn’t know that Eric’s ancestry hailed from such a region. Well, unless Eric’s temper is because of a special type of mental disorder in Zellutelutsviha, I don’t see how this is very useful so far.

“Also, from what I’ve heard, the concubine Marleen was originally treated the same as the official wife Otelia. That’s probably why Eric has a higher status than Otelia’s second son as well.”

Come to think of it, I received an invitation recently to Grays’ birthday party first, meaning he’s older than Eric. I didn’t pay much attention to it, since nobles typically send out a huge amount of invitations just for courtesy.

Considering my current relationship with Eric, I really want to decline it, but……

“Was originally, does that mean it’s not the case anymore?”

“Marleen passed away approximately five years ago.”

I looked at Earl Terejia as he fell silent.

“……I didn’t know about that. The concubine being treated equally to the official wife in the archduke’s family, as well as her having passed away, it’s not well known to many people.”

I would remember any knowledge about the royal family and the archduke’s family as it’s common sense to do so. If there’s something I didn’t know, it probably means that it wasn’t meant for a lower-ranked noble like me to begin with.

“The archduke’s family held only a small private funeral for Marleen, and it seems that they only told the relevant parties.”

“I see, does this all have to do with Eric’s outrageous behavior?”

“I can’t say with absolute certainty, but I did start hearing bad things about Eric’s reputation right after Marleen’s death. He lost his mother, he’s alone in a complex family situation, it’s conceivable that his personality may have become a little twisted in such a scenario.”

……As he said his personality may have become a little twisted, it felt like the earl was taking a very deep look at me. Well, in my case, my personality may have become twisted when I killed my parents, Eric’s case is probably a lot different from mine.

“So the exact reason is unclear, correct?”

“That’s all I know. It’s because I hardly have any dealings with the archduke’s family.”

After that, he stopped talking, and finished his already cold tea.

It seems that if I want any more information than this, I’ll have to find it myself, eh. I do have the birthday party invitation coming up, so that’s a potential chance I could use. I’m going to have to adjust my schedule again…… I suppose I should leave everything I don’t have time to handle personally to Ratoka.


In the afternoon, just like I planned, I went to the House of Lords. Since there aren’t many people staying here during spring, the meetings usually aren’t as important. Usually what they do in spring is things like confirming the national budget, hearing cases involving people from the palace, stuff of this degree.

I took the fact that the House of Lords usually doesn’t have anything important going on at this time into consideration when I decided to leave school to go and collect information today. Since the House of Lords is where nobles gather, it’s a place where I can gather information even if there’s no meeting today as some nobles will still be there.

“Hello, how are you today, Earl Ruktoferd?”

“Ohh, if it isn’t Earl Einsbark. How are you? How’s school life treating you?”

“It’s a fresh experience for me every day. I’ve never had so many people of the same age around me before.”

The first noble that I saw and greeted was Earl Ruktoferd. His domain is one of the few that produces warhorses, and Kaldia’s first batch of horses was from the Ruktoferd domain as well. And since a retired soldier from his army was the one who helped teach my cavalry troops how to ride horses, I’ve known and had dealings with Earl Ruktoferd for a long time.

“What are you up to today, then? I thought that there wasn’t anything on the agenda today about the Kaldia domain……”

“Actually, I wanted to consult with you about something today, Earl Ruktoferd. It’s about the Shiru horses that my domain took in……”

Although it hasn’t reached the extent to where I can export them, the number of horses in Kaldia have been steadily increasing every year. The Shiru horses are smaller than warhorses from Ruktoferd, and aren’t as suited for traveling long distances or pulling heavy carriages, but their lightness, ease of handling and top speed are excellent qualities for my light cavalry on the battlefield to become a mobile strike unit, and it seems that others have become interested in purchasing some from me lately as a result of my success in battle.

Meaning, Kaldia could possibly become Ruktoferd’s business competitor in the future. The earl seemed slightly confused that I would consult him, but he politely said “alright, I’ll hear you out” as he led me to an empty resting area in the House of Lords.

Honestly though, the Shiru horses are just bait to get the earl hooked in conversation, my true goal is to hear more from him about the eastern border’s situation since he regularly supplies the border with horses…… After talking about horse breeding, I can steer the conversation in that direction. I talked with the earl about the possibility of breeding Shiru horses with his horses and creating a new breed of warhorse, improving the species slowly over the next fifty years, a grand plan to undertake.

Of course, I was able to achieve my actual goal as well. Thanks to our conversation, I learned that the stalemate on the eastern border was still continuing, and that the royal army’s lower-ranked troops were slowly becoming disorderly.

About 10,000 soldiers are basically occupying enemy territory now and remaining there. While Arxia is forbidding them from making any further attacks, they must always be on guard for ambushes from Rindarl, it’s a stressful situation for the soldiers.

……It’s only a matter of time before our soldiers’ morale begins to drop as well. I shall inform Ergnade of this situation. He’s not a member of the royal army himself however, so I don’t know if he’ll be able to intervene effectively.


37 responses to “Eliza chapter 159 – The archduke’s family situation, part 2

  1. Zellutelutsviha, Zellutelutsviha, Zellutelutsviha, Zellutelutsviha, Zellutelutsviha, Zellutelutsviha ……
    My mental tongue has a knot now.

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      • I was the one who drew that map, and the map I based that one off of (from the author) did not have any more information than provided. I imagine that Zellutelutsviha is one of the many “Lesser Countries” in the south and their influence is not very significant (the face that a Princess married an Archduke as a concubine makes that pretty obvious)

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    • I think you guys should use the old way on how the Europeans uses the map where north is pointed to east and south to west then use the old map of Belgium as base to this novel where half of the lands to the west that is part of france is still their territory the northern region is faced to the sea pointing to britain, and east pointing to Germany and south is pointing to lesser countries (it was obvious if you know history). Belgium used to be an Empire in the olden days and their mortal enemy are the Germanian tribes which consist of various dukedoms waging war to them for centuries.

      Monster forest = Hurtgen forest(Historic battlefield during WW2 blocked by the Siegfried line of Germany).
      Bandishia Plateau = Wasteland in between border of Belgium, Netherlands and Germany.

      I think this novel has the same map setting as’Altina the Sword princess’

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    • Essentially:
      He tried to make her kneel, she gave no fuck.

      Whether that kneel is to satisfy his own ego and desire to be the alpha (because he sure as hell ain’t one in his house) or just a child’s inability to honestly admit that he want to have connection with her (even against how Grays is also being malicious towards her) and came out as insult instead, the latter of which only escalate because he refuses to yield/apologize.

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  2. Okay… your home life is bad because you don’t have a mother. Still, that’s no excuse to throw a tantrum at Eliza who at least in public eyes is orphan and sole survivor of her clan and saddled with responsibility to manage her domain.
    Eric should be more thankful he still have a childhood when Eliza’s is nonexistent.

    BTW Eliza is getting good at business deal and digging for information, a round of applause for our la- I mean LORD Kaldia Einsbark!

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    • He doesn’t have a mother + he might be being abused by the legal wife + servants, as his guardian and protector, i.e. mother, is nowhere to be seen.


    • Eric probably thought he is the most miserable existance out there, and then BAM! there is a person whos life is much harder, even though this person is doing everything they can to improve on the situation. It is like: “How dare you be miserable, and trying to improve?!” And that person is a domain lord AND a girl to boot 😀

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  3. Still no mention of Nordsturm? Are the dead of Diferis give them a blow so hard it silents them for three years?


    • Meybe the author read your comment, and reviced c138. I don’t know if imperfectluck also revice the chapter.


      • the author add the description what happened to Nordsturm family affter that.
        marquis Nordsturm’s was found dead, the funeral for him held quietly, Nordsturm family was divested of a title of marquis, and his son became count. the son of Nordsturm is different person of Eliza’s older brother. enyone didn’t found him.


      • Wait, what? Can you link me to where the author added this? Give me the actual web novel chapter link, since my numbering system is a bit different from the author’s. I know I sure didn’t see anything about what happened to the Nordsturms the first time I translated it.


      • http://ncode.syosetu.com/n6613ck/140/
        the chapter was reviced at May/29/2017 22:42 in Japan time zone. it’s later than Metroxylon’s comment.
        as you can see the author’s twitter, she often looked and enjoyed the comments here.
        and, sorry, I misunderstood. there are no description of Eliza’s brother.

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  4. Heh, kid attempts to bully Eliza, she takes that as a sign of family issues… turns out to be correct. lol@ Earl Terejia’s not-too-subtle eyeing of Eliza. Hey, who’s the one who made her undergo barracks training at a young age, then threw her to the Einsbarks? And lolx2@Eliza’s response being a casual: ‘Nah, my case is different, I’m actually the one who killed my parents.’ Hey, maybe Eric’s just mad because he can’t pronounce the name of his mother’s home province.

    It’s interesting how instead of becoming a direct competitor of Earl Ruktoferd, Eliza suggested a horse-breeding program instead. When Eliza talks about how school life is a ‘fresh experience’ though, I wonder if it refers to the chilly atmosphere she must be emitting because she has to deal with children and classes she’s already learned?

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    • And here goes Eliza who killed off her entire family, Her first substitute guardian sent her off to a barracks full of former bandits that wants her life, At her 6th birthday she had a parade around her domain in a gaudy outfit and people throws stare of death on her and finally Ratoka thrown a rock that hit her head. Not long after that she was sent to a battlefield to defend the Jugfena region to help the Shiru Tribesmen and take them into their country and as a result she almost died with Kamil dying protecting her. After that she was bedridden for a year because of mental trauma because of Kamil’s death and the false accusation to his father was also her fault. At age 7 she formally taken some responsibility to her domain by building houses for the Shiru Tribe and other refugees and also take some blunt verbal assault from the northern nobles which hate donating for helping the refugees. At age 9 she once again confronts some northern nobles and handle troublesome task which lead to a disaster made by Diferis and Nordstrum wrecking havoc at the commoners district in the capital on which Eliza fight them off with her almost dying again because Diferis controlled Rashiok and attacked Eliza which Oscar saved her by chopping one of Rashiok’s Wing to wake him up and finally killing Diferis and Nordstrum disappearing like nothing happened to him. At age of 10 she was taken as adopted daughter of Ergnade Einsbark and teaches her how to look scary in battlefield by spraying enemy blood on herself then give them evil smile. and on Age of 12 she had finally wrecked havoc in the battlefield, scoring a head of a general and destroying the enemies new weapon division which raises her rank to Lesser Earl and finally putting an end into the war by impaling and burning 600 prisoners to death which she taken the responsibility of being the one who is called ruthless and bloody monster in the battlefield.

      If Eric known all of this he might have shut his mouth already and stop bothering Eliza as she was busy to some far more important things than humoring Eric.

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  5. I wonder if the why Eric is like that to Eliza is because her parents died but instead of getting down she is actually successful and he not, so it is all a bolt of jealous……….. or maybe the official wife is planning to get rid of him by marrying him out to Eliza and he heard and antagonizes her because of this to try escape a possible marriage?


  6. Arxia sure takes a very arrogant approach to foreign alliances: disinheriting the son of one foreign princess, relegating another high-ranking foreign noblewoman to the status of concubine… If they are as high-handed in all their external dealings as the story suggests so far, then, all other considerations aside, it’s no wonder other countries can’t stand them.

    The difference in treatment between Dovadain and Albert is also pretty stark. Not that Albert’s being removed from the race to the crown wasn’t already suspicious enough.

    And wait, what? The Einsbarks aren’t being kept in the loop despite being frontline troops? No wonder they’ve set up their own communication lines to keep each other informed.


    • Yeah, there seems to be a very strong isolationist stance as of late, even against the wishes and sensibilities of the nobility. Seems they did originally have intentions to form ties with those other countries, but something swayed them in the other direction in the middle of it.

      “And wait, what? The Einsbarks aren’t being kept in the loop despite being frontline troops?”

      Yup, you saw it in Eliza’s case (being given more land and a superior title). Personal achievements are higher valued (and valuable), the others probably don’t want to share those.


      • I thought Arxia was described as always having been isolationist? But I agree that their stance over the past few years/decades seems to be fairly schizophrenic. Which, given the pressures of major changes on the outside and hinted-at dissentions on the inside isn’t so surprising, but Arxia has been showing signs of being a decaying power for some time now.

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  7. Thanks for the chapter! Aiyah Earl Terejia…don’t just go and compare Eliza’s situation as a similar circumstance to Eric’s situation. She’s gone through more shiz and whether you know it or not (I regrettably forgot), she consciously poisoned her family~ Even though Eliza has a pretty shitty background, she pulled through and became a fine Eliza the Impaler lol. That Eric has nothing on her u 7 u)


  8. Now plot twist
    High ranking general from rindarl army, whose head was taken by eliza… was protagonist/heroin’s father!

    Ps This is just guess, so… if true, just mayhem


  9. Oh, I finally remembered. Eric definitely reminds me of Ratoka before Gunther’s training beat some facts into him. I certainly don’t applaud Eric’s actions, but I can see why he’s acting the way he is. All we can do is hope that some character development will start coming along.

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