Volume 3

Volume 2: Chapters 015-019


Volume 3: Chapters 020-049

Chapter 020 – Demon Continent

Chapter 021 – Kano Slave Market

Chapter 022 – Misunderstanding

Chapter 023 – Terms of Employment

Chapter 024 – Day 01 : Pudding

Chapter 025 – Day 02 : Mille Crepe

Chapter 026 – Day 03 – Final Day : Potato Chips

Chapter 027 – New Life

Chapter 028 – Battle Simulation

Chapter 029 – Onii-chan

Chapter 030 – Birthday Planning

Chapter 031 – Shopping

Chapter 032 – Brother

Chapter 033 – Surprise Party

Chapter 034 – War

Chapter 035 – Escape

Chapter 036 – Ojousama’s Decision

Chapter 037 – To the Dragon Continent!

Chapter 038 – Magic Stone Princess – First Part

Chapter 039 – Magic Stone Princess – Last Part

Chapter 040 – Vlad House, Signal of Counterattack!

Chapter 041 – Sniper Rifle

Chapter 042 – Participation

Chapter 043 – Girls’ Meeting at Night

Chatper 044 – Breaking In

Chapter 045 – Blooming

Chapter 046 – Rifleman’s Creed

Chapter 047 – Vampire

Chapter 048 – Reconciliation

Chapter 049 – Resolve

Volume 4: Chapters 050-067

This is a re-Host from re:Translations.


-Project Head-



Mexican – MIA
yt ty – MIA
tintin – somewhat MIA
Laverdy Pramula
Endo (PF only)
lilscarra – MIA
Khh Mart
Rainie Dai


Ronald Wangdra

Currently looking for Translators AND Editors for this project. Translators first though. If you’re interested in Guns versus Magic and Harem… poke rei_hunter or CptCupcake on iRC

Rifleman’s Cree-, wai-, wha-?

loli oath tumblr_mhq85asC3Q1ru1vb5o1_1280


46 responses to “Volume 3

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  2. well she will get the sniper but the one with the silencer will be for a long looong time for it to be translated, the semi auto will come 1st b4 the silencer


    • work fine for me ‘.’

      I enjoyed the chain of “NOPE” snipe Chrisse pulls off very much

      “She must be detecting us via X”
      NOPE – snipe a guy
      “Fuck this shit I’m outta-”
      NOPE – down boi

      Liked by 1 person

    • Sorry, I’m a bit burned out from helping Re:Translations on a different project and didn’t get to re hosting them here until now. I try to get them up within 1-3 days of their release.
      They’re (44-47) rehosted here now though.


  3. help tell person in charge of Retrans chap 44 and 46 link is broken
    or just please post it here :v tehee


    • Just for future reference, the fastest way to reach Re:Translations (for broken links to their GDocs) would be to jump into the iRC (mbbit) and inform them directly, or on the reddit release post.

      For broken links on Omega Harem (in terms of Gun-Ota re-host), it’s probably best to post on the most-recent Gun-Ota page you can get to (since then I’ll get the notification).


  4. Those links worked when I tried!

    Also thanks so much for the Gun-Ota Re: Trans peoples, you are rockstars!!!


  5. THANK YOU!! WHOEVER U R TRANSLATOR- THANK YOU. i hope somehow my best wishes reach him. thank you for all your hard work, all you guys


  6. I just have a quick question about Meiya, is she going to become part of the harem? If so, then wouldn’t it kinda be netorare since her childhood friend the first prince haves unrequited feelings (which usually means on sided love)?


  7. So since you guys cannot tell me how often the chapters are uploated, can you at least tell me if chapter 51 is out yet?


    • Nope its not out yet. Also if you want to find out how often something updates you could… I don’t know go to other website (re:translation google doc) or this site: https://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=114692 and average out the time for them to update, whichas it turns out ranges from once a week to once a month (this is kinda the reason no one gIves you an answer on how often they update, they tend to be well, random). For now I suggest you check the doc once a week or so if you want to know for now (or at lest the admin starts updating this page again which I’m certain he or she is on vacation or something).


    • Hey William,

      I’m currently the only one updating the re-hosts of Gun-Ota and didn’t create this page so I don’t get any notifications of comments on this page.

      Also, while I do upload the re-hosts, I don’t actually read this series so I’m not avidly looking out for updates on the light novel subreddit.

      If you are aware of a new chapter being released and it’s not yet re-hosted here, feel free to let me know by commenting on the most recent released re-host chapter as I’ll most likely get a notification there.

      Once I find out that there’s a new release, it should be re-hosted within 1-3 days.

      I apologise for the delays with the rehost of the most recent chapters though!


  8. “This is my loli. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Without me, my loli is useless. Without my loli, I am useless.” That last pic anyone know what anime this is from?


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