GunOta 17

Chapter 17 Result Report

The faint morning sun spilled in from the louver windows and roused my eyes, I woke up.


It was a bother to get up by myself, when I was in the orphanage somebody would come wake me up.

I took off my thin clothes, and changed them for clothes to go outside.

I wore the gunbelt that was lying on top of the table around my waist.
Taking the “S&W M10” in hand, I popped the cylinder out. I confirmed that it was fully loaded.
I also hung the adventurer tag left alongside it on my neck, and put on Snow’s engagement bracelet on my left arm.

I told the old man in charge of the inn that I will be staying for another day, and paid him 5 large copper coins.
The bar next door was of course still closed, so I once again bought a sandwich from a cart on the way.

Today’s sandwich was made of barley bread, with a cut of salmon-like fish and onion-like vegetables inside.
It cost me 3 copper coins.

I ate while walking in bad manners, and went towards the Adventurers’ Guild.
I arrived just as I had finished eating.

Despite being so early in the morning, there are already a large number of people gathered at the Adventurers’ Guild.

As I went inside, I was handed a wooden token from the information desk.
The number was “12”.
I was definitely earlier than yesterday.

It had not even been 10 minutes, the number “12” was called.
The person in charge was the kind demon race oneesan from yesterday.

“Good morning, Lute-san. What will your business be today?”
“I finished yesterday’s quest, and came here today looking for a new one.”
“Already? Then, let me see your tag please.”

I handed the tag hanging on my neck to the oneesan.
The oneesan received the tag, and confirmed it saying, “I’ll be taking care of it”.

“Umm, certainly yesterday’s quest is… you exterminated 1 garugaru more… fuee!?”

She made a sound much unlike a receptionist oneesan.
She seems to be surprised with my results.
She got strange looks from the other adventurers and coworkers, but remained in confusion without noticing them.

“Y, you hunted 31 all in one day yesterday!? That’s too amazing!”
“Is it really that amazing?”

I wanted to raise my level as fast as possible, but I don’t know how far garugaru hunting will go towards raising my adventurer level.
Because of that I did my best and kept on hunting, but is it that surprising?

“Of course it is! Listen here, in this Adventurers’ Guild, the record for the number of garugaru hunted in one day is 10. And at the time, the person was a B+ ranked magician.”

…… Well that would certainly be surprising. A child that’s not even a magician hunting 31 garugaru.
Oneesan continued her talk.

“The monsters are also not dumb, they would run away if they sense magic power. So even magicians can’t hunt this much.”

So that might be why I could hunt that many monsters.
Because the garugaru did not sense magic power, and was faced with a weapon they didn’t know of.

The oneesan narrowed her eyes in doubt.

“Did you have someone to help you by any chance?”
“No way, I did it by myself. It was because I had a good weapon.”
“Yeah, you’re right. If there is a helper with this kind of hunting ability, they’d have more to gain by hunting on their own…”

Having agreed, oneesan edited the tag using the magic feather pen.

“In that case I once again congratulate you. With this quest, Lute-san’s adventurer level has increased to level II”

Ooh, it got raised so quickly!

It looks like the Adventurers’ Guild made fair evaluations based on results, even if the adventurer was a child.

“Will you be taking a level II quest today?”
“Yes. Please make it a monster extermination quest like before.”
“Monster subjugation, is it. Now that you’re a level II, you can take quests going inside forests and quests for dealing with stronger monsters. The ordinary subjugation quests posted on the board pay about 1-3 silver coins per monster.”

She then listed the payments for eliminating each of the subjugation target monsters.

Garugaru, 1 silver coin.
Goblins, 1 silver coin.
Giant spider, 2 silver coins.
Man-eating lizard-snakes, 2 silver coins.
Orcs, 3 silver coins.

These seem to be the general outline of the monsters living in the forests on the outskirts of the maritime town Grey.

I have defeated GaruGaru’s yesterday.
And a long time ago I defeated goblins at the age of 8.
The great spider is a spider that is about 6 times larger than a common spider and attacks living things in the forest as a group.
The man eating lizard-snakes are poisonous, the poisoned prey will be unable to move and eaten by the big snake.
Orcs are 2~3m big demons with low intelligence but with strength and they’re resilient.

All of them are fairly strong but probably no enemy for the AK47.
It seems, at level 2 there are no high grade demons yet.

It seems the only one among them i need to be careful about is the poison of the man-eating lizard-snake. But at the tool shop an antidote fruit to that poison is sold and when eaten it immediately neutralizes it.
Once I get outside the Adventurers’ Guild it won’t be a problem to buy some.

If it’s as easy as this, I will be able to do level 2 quests as well.
If I have the modern weapons ‘S&W M10’ and ‘AK47’, suppression-like quests don’t seem difficult.

It’s an easy victory even if there is no particular adventurer teacher. Alright, I will keep going till I’m level 5 and surprise Snow.

――because I easily rose to level 2 I got extremely carried away.


At this time, I didn’t know that there is a trap that would warp my fate on a grand scale.


“Are you alone Lute-kun? In case you enter the forest for the first time I recommend to buy a map in the adventurer supported shop.”
“A map?”
“It’s for not getting lost in the forest. Unless you are together with a skilled adventurer, it’s safer to carry one. The price is 3 silver coins.”

For an instant, I thought 3 silver coins are expensive for a map.
But in this world there is no printing technique, everything is handwritten.
It is a consenting price, if I think about it.

However, even if I have the AK47, it’s dangerous to get lost inside the forest. I may run out of ammoThe bullets may be used up and there are concerns about food.
I will buy it according to the advice.

“Then since you have become level 2 please return after exterminating at least 2 or more carnivorous garugaru. The quests time frame is indefinitely.”

I received the tag where the level 2 quest was carved into the back and recalled something in my mind.

I tell my thanks the reception lady and leave the adventurer guild.

Without delay I will buy the map and antidote fruit, then head towards the adventurer guild supported tool shop.




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