Hey everyone, everything is fine with me, unfortunately due to firewall restrictions in the country where I now reside, I won’t be able to access any more wordpress sites from now on. Just letting everyone know so as to not worry!

– imperfectluck


Eliza – I reincarnated as a noble girl villainess, but why did it turn out this way?

Translation by imperfectluck
Edited by Roxorium

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4+: Eliza page

E? Heibon Desu Yo??

Translation by Vidar
Volume 1

Chapter 1
Chapter 2

Evil God Average – Side Story Arc

Translation by Vidar
【Book of Evil – Side Stories】

Side story 01 – A Certain Innkeeper’s Reception
Side story 02 – A Certain Sister’s Terror
Side story 03 – A Certain Adventurer’s Disaster
Side story 04 – A Certain Slave’s Salvation
Side story 05 – A Certain Guildmaster’s Melancholy
Side story 06 – A Certain Mage’s Grief
Side story 07 – A Certain Undying King’s Loyalty
Side story 08 – A Certain Demon Princess’ Friendship
Side story 09 – A Certain Founder’s Faith
Side story 10 – A Certain Prince’s Despair
Side story 11 – A Certain Evil God’s Sneer

Dragon Life%

Translation by Vidar

01 I used to be human. I’ve forgotten my name.
02 Rabbits are cute. Cuteness is justice. Justice is a rabbit.
03 A busybody raven and a wolf prone to worrying.
04 I got a weird nickname. Please stop using it!
05  It’s about time I moved, let’s do that.
06 A tree in a forest, a dragon among humans
07 Three girl apprentices. Including one dragon.
08 Castle and assignment circumstances. How complicated.
09 The captain is like fluffy cotton candy. He looks tasty.

Destruction Flag Otome 

Translation by imperfectluck

01 – I remembered my previous life
02 – The engagement was decided
03 – Strategy meeting
04+: Destruction Flag Otome page



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  1. Is the picture on top of the page(the one with the red haiired guy) from some type of manga/anime/novel?if so where is it from?


  2. Please more Heibon! With the way the manga is going I can’t make heads or tails out of it without the light novel!!! *dogeza*

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  3. Need mOre dragon life please ;-; *spams f5* thanks for all the hard work love you guys. But seriously. Dying for more here.


  4. this one feels grateful towards the progress of translations, thank you very much for your hard work
    :’) waiting for dragon life new chapter…


  5. Hello i want to ask if you could give a priority to the black knight and dragon life over the other translations please.


  6. thank you for feeding the hordes but may we have another serving of all the above!?!?


  7. Could you please make TOC for Villainess Brother Reincarnation? And maybe a list of sysnopsis for the other two series as well? since It’s a bit hard to navigate without one. Thanks!

    Actually, if you’ve dropped Heibon Desu Yo and Dragon Life then might as well move them to a Dropped section too 😀


  8. I know you guys don’t have any schedule for updates but i really cant wait for dragon life, and just wanted a progress update or an estimate of when the next chapter should be expected. Thank you guys for the hard work..


  9. Thank you all so much for your translations. I ,the useless leech that I am, still wish to thank you for allowing us (the unwilling or unable to learn other languages people) to read these stories.

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  10. Hello acording to the raws its only two more chapters of MonkeyOjou to finish so i want to ask if you are going to help vidars translations or have your own new projects allready?


  11. I am very sorry beforehand!
    It’s not like I am not grateful with all your hard work on the new series or anything, but I really appreciate if you continuing translating Villainess Brother Reincarnation.
    Again I am sorry for the rude message


  12. I know I’m one of the many who are demon screeching this but moar heibon and dragon life!! Vidar you get your but back here and tell people if you are going to continue translating those two or not!!!!
    (*tiny whisper*plz)


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