Eliza chapter 165 – Shadowy violet gems

“……So you’ve become a student. It’s good that you were able to leave the monastery.”

“Yes, that’s so. I concur.”

I used words that would probably be safe to say, and he nodded. However, a tinge of darkness remained in his voice. He must still have a complicated family situation. Considering that he was forced into a monastery when he was only a child before, there must be some difficult unavoidable things in his life even after several years have passed.

“……I didn’t enjoy my life in the monastery.”

He suddenly added on that comment, and I nodded ambiguously.

Well, of course it’s only natural. I don’t really know the details of life at a monastery, but much like my previous world, it’s an ascetic, austere lifestyle of giving up one’s desires and serving others. If he was forced to join the monastery, instead of going of his own free will, of course he wouldn’t like it.

“Your servant, will his injuries be alright? It seemed like his opponents were also commoners.”

“His head has stopped bleeding, and I think he’ll be okay. No bones are broken either.”

Then I thanked him for helping my servant, and he smiled. While his smile was elegant, it also seemed lifeless and fatigued, he’s giving me the same impression as our first meeting. I couldn’t help but think about why he would feel that way, but unfortunately as I didn’t know anything about him, I couldn’t do anything about the bad taste I was feeling.

It feels like his gloominess has increased since the time I met him at the monastery, and it reminded me of the heavy atmosphere when my citizens were all glaring at me when I first became their domain lord and met them.

……However, he’s not one of my citizens. I cut away my growing sympathy towards him. I’m the lord of Kaldia. I can’t afford to care about others equally if they aren’t my citizens.

I think the last time I met him was approximately four years ago. I’m a little relieved that I still think the same way, that my citizens are the most important to me.

Well, the conversation’s died down. However, I want to have Reka resting for a while longer. I can’t leave here, I’m going to have to stay here until this boy in front of me leaves. I’m feeling an uncomfortable silence between us now since I cut away my sympathy for his situation, and I don’t know what to talk about as we barely have any connection to each other at all.

“……Did you enter noble school this spring? Or was it one year ago?”

In the end, he was the one who spoke up first again.

“It was this spring.”

“I see. Then, that’s quite a big deal. This year’s freshman students include an incredible number of influential students.”

“……Ahh, that’s right.”

Well, I’m here right now in this forest precisely because of their influence, my voice came out softly as I was thinking that. Maybe he detected something from my tone of voice, he moved his line of sight from Reka directly to me.

“What type of person…… is the crown prince? Is he just like a royal priceless treasure that’s been protected in the castle for all his life?”

He immediately looked aside again. It seems like he really wants to keep this conversation going. Maybe he has no intention of getting involved with the factions that have been forming recently, or perhaps it’s not well known in the upper-level section, he started out by asking a question about the crown prince who’s been absent on business for such a long time.

Well then, how to answer him. I don’t know what his opinion of the crown prince is, so I’ll have to choose my words carefully.

“……He seems to be suited for the position of crown prince. No matter where he goes, he’s the center of attention. I think that’s a difficult quality to find.”

“I’ve heard myself that he’s by far the most handsome prince in the history of the royal family. But, I’ve never seen him at all, even once. ……It’s difficult for me to imagine just what his appearance must be like. For example, I think that you as well also have an excellent face that would break the hearts of countless girls.”

Break the hearts of countless girls, just what does that mean? I didn’t think I had such an appearance that would cause such a commotion……

I don’t really get if he’s praising me or insulting me, it’s an odd feeling. While my appearance that’s inherited from my father may indeed be considered beautiful by normal standards, I feel like it’s far from the feminine beauty of women, and besides, I hate this face from the bottom of my heart, so I can’t think of it as an excellent appearance.

“I’m nothing in comparison to the crown prince. The crown prince is skilled in every area, he’s an excellent person.”

Well, just like everyone else, my face with my father’s features is nothing compared to the crown prince’s handsome appearance. Looks, noble ranking, academic ability, the crown prince is top level in every aspect, he’s got a much better reputation than a certain infamous upstart domain lord.

“……I see, is that the case.”

However, he only tilted his head slightly, while the shadow in his purple eyes seemed to get darker.

“Apart from the crown prince, there’s one other first-year student that everyone has their attention on. An excellent lady who even has the attention of the prime minister and king.”


I tilted my head. I’ve never heard of such a girl.

“……You’ve never heard of her?”

“I’ve never heard anything like that at noble school. Is she someone from the royal family?”

The boy shook his head saying no. Then, it must be the daughter of some duke’s family. If even the king and prime minister are paying attention to her, it must be a noble from the royal capital.

“Maybe due to the crown prince, she doesn’t stand out as much in comparison. I heard that she was rewarded for her achievements on the battlefield, though……”

Achievements on the battlefield, so maybe it’s someone related to the Rolentsors. The war with Rindarl has been dragging on for quite some time, so there’s many people that have received accolades in battle, so I can’t narrow it down just with this.

For women, there are some that will be in charge of combat strategy, even if they don’t personally fight on the battlefield. Both boys and girls in the Rolentsor family for example receive an education in military strategy and martial arts, so it wouldn’t be strange if this girl was from an excellent military family……

“Is the crown prince really more outstanding than this lady? The girl’s the same age as the crown prince, but will he stand for it if he loses to her in combat strategy? What do you think?”

“……Indeed. The crown prince was raised up to the position of heir over the first prince in an uncertain situation. Isn’t it natural to expect so?”

I couldn’t help but avoid his eyes. I felt a chill running down my spine, and regretted saying what I did.

Almost imperceptibly deep in his eyes, when he opened his eyes slightly, I noticed an incredibly dark emotion bursting out from within.

End of Act 3, Part 1


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  1. Thank you for the chapter~~!!
    Eliza!!! He’s talking about you!!! XD This guy still thinks Eliza is a dude.
    Also: Eliza Kaldia Confirmed Ikemen

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    • He didnt protect Reka, he arrived after the ‘fight’ was over, when the bullies ran away from Eliza.


    • Hey, if Eliza helps Alb, who’s definitely Prince Albert since in his first appearance, the chapter title was “Prince” despite no mention of the word anywhere in the chapter, she’ll get entangled in the succession dispute, and will probably end up creating a First Prince faction. But hey, you readers would like to see that happen, wouldn’t you?

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      • Let it burn! Let it burrrrn!

        Something I found quite interesting this chapter: Albert has never met Alfred. This means that Albert was not only abandoned, he was explicitly prevented from seeing Alfred all his life, even from afar (which in turn suggests that his position was precarious perhaps even from the moment he was born). I’m also curious about Albert’s personality now. There are two possibilities:

        1. He is bitter because he is actually an ambitious character who despite all his own efforts, got his royalty usurped by a flower in a greenhouse who uses underhand means to get rid of those who might challenge his excellence (he seems to think the Crown Prince wouldn’t stand to have a rival in Eliza).

        2. It could be that he isn’t ambitious, rather he is bitter about the state of politics in general. After all, his case was used as an excuse to start a whole war, and it does seem he doesn’t have a high opinion of either the Crown Prince (the rivalry comment) or the faction that made him Crown Prince (the part about being brought up as a royal treasure -it’s not like the Crown Prince raised himself).

        He did mention that he hated life at the Monastery, so it feels like his reasons feel more personal. Then again, we don’t know what sort of atrocious life he led there, it could be that he was marginalized there and had people talking behind his back.

        If Eliza finds herself embroiled in the succession disputes, I imagine she’d feel quite appalled over the matter.

        I wonder if Albert has his eyes on this ‘excellent lady’ somehow, in the sense of considering her to be a potential ally? Then again, if he were interested, he’d likely have more information on the matter (at least know the name), it’s not Eliza’s identity is a secret. It could be he just pities that person because he thinks the Crown Prince may do something against her.

        … the Crown Prince can’t really be plotting something against Eliza, could he? If Eliza joins his faction then it’s all fine, but if she doesn’t…?

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      • But y’know, even ’till this chapter, Eliza has no idea that Alb is the Prince. In their first meeting she guessed Alb was some high-ranking noble, and as you said, there’s no mention at all about him being a prince. In that chapter as well it is said that she had no reincarnation-information except “his monk name is Alb”. So Eliza won’t know that he’s the first prince.

        And most likely she would end up “getting dragged” like how she accidentally created a “Kaldia Faction” in the noble school


  2. I take back what I said, Alb does not feel so gentle for me anymore but instead, I share Eliza’s remark that he really feels dark, I don’t know if in an evil way or a gloomy way, I hope it’s the latter.

    On the other hand, when Alb said that Eliza has the looks to break the hearts of countless girls, I LITERALLY NODDED FRANTICALLY WHILE READING. Eliza, you should be more aware how much of a bishoujo you are. I also think that “lady” they’re talking about is Eliza, right? RIGHT?! I HOPE SO, GOSH.


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  3. Poor Eliza!
    Being mistaken as a man and to top it all she isn’t used to being referred as lady and as such don’t perceives he is talking about her!
    But this prince is really jealous, if Eliza don’t do anything about his darkness he will surely become an enemy!
    Thanks for the chapter! ♡


    • It may not be just jealousy, he may have quite a bit of inferiority complex due to be always compared to the ‘perfect’ brother who he doesnt even know :p

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    • Albert: Did you hear about this lady who has the attention of the Prime Minister and the King?
      Eliza: *thinks: must be someone from the Royal family*
      Albert: She was rewarded for her achievements at war.
      Eliza: *thinks: must be a Rolentsor*
      Albert: I heard she was recently elevated from Viscountess to Earl, and she has black hair and red eyes, and her name is Kaldia.
      Eliza: What a coincidence, I have never met this person. I should pay more attention to the people around right now.
      Reka: *face-palm*
      Eliza: Are you alright? Are your injuries worsening?

      He’s talking about you, dumb-dumb. x’D

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      • To be fair, Albert never mentioned rank and physical appearances.

        But she’s a dumb-dumb alright


      • I was making fun of her dense-ness. I bet he could have added a few more clues, and she’d Still not get it. xD


  4. “Is the crown prince really more outstanding than this lady? The girl’s the same age as the crown prince, but will he stand for it if he loses to her in combat strategy? What do you think?”
    “Maybe I should skip a year so I dont compete with him? Or heeding back a year will also do, as long as he doesn’t find out my motives….”
    “You? What does it has to do with you?”

    Thanks for the translation!

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  5. Thanks for the chapter~ :3
    BWAHAHAHAHAHA Eliza, you’re so clueless! Eliza breaking the heart of many girls, lol.
    The dark prince and the dark lord. It’s chilly down here.

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  6. I feel like the current war is probably due to the reincarnated heroine wanting to save Albert from whatever he’s going through (going off scenario + guns + their demand was his admittance into noble school).

    I wonder if Eliza’s connection to Alb will serve to escalate or help resolve the situation…


  7. The Planate Prince seems to really have a big grudge toward the Crown Prince.
    Well, I can understand why he would have such a deep grudge, he was abandoned by his own family after all.
    I wonder if his darkness are darker than Eliza’s…

    He still thinks that Eliza is a boy. And the LORD isn’t even realising that the Lady he is talking about is her…
    I suppose that she would have realised it if he had said that the Lady was infamous for being a honorless muderer who defilesthe bodies of her ennemies on the battlefield.

    Thanks for the chapter 🙂

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  8. Thanks for the chapter! Eliza… she seriously needs a character/companion who will tell her to get a grip when clues and hints are right in her face


    • Well, Reka’s right there and still somewhat conscious. Can’t really butt into their conversation though as a servant. May deliberately use Eliza’s full name to mention he feel’s ready to move though, as a way to let Alb know who he’s talking too. Or might not, to avoid getting involved with Noble business. If not, might point out Alb was talking about her once they’re alone.


      • I know. I know, but… aggghhh. She’s so dense outside her domain responsibilities and the battlefield. Especially when it’s about herself. Even this guy who is giving some extremely loud warning blares that he’s the older prince (unless I’m an idiot and wrong)


  9. Cause Alb remark, I imagine Eliza like Kashima from gekkan shoujo. Except her personality, their both has unaware of herself as a girl/lady
    thanks for chap

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  10. Oh boy, looks like Eliza is in Bakarina Level of denseness.
    To think that she only knew that her value is just a minor noble but to other high ranking nobles such as the Prime Minister and the King she’s an Outstanding one.

    Well if you think about it, You cant see any other Kid like Eliza that can handle her Domain in such a young age. Even the two prince lack that talent of hers. But in Eliza’s view she has that cheat like memory of her past life that helped her understand things in her youth days.

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  11. …Eliza is an idiot. Seriously, this is just sad. A lady with military achievements and she can’t add 2 to 2 to make 4. Just embarrassing, really, our idiot MC.

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  12. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    Did Eliza ever mentioned her last name to Alb when she met him before? Also, she did changed her last name since the last time they met. And she was always in uniform in front of him. A lot of chances for misunderstandings.


    • Not at all. Eliza didn’t even tell him she’s a girl even though there’s a chance to do so: when Alb invited her to sit with him, which was inappropriate for a pair of opposite gender


  13. They never introduced themselves to each other properly. None of the two knows the other’s identity (or, in one case, gender. xD )

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  14. In other news…

    Eliza: This person is quite honorable. He helped someone from my domain* *some sympathy points*
    Eliza: Come to think of it, he reminds me exactly of the people of my domain. *sympathy rising*
    Eliza: Oh wait, he’s not from my domain. *sympathy points… gone*

    Albert: By the way, what is the Crown Prince like?
    Eliza: Like a shiny shiny lightbulb that you can’t ever turn off.
    Albert: Ah?

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  15. Gdi Eliza…you are a military strategist with military achievements. Never would have thought you were Bakarina level dense ;; 7 ;; )) Thanks for the chapter! Misunderstandings galore xD. Wonder what Reka thought of all of this, since he was conscious just recently haha


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