GunOta 01

Chapter 001 – Reincarnated in a Different World

Slowly appearing from the water’s surface, Hotta Youta had regained consciousness and opened his eyes.

…Is this the hospital?

My last memory was burned into my memory; being bullied for being a loner and getting stabbed repeatedly with a kitchen knife– something like that.
I was brought to a hospital, luckily, I expected I’d lose my life. But no matter how hard I tried I didn’t feel anything.
I was put to sleep on top a soft bed with pure white sheets and for some reason the one sleeping next to me was an infant.

Sleeping together with a baby, for the wounds to quickly recover or something like that. Is this the latest medical treatment practice at this hospital?

For argument’s sake, assuming I concede 100 steps, no… 10000 steps, for such a treatment to exist.
Hmm? Does the baby sleeping next to me have dog ears?

To start with, I doubt there is an artificial product such as this. The silver ears that were twitching brought themselves to my attention. They were the real deal before my very eyes.
Perhaps a mutation that deforms the human body? And possibly from child birth?
After pondering about that matter, a woman came to glance at me.

“—, —, —-.”

She did not speak Japanese, nor did she talk in a language I was familiar with.
However, not only was her language noticeable, but also her figure.

About in her early 20s. In addition to being a tall woman, she also had noticeably big breasts.
She was a beautiful girl with slightly droopy eyes. But thanks to that, she had a gentle expression that could make everyone looking at her relieved.

Above all, I had noticed that the color of her hair was pink and ears that sprung up similar to rabbits above her head.
She was smiling delightfully while her rabbit ears fluttered about.
There is no way they could have produced such product, was my initial reaction.
She extended her arms and carried me.

This has to be a lie! As a typical adult, I may have a small frame. But for a female to easily carry me, there is no way it can be that easy!?

Not only she was carrying me so easily, but also swayed me in order to lull me into a sleep.
『The rabbit-eared person is inhuman so she might not consider carrying me as a big deal』
I had also suspected that, and soon found out the real truth.

Wh, What, Heeeeey!

The shape of the rabbit eared woman, that had carried me by herself, was reflected lightly by the window glass — There a black haired infant the woman was carrying was also reflected.

“Waaaa, waaa!”

Moving my mouth,  I tried to speak.
The one being reflected there was unmistakably me.

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

For the sake of calming myself down, how many days here had passed?.
So many astonishing events came one after another.
Calm down, stay cool… First of all, let me confirm the situation one at a time.

I woke up after being stabbed by that former bully, and I became an infant.
I was laid to sleep in a large wooden bed together with another infant.
The sleeping baby with silver hair next to me had dog-like ears comparable to the animal characters that appear in anime and manga.
Even the ears of the woman who often came to see the situation in the room was not human. She had rabbit ears.
Except animal people don’t really exist. Besides, her body looks like a foreigner. While I was thinking, a fat oba-chan entered and changed our diapers and fed us milk.
The oba-chans were talking to each other but it wasn’t in English, Russian, or Chinese.

“——, —.”
“–, –.”

The rabbit-eared woman had entered the room, and she began a conversation in a friendly manner with the oba-chans. She lifted up the dog-eared baby next to me.
She put her hand on the baby’s head.
That hand gave out a faint light.

“–! –, —”

She smiled broadly after she spoke.
Next  was my turn.
She lifted me up the same way, before placing her hand on my head.


She looked at me with sympathy.
Without understanding the reason, I was embarrassed.

“–, —-.”
“—-! —-.”

The rabbit-eared woman and the oba-chans were talking when they left the room.
Anyway, for the sake of grasping the situation I ended up in, it was necessary to learn the language those women were using.
So, I diligently listen to their words.

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

Since regaining my consciousness, 1 year had passed.
I could not write or read their alphabet, but I could understand what those women were talking about.
Thanks to becoming a baby again, my brains became like a soft sponge.
Like a thirsty sponge absorbing water, I memorised what I heard.

From the words of those women, I started piecing together my current situation — my current location is within an orphanage at a small town called Hod, in the Aljio territory.
The total population of the town is less than 1000.
It really is a small town.

Aljio territory, Hod — I haven’t heard of either place before.
I think I was transported to a foreign country, but…
No matter how far this place is, people putting on rabbit ears and dog ears definitely don’t exist.

Somehow or another, during that stabbing event, it looked like I was killed, apparently.
Being reborn in a different world while still possessing my previous memories — that was my conclusion.
Otherwise, I won’t be able to explain the current situation.

The rabbit-eared woman’s name appears to be『El』. She is also the founder of this orphanage.
The oba-chans called her『El-sensei』. They also liked her.
In this parallel world, it doesn’t look like it’s a custom to discriminate just because you have rabbit ears, it seems.

From these women’s unified conversation; about 2 years ago, soon after being born I was abandoned in a basket in front of this orphanage.
On the exact same day, I was put to sleep next to a dog-eared baby. It looked like that baby was also abandoned.

2 years ago, huh… Now I’m 2 years old…

On a silk handkerchief in the basket,『Lute』had been embroidered.
It looks like『Lute』is my name.

I was struck by a feeling close to resignation.
I had looked away from my acquaintance when he was being bullied; I gave him up as a scapegoat for the sake of saving myself.
What I did also took part in driving Tanaka into suicide.
I had been surrounded by that sin. To be killed by the main perpetrator of that bullying, to be born again and then to be abandoned by my parents becoming an orphan.

The very meaning of retribution.

…For this reason, I was determined.

I will become strong in this world with this life. I will have the courage not to flee away from disasters. And if a person needs help, I will absolutely help them out. I will do acts of mercy so that I, who abandoned Tanaka and was killed for it, can atone for those actions…

Thus I, formerly named Hotta Youta — now Lute, decided to live my life this way.



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  1. i kinda wanna know what ended up happening in the old world after he died. was he erased from memories and had his body disapear? did the killer get caught? COME ON!


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