Eliza chapter 164 – The noble school’s upper-level section, part 2

Unlike noble school which is compulsory education for all noble children, the upper-level section is for those that wish to continue their studies even further. There are three types of students there. First are those that are studying to become instructors themselves, or high-level civil officials. Some other students are studying research and development in various fields. And the last type is, those that are granted special permission to stay at school for an extra period of time, if they haven’t found anything to do as a noble yet.

There are exams that must be taken for the first two types of students, but there’s none for the last category. And unlike noble school, the upper-level section doesn’t have a term limit.

Of course, some people will actively search for jobs, especially within the royal palace, but noble society basically depends on your connections and achievements. Meaning, the third type of students in the upper-level section are those that have been mostly abandoned by their families, considered as too troublesome, and just remain at noble school.

……Well, they haven’t truly been abandoned by their families, because they would have been forced into the monastery if that was the case, so these students still have some hope. And so, these students that remain here at the noble school’s upper-level section mostly have a rank of earl or higher.

Whatever the case, the upper-level section has a group of students with reasons to be dissatisfied with the way their life is going. These students are considered problematic, to the extent where even the House of Lords has had discussions about them before. This is due to them often causing violent incidents against the servants of lower-ranking nobles.

Students at noble school typically have very little contact with students in the upper-level section. While we’re all in the same school, the school grounds are so vast that there’s a great amount of distance between our dormitories and their section. Occasionally however, our servants and their servants might interact with each other.

It’s difficult for lower-ranked nobles to complain directly about higher-ranked nobles. Especially if it’s only for what’s considered as a small matter, such as injuring some commoner servants.


I finally found Reka a little ways off the forest path between the dorms and the upper section, a place where nobody hardly ever went. This was the first time I’ve ever been thankful for having uselessly acute hearing. Thanks to hearing the soft sounds of people talking, I was able to find Reka through the maze of trees.

Reka was lying on the ground, surrounded by some teenagers that appeared to be servants. He was wheezing in pain from his chest, and I also saw blood dripping down from his head. The teenagers around him appeared quite buff, and it was evident from their appearance that they were northerners. When they noticed me, I could see their strong contempt for me in their eyes.

In the group of teenagers, only one boy was standing in front of Reka as if to protect him from the others, and he looked at me with no particular emotion in his eyes at all. His eyes are purple, a rare gemstone-like color. I feel like I’ve seen them before –

“Humph, let’s go.”

When I returned to my senses, it was already too late. The teenagers escaped into the woods and ran off. It’s going to be difficult to follow them on horseback, nor is there any meaning to catching just one or two of them.

Besides, Reka who’s lying prone on the ground is more important. I jumped off of my horse, and I kneeled next to Reka, by the purple-eyed boy’s side. I called Reka’s name, but he didn’t respond. It seems that he’s unconscious.

“Wait a moment, it’s better not to move him. I think he may have a concussion, because they were beating his head.”

The boy next to me spoke up, and I agreed with his assessment. I inspected his injuries, checked his breathing, and focused on ascertaining his current condition.

“…………Eh, what’s going on?”

“Reka, you’ll be alright. Don’t move yet.”

Fortunately, Reka finally woke up. As for what happened to him, Reka was much calmer about it than I expected, and I confirmed that he wasn’t in any confusion although he had a headache. I gave him an order to lie there for a little while longer and rest.

Reka’s cheeks were red and swollen. As the purple-eyed boy said, it definitely seems like they were beating his face, which could have caused a concussion.

“Just rest there quietly for a while. If your head keeps hurting, I can call for someone to come get us.”

“……Nn, okay.”

He obediently laid there and slightly nodded, while I took off my coat and used it as a pillow for him. I was going to change out my coat soon anyway, so I don’t mind if it gets dirty. Even though I became an earl, I found it too bothersome to change my coat’s design, so as expected in the end Earl Terejia gave me a lecture about it……

When I stood up, the honorable purple-eyed boy who was waiting patiently for me spoke up lightly.

“……I never would have imagined that I’d meet you again.”

Although there was the shadow of something melancholy in his expression, he laughed gently. “Ahh,” I nodded in response to him.

I see, he’s – the hidden capture target of the otome game, named Alb, whose settings and story I didn’t know, he must have been a student from the upper-level section.


38 responses to “Eliza chapter 164 – The noble school’s upper-level section, part 2

  1. Oh it’s the first prince. Without scar!

    If the ceasefire with Rindarl doesn’t happen than the true Heroine of this noble school arc will be Eliza!

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    • Well sadly, to cease the unrest to her domain she will probably end the war in the next bout with the Rindarl people. That means the heroine will arrive already but that would be 30-40 chapters in the future. Just hope Eliza doesn’t end up in Bakaterina Level of denseness and conquer the heroine too without her knowing xD

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    • ah. i’ve thoght that I may be the first comment. anyway Eliza is as impressive as always. I want to ask if Alb will play an important role in the future. since he has appeared more than once and is one of the capture target of the otome game.


  2. Ooh the hidden prince (according to me) makes his reappearance!

    Poor reka!! I hope she manages to catch the snake by the head and cut its hideous neck off!!

    Thanks for the chapter!


  3. Thanks for the chapter 😀

    I feel like Eliza needs to add a few trees to the Northern Region.
    A beautiful forest of red trees that would serve as a reminder as to why you shouldn’t touch the Earl’s retainers.
    Yeah, I can already see this peaceful place…

    Oh, it’s the secret capture target that just happened to be a monk, like the first prince.
    I wonder what might be his secret identity.
    And how the Crown Prince will react when he sees him hanging out with the Earl.

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  4. So, in the end the 1st prince was able to go to school! Maybe they changed their mind after that attempt of the Nordstrum? Though, is he with his face alright? Did he get burn by the fire or not?
    I wonder if now that Eliza is bigger and removed her coat, if Alb will perceive that she is actually a girl and he had taken liberties with her before lol


  5. Come to think of it…
    1. Prince Albert is supposed to be quite intelligent, Eliza might realize this if she talks to him a bit more
    2. The students from the upper-level section are supposedly ‘looking for a job’
    3. Eliza’s domain is short on people
    4. He protected someone from Eliza’s domain, which is easy points in Eliza’s book

    It’d be funny if Eliza got ideas because of this, only to eventually find out…
    Earl Terejia: … Eliza, that’s…
    Eliza: Aah, Earl Terejia, this is the person I’ve been talking about. He is quite intelligent, and his character is very honorable. Since my domain is short on people, I was thinking of inviting him to…
    Earl Terejia: That’s his highness Prince Albert.
    Eliza: …
    Albert: …
    Earl Terejia: …
    Albert: You’re a girl?

    Claudia: So what happened to that boy you were thinking of hiring?
    Eliza: Ah… it turned out that he was overqualified.
    Claudia: Eh??

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      • Actually I’ve already Google-translated myself the raws long ago (though the output was quite crappy). But yes, I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter, and am planning to laugh a lot. 😀


  6. Eliza: It seems I have to plan some *accident* to some insolent noble who dares to touch my people.
    earl Terejia: I heard there’s a series of accident in noble school, and I believe it got nothing to do with you.
    Eliza: Of course not, you taught me well Earl Terejia.

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  7. Woah when I was just starting to read the chapter and it says that Eliza is heading to find Reka, I already felt that something bad is happening to him so I thought ‘Let the blood bath begin!’ Unfortunately, the bastards got away. Well surely, sooner or later, they will feel Eliza’s wrath.

    Another thing, am I the only one who thinks that almost all of the boys are so gentle. I’m not complaining though, truth be told, I’m amused by how gallant Eliza is than the boys.

    Thank you for the chapter again, imperfectluck! Your updates are always one of the highlights of my day.

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  8. Student A: Hey i heard there are issues of missing servants lately.
    Student B: Yeah, and i heard that someone saw a blood trail through the forest!
    Student C: BIG NEWS! BIG NEWS!, after the investigation of those blood trail going to the forest, They found those missing servants impaled to a spear like scarecrows!

    *Everyone looks at Eliza*

    Eliza: Hm~ hm~ hm~ Aah, its been a while since i let lose.
    *wipes her ceremonial sword* (which the rug is red)


    • Eliza: And why do you think I had something to do with this?
      Students: You’re smiling very creepily…
      Eliza: Ah? *quickly rubs smile off her face*

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  9. >the hidden capture target of the otome game, named Alb, whose settings and story I didn’t know, he must have been a student from the upper-level section.

    I could be wrong, but from the impression I got from reading the raw, it’s more of:
    the hidden character of the otome game, whose ranks and backgrounds were never revealed and only goes by Alb

    i.e. She’s not saying she herself doesn’t know, but that the game itself never reveal it.

    p.s. Avoid having anything that might get knocked over near you while reading the next chapter, the laughter from doing so might cause a mess (or maybe that’s just me that enjoy that particular moment)


    • No, Eliza herself don’t know about Alb. She, in her previous life, died before going to Alb’s route. I didn’t read raws ‘cos I can’t so I reread to their first meeting because this comment bugged my mind and now I can finally be free–/nah

      on another note, it’s a bit funny how reader know more than Eliza. We’re all in this chapter and the next chapter already know the general idea of why he’s so bitter about lyfe and his ‘hatred’ toward the Crown Prince, yet Eliza know nothing and need to be extra careful, which usually, increased her denseness level.

      Kamil would be laughing his ass off ’till he revived


  10. The heroine is probably confused right now.
    “I can’t wait to go to noble school and beat that villain Eliza! I’m going to have a harem ending, I memorized the game so I’ll have the flowers all to myself!
    …Wait, what do you mean we aren’t winning the war?”

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    • I think the Heroine, if not a PC, is honestly just going to be a giant ball of naive fluff (and maybe crazy perceptive / slight manipulative) that they sent half expecting her to die but nothing of value was lost if so.

      Pretty much the dead opposite of Eliza… Inevitably that means she will either hate her completely (and probably get the wrong wood shoved up her for it), or completely fall for her.


  11. Lolol many ppl in the comments are telling me to beware of the next chapter like how the wii games tell me to check my surrounding space before playing xD. Ahhh I’m too excited! Reka is awfully calm about this tho… ;; 7 ;; ) I hope Eliza can exact justice upon those Northerners soon. Thanks for the chapter!


  12. Damn now we have to wait a whole day to see the end of the cliffhanger… that’s like 5 years from now


  13. Thanks for the chapter~ :3
    Reka!!! (hugging him tightly) You’re hurt… Uuu…
    He’s here! The last capture target! I kinda wanna ship Eliza with him. I’m OK shipping Eliza with anyone but the main 4 capture targets, tbh. If every capture target got infatuated by Eliza, it would be a hardmode game for the heroine, lol.
    Hmm~ Hm~ (sharpening swords) Who should we kill first? Those servants, or their master, I wonder~


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