Choose my next novel for me!

I’ve been asked to take on one of the following novels for Qidian! Which one should I choose? Also, don’t worry, I’ll still be translating Eliza in the meantime.

Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady 

Hidden Marriage

Chinese otaku reincarnates into a Japanese otaku’s body, gains an otome game stat-raising system, along with the ability to save and load, daily life, losing weight.

Xianxia cultivation novel, main character is a master of poison, but he doesn’t like using it, and he has a kind and generous, naive, optimistic personality.

Xuanhuan cultivation novel, According to the main character, Chu Tian: If you owe money, you should pay it back. If you have killed someone precious to him, revenge must be taken. These are the laws of nature that Chu Tian lives by, greater than heaven’s laws.

So, which type of story seems to be the most interesting?


57 responses to “Choose my next novel for me!


    HIDDEN MARRIAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. isnt the xuanhuan novel this: Heavenly Lord of the Myriad Realms… its translation began on forum.wuxiaworld… so yeah tl this… would be interesting where this new novel by blood red would go, as i am a fan of stealing the heavens and radiant era by him… although not that great of a fan of Magus Era…


  3. Hidden Marriage seems like the popular choice, but it seems that the translation for that is still ongoing… Though I’ll have to read to check for sure.

    From all of the summaries, I think I’d prefer the Chinese otaku since the others sound as generic as they come. I’m looking forward to anything regardless, and chances are, I’ll be proven wrong. Have fun translating!


  4. Someone is already translating entitled ninth young lady…they’re currently up to chapter 49 with daily updates…


  5. Otaku please…it seems far more interesting than the cliche one…and hidden marriage seems to not be ending anytime soon…


  6. I’m for Hidden Marriage as well, even timebun himself said he’d be happy if someone would continue translating with the original publisher’s permission.


  7. man that is a lot of fan for hidden marriage.
    i would like for you to pick up “Xianxia cultivation novel,” since it sounds intriguing. naive(the good ones at least) mc always have a special place in my heart


  8. One with a female MC, please! Feel like Qidian has been prioritising stories with male MCs until now, whereas those with female MCs were being translated by others whom are now dropping them… If i had to vote for one, it’d be Hidden Marriage ^^


  9. Hidden marriage or Unprecedented Pill Refiner: Entitled Ninth Young Lady please. thank you so much!! Best of luck 🙂


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