GunOta 26

Chapter 026 : 3rd Day – Last Day : Potato Chips

On the third day, morning.

Slipping out of bed, I changed into my butler clothes.

It is said that human beings could adapt to any kind of environment……I have surely adapted to acting as a butler recently. I’m simply happy that Chrisse ojou-sama is pleased about it.

Of course, it is also due to the good environment.

Both the Master and his wife are as open hearted and kind as masters go.

Head butler Merry still kept his distance from me, although he does not “create trouble to chase me out” like in shoujo manga. He just keeps an eye on me.

Head security Gigi-san and head maid Mercè-san gave their cooperation in helping me get closer to ojou-sama, I was really taken care of in the past 2 days.

If the 2 of them aren’t here, ojou-sama would still be afraid of me.

Once things have settled down, I would like to express my gratitude to the both of them.

Etching this thought into my heart, I check for wrinkles after changing into my butler clothes.

Opening my bedroom door, I greeted the waiting Mercè.

“Good Morning.”

“Good Morning, Lute. Then, let’s wake up ojou-sama.”

It is now the promised third day. Need to be fired up.

Thus begins a day in the Vlad house.

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

I entered ojou-sama’s room.

She’s still asleep due to listening to my story until late night, yesterday.

There’s still plenty of room even if 3 adults were to sleep on the canopy bed.

Ojou-sama’s eyelids are closed, eyelashes quivering.

Cheeks flushed in cinnabar red, lips red as rose and moist.

Blonde hair spread on the pillow creates an illusion of a divine princess from fairy tales.

Even so, her sleeping face is surely on the level where it could be labelled as ‘Angel’s sleeping face’ in art galleries.

Though I intended to observe longer, Mercè-san proceeded to wake her up.

“Good morning ojou-sama, please wake up, it’s morning.”

Mercè-san called out, pulling off the futon.

Like a cat feeling cold, ojou-sama cutely curled up.

However, Mercè-san gave pursuit without mercy.

“Ojou-sama, please wake up quickly. Today is the day your have acquaintances visiting. Waking up so late will cause them to wait for you, is that alright?”

Ojou-sama reacted to those words and raises her body slowly.

Eyes only half open, still noticeably sleepy.

“Good morning, ojou-sama.”

“Good morning.”

Ojou-sama seems to be sleepy, and the words on her mini blackboard looked strange.

But despite her sleepy state, today she didn’t become afraid when I drew near, unlike yesterday or the day before.

I felt a great sense of achievement and in my heart, I made a pose of pumping my fist into the air.

With sleepy eyes, ojou-sama started writing.

“Today Karen and the others are coming for afternoon tea party, could you make the ‘crepes’ cake that we ate yesterday?”

“I don’t mind, who are these ‘Karen-sama and the others’?”

“They are ojou-sama’s childhood friends. The 3 of them are girls and of the same age as ojou-sama.”

Mercè-san explained.

So they are ojou-sama’s same-aged childhood friends, huh.

Furthermore the words written on ojou-sama’s mini blackboard.

“Lute please do attend the tea party too. The story from last night was the most interesting, I want everyone to hear all of it.”

“Yesterday’s……ah, barusu huh.”

“Yes, barusu♪”

Ojou-sama merrily wrote on the mini blackboard.

I introduced these as stories popular in my home town, preemptively substituting trains, guns, cars, and radar to their equivalents in this world, but they still seem pretty interesting.

This is the first time I see ojou-sama being so happy.

Apparently Studio Ghibli works even in an alternative world.

That’s seriously awesome, Ghibli.

Caught in the moment, I attempted to open the thick curtain, which was like a dark screen, to have the sunlight shine onto ojou-sama.

Ojou-sama whilst happily writing characters noticed my intention and covered her eye.

“My eye~, My eye~”

“As expected of ojou-sama.”

It has been 11 years since I have been reborn into this alternate world.

I happily enjoyed exchanging otaku communication after such a long time.

Ojou-sama and I laughed at each other while making poses of holding down our eyes.

Looking at our figures, Mercè-san face hardened with surprise.

As I opened the curtain, I caught her expression at the edge of my sight, though I do not understand her surprise, for now I’ll just show ojou-sama my smile.

“Thus please allow me to tell my stories during the afternoon tea party.”

Ojou-sama smiled happily as she hears my answer.

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

After ojou-sama’s care is completed with Mercè-san, we had breakfast slowly.

I headed into the kitchen as soon as I finished eating.

Ingredients are lined up in a corner of the kitchen, which is now for my exclusive use.

Ojou-sama wanted to have the [Mille Crêpe] from yesterday, during her afternoon tea party.

Hearing that it is on the childhood friends’ request, caused me to feel fired up about making the [Mille Crêpe].

The crêpe from yesterday had rawberries sandwiched between the layers, today I decided to mash and mix them into the batter.

The crêpe layer was dyed pinkish.

I requested the lizardman head chef, sweet-toothed Malcolm-san to light the stove. Even though he is not a magician, he’s still able to use simple magic for cooking.

The fire is controlled by adding or removing firewood.

A few maids offered their help as they worried about me being a child but I declined them gently.

Although I am busy with preparation for ojou-sama’s friends, it’s not like it’s so bad that I need their help.

I made the crêpe the same way as I did yesterday.

After I am finished with crêpe batter, I left it to cool for a moment.

While the batter is left to be cooled, I finished making the custard cream quickly.

I had not only taken rawberries out of the refrigerator, but other fruits too.

I finished slicing the fruits thinly as they are to be sandwiched between the layers.

Next I smeared the custard cream on the crêpe, placed the fruit on top, and added another layer of crêpe, a process which I repeated.

When I’m done, I requested head chef Malcolm-san to help me cut the [Mille Crêpe] into a heart shape.

Finally, Malcolm-san decorated the [Mille Crêpe] with the leftover fruit and custard cream.

[Heart-shaped Mille Crêpe with seasonal fruits] completed!

As the batter is pink in color, it would be so wasteful to eat such a cute thing if I do say so myself. To that, I am very grateful to Malcolm-san for the decorations.

As ojou-sama’s friends are all girls, I think this will be received pretty well.

I gave my thanks to Malcolm-san, and asked if he could help me create one more snack.

I placed a deep pot on the stove, and poured oil in―

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

Ojou-sama’s friends have arrived.

They exchanged simple greetings with the master and madam before proceeding towards ojou-sama’s room.

Normally when guests are invited to tea parties, it would be held in the garden or at the terrace.

However due to ojou-sama being unable to leave her room due to the trauma of getting bullied, her parties would normally be held in her room.

Her friends knew of the circumstances, and this is not the first time they have done so.

Without even a twitch of eyebrows, they were escorted in.

Ojou-sama received the guests in her room.

As expected of a tea party with guests, she is now in her casual clothes instead of the normal pajamas. The light blue one-piece dress is well matched with her blonde hair and crystal clear skin, making her very lovely.

The dark-screen-like curtain stayed down.

The room is being illuminated through the power of magic.

Mercè-san and I participated in the tea party as stewards.

Their piercing gazes landed on the human child whom they are not familiar with.

“Nice to meet you, I am the butler apprentice, Lute from the human race. Glad to make your acquaintance.”

I placed my right hand on my chest, the left hand behind me, and quickly bowed my head in greeting.

Ojou-sama introduced her 3 childhood friends to me.

Bunny Bloomfield of the 3-eyed race.

At first glance, her physique looked like those of a cute human girl, however there is a visible eye on her forehead. That’s why they’re named the 3-eyed race.

Her family is running a currency exchange business.

As such she is very proud of her skill in counting money quickly.

“It is so unexpected that Chrisse-chan employed a human as a butler, and a male one too.”

The next person belongs to the Lamia race with a lower body of a snake and an upper body of a human, Muir Head.

“Isn’t it alright, he seems like a kind and pleasant person. As always, the Earl has a good eye for character.”

She gave her opinion leisurely while sticking out her red snake tongue.

Muir’s family seems to own a mine.

Her lower body, which was of a snake was not covered while her upper body wore a simple apparel that can be easily slid on, similar to a kimono. Her breasts are so big that one would not think of her to be of the same age as ojou-sama.

The 2 of them seems to be very friendly, but the last girl is showing an unhappy face.

Karen Bishop of the Centaur race.

She has the lower body of a horse and the upper body of a human girl.

Her hairstyle is tied in a long ponytail matching her race.

She did not sit on a chair but instead folded her legs on the floor.

“I don’t want to meddle with other families’ employees, but if you ever lay your hands on Chrisse I’ll never let you off easy.”

Is what she said in a threatening voice.

Her tone is like that of a samurai.

Her family does the manufacturing and sale of large-sized weapons and armor. Her race also deals with mercenary work, resulting in her (Karen) picking up martial arts from a very young age, which is how she ended up having this tone of voice.

Ojou-sama made a follow up after Karen.

“Lute is a nice person. He’s also good at making snacks, I had him make some for today’s tea party on a whim, too..”

In response to ojou-sama’s words, I lined the [Heart-shaped Mille Crêpe with seasonal fruits] and [Potato Chips (lightly salted)] on the table.

“Wow, so cute” Bunny of the 3 eyed race lets out in her girly voice.

“Hm, the looks aren’t too bad. The looks”, says Karen Bishop of the Centaur race.

“Karen is really……. However it is such a cute looking cake. But, this is……. is this potato?” Muir the Lamia tilted her head in wonder.

“That is correct. It is a snack called [Potato Chips]. It is made by slicing potato into thin slices before frying it with oil, then adding salt. Though it is not sweet, it has quite an addictive taste.”

The potatoes here look mostly the same as those in my previous life.

I just wanted to try it out, but the potato chips turned out just fine.

The flavor was given endorsement by Malcolm-san who tasted it.

I was fired up because of the impending arrival of ojou-sama’s friends and developed a new menu.

Swiftly, ojou-sama stretched her hand towards the [Potato Chips] from the new menu.

“It’s crispy, so delicious.”

She wiped her fingertips with a handkerchief and merrily wrote on her mini blackboard.

The other 3 also stretch out their hands, and they unanimously said that it was delicious.

In the mean time, Mercè-san brewed scented tea for everyone.

Next, I cut the heart shaped mille crêpe and distributed all of it to ojou-sama and friends.

It was performed so brilliantly, it is not an exaggeration to say that it’s a form of art.

“Although the [Potato Chips] are delicious, the cake is also tasty.”

“This repetition of sweetness and saltiness is so irresistable.”

The 3 eyed Bunny exclaimed in delight while eating the cake and potato chips alternatingly.

“It is just as Bunny-chan said.” ojou-sama said as she followed suit.


Karen showed an expression of “This is so frustrating, but I’ll eat it anyway”, as she ate the desserts.

(Even though it would have been alright to eat it normally…..)

Muir the Lamia kept sending me amorous glances as she sipped the scented tea.

“Were you called Lute-san? I’m so envious of Chrisse-san. To be able to eat such delicious food. If possible I would scout Lute-san to our house.”

“Even if Muir-chan asks, it is still impossible. As Lute-san is already the butler of our house.”

“Fufufu, that is so regrettable.”

Ojou-sama once again moved her fingers over the mini blackboard.

“Lute-san is not only excellent in cooking, he’s also apt in storytelling. Yesterday I listened to many interesting stories that I have never heard before. It is especially recommended to Bunny-chan.”

“It won’t be wrong if it is by Chrisse-chan’s recommendation. The book that I was lent previously was very interesting.”

Bunny of the three-eyed race seems to be ojou-sama’s fellow book lover.

However, someone poured cold water on the 2 of them.

“What Chrisse recommended to Bunny is a story where the hero saves the princess, isn’t it? If it is me, I will prefer one where the blood gushes and the flesh was rent.”

“Karen shouldn’t be one to talk. You only read books that are about heroic tales.”

Muir rebuked her slightly.

Ojou-sama wrote on the mini blackboard.

“Then, does Lute know of any heroic tales that Karen would enjoy?”

I was lost in thought at ojou-sama’s question.

A story that a martial artist type girl like Karen would enjoy…….

Then this should be perfect.

I cleared my throat to gain the attention of ojou-sama and friends.

Then I introduced it as a well-known story that is often told in my country and continued.

It might be presumptuous of me, but allow me to tell you of a story. The title of the story is [Chūshingura].

There was a movie that starred Keanu Reeves about it too, labelled as “47 Ronin”. – Sarah

The weapons and tools are substituted to their equivalents in this alternate world, so that it will be easier for them to imagine.

“Wonderful! The 47 ronin are the very example of loyal retainers!”

The martial girl Karen was by the time I finished telling the story worn out from crying.

Especially the last part where Ōishi Kuranosuke’s group ended their own lives caused an outburst of tears.

Her tears flowed continuously without care of being seen by the others.

As expected, ojou-sama and the two other girls were creeped out because of Karen’s crying.

After Karen wiped her tears with a handkerchief, she lowered her head towards Lute.

“Thank you for telling such an amazing story. I would like to have your forgiveness on the rudeness I showed earlier. I was being too stern because I was worried of a male by Chrisse’s side. Since you can create such delicious cakes and told such a wonderful story, there’s no way you’re a bad person!”

With just cake and a story! She’s too easily bought !

Of course, I didn’t say that out loud and only replied with a smile.

“I did not take it to heart, so Karen-sama, please don’t fret over it.”

A bright smile appeared on Karen’s face upon hearing my reply.

After that, it was girls talk until the evening.

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

We ate dinner after her friends returned home.

After we ate, ojou-sama went straight for the futon without having a late night party.

“I’m sleepy because I was up late yesterday, so I’ll go to bed now.”

I think the lack of sleep and the noisy conversation with childhood friends made her tired.

But if she sleeps as it is I will be returned to the Rano slave market tomorrow!

“Ojou-sama, to do this before sleep, I’m very sorry. But to be honest I have one wish for ojou-sama…”

“A wish? Please say it if it’s something I can do.”

With a friendly smile ojou-sama runs her finger on the mini blackboard.

I think the distance to ojou-sama was closed very much in these 3 days.

But if she refused… Simply thinking about it makes my stomach hurt.

I requested to ojou-sama while suppressing the trembling in my voice.

“…It’s already the 3rd day since I became ojou-sama’s aid. Today is the day of the deadline. Therefore I want ojou-sama to treat me as a blood bag and suck blood from me.”

Ojou sama was about to write letters on her mini blackboard but her finger stopped.


Ojou-sama looked my way. Straight at me.

Her eye’s color made my heart beat faster.

I feel as if I’m drawn in by Chrisse ojou-sama’s moist eyes.

“…Lute, come here.”

Ojou-sama writes letters on the blackboard. And then sits up and beckons me to sit on the bed.

While being beckoned, I move towards her.

When right next to her I feel her breath.

“Its the first time for me as well so I don’t know if I can do it well…”

Ojou-sama’s lips open slightly.

“I may be still inexperienced but take care of me.”

She grasps my finger in her small palm.

Usually blood is sucked from the neck or arm, I guess she plans to suck it from my finger.

Ojou-sama grasps the index finger of my right hand with both her small hands and puts it in her mouth with a *glomp*.

It’s warm inside her mouth.

Her tongue, like a different animal, licks my finger as if caressing it.

It seems she looks for a spot where blood can easily be sucked.

Ojou-sama’s pointed teeth tears my skin open.

Maybe because of the saliva, or some other reason, there is no pain.

Ojou-sama separates my finger from her lips.

A thread of saliva which shines between lips and finger forms and extends.

It’s stretching breaks off midway.

Mysteriously there is no wound on my fingertip.

All that’s there is a red mark like a insect bite.

As if ojou-sama had swallowed alcohol her cheeks are flushed and her eyes appear intoxicated and become blurred.

She writes on her mini blackboard while she is unsteady as if she were drunk.

“Though it was the first time, Lute-san’s blood was delicious.”

“I’m happy you liked it.”

Merce-san handed a handkerchief over to wipe off ojou-sama’s saliva which stuck to my finger.

After bowing, as I was about to leave the room, ojou-sama pulled on my shirttail.

When I turned around, ojou-sama who still was groggy, wrote shyly on the small blackboard.

“Thanks to Lute-kun everyone could spend an enjoyable time today. Thank you for always making delicious sweets and telling enjoyable stories.”

Ojou-sama gives her thanks shyly.

My facial expression turned loose from looking at her cute and enticing figure.

“Since I’m ojou-sama’s butler, although I am still an apprentice, it’s only the natural thing to do.”

As I answered with a smile, ojou-sama also returned a smile.

A warm and happy atmosphere filled the room.

The complete change in ojou-sama’s attitude compared to the first day where I began as butler was impressive.

“Well then, let me once again say: good night ojou-sama.”

“Good night, Lute-san, Merce-san.”

I and Merce-san bow and quietly close the room’s door.

Merry-san waited for me as we exited to the hallway.

“…Ojou-sama seems to have gone to bed baa~.”

He regarded my silence as confirmation.

“Then you were able to achieve the role as a blood bag?”

“Yes, thank you.”

Merry said nothing and nods quietly several times.

Even if I deceive him here, he would still be able to confirm with ojou-sama tomorrow.

Telling a lie would be meaningless.

“Merce, Lute. Master and madam are waiting for you. Please follow me baa~.”

Merce and I are following behind him according to his words.

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼

We arrived in the room where the master and his wife were waiting.

Upon entering, Head security Gigi-san awaits.

Everyone has gathered, Merry will be moderating while the meeting proceed.

“Master and madam, I would like to apologise for the trouble. The results of the 3 day examination is out and I would like to make a report baa~.”

“3 days examination? Was there such a thing?”

“Wa wa hawwa wa wa, isn’t it that. The results of the new magic lamp that appeared this time? If its performance is better than the previous one, it would be good to purchase the required amount. Haahahahahahahahaa!”

“No, you’re mistaken. It is the matter regarding whether Lute should be allowed to be the blood bag of ojou-sama whilst taking care of her or if he shall be forced to leave the Vlad family baa~.”

Both the master and madam showed faces indicating that they had forgotten about it.

Seriously, this couple…

The two remembered the conditions upon hearing Merry’s input.

Merry continued his speech.

“The conditions that master laid out was, [To act as a blood bag and allow ojou-sama to drink blood within 3 days, otherwise a refund will be requested to the slave house]. Lute has impressively completed this task baa~. Nevertheless…”

Merry cuts off.

Wait a minute! Don’t tell me that you are going to use your authority as the head butler to send me back to the slave house even though the conditions have been fulfilled!?

However, what happened was totally different from what I expected.

“Even if Lute failed to have his blood sucked, I had intended to propose for him to stay. According to Mercè’s report: Ojou-sama who has a fear of men is able to openly talk and joke; successfully led ojou-sama, who fears sunlight and venturing out, outside and allowed her to be capable of smiling while being showered by sunlight. To let go of someone capable of such achievements would be a great loss, both for ojou-sama, and the Vlad family baa~.”

Merry, no, Merry-san turned towards me and very deeply lowered his head.

“I am extremely sorry for saying terrible words like ‘requesting a refund from the slave house’ on the first day. I beg for your forgiveness in regards to my diatribe.”

“N, Not at all! Considering the position Merry-san is in, it’d be weird if you do not object! I did not hold a grudge against you!”

“I’m really grateful if you put it that way baa~.”

Master who was watching our exchange, lets out a hearty laugh.

“Hahahahahaha! Is that so! Lute has gone so far to get along with Chrisse! So for meeting the conditions Lute will be received in my Vlad family.”

“Very well Lute. I look forward to the all delicious sweets Lute will make after this.”

“Hahahahahahaaa! Certainly! Even if only considering the confections Lute makes, keeping him makes sense! Ahaahahahahahahaa!”

“Thank you! Master, madam!”

To my expression of gratitude, master and madam are laughing happily.

It seems I can remain in the Vlad house safely.

Merry-san’s gentle expression abruptly changed and became tense.

“”Well then, after this Lute will be ojou-sama’s exclusive butler and blood bag. For you to become a butler suitable to the Vlad family, I will guide you strictly baa~.”

“Yes, Merry-san! I will do my best to become a splendid butler!”

The next day, an official contract marking was stamped above the provisional contract marking, using a little bit of ojou-sama’s blood.

On the next day ojou-sama took a little bit of blood for the official contract marking to overwrite the provisional contract marking.

With this, I became an official member of the Vlad family and ojou-sama’s exclusive apprentice butler and blood bag.

Thank you for reading thus far!

Impressions, corrections and opinions are very welcome!

Update is scheduled on 21hrs, tomorrow, 16th December.

^ Author’s Note by the way. 😀


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  1. Er… kinda unexpected for someone who was a model gun otaku to actually be well-versed in cooking and improptu storytelling.

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