GunOta 42

Chapter 42 – Participation

Snow who is supposed to be studying at the magic school on the Fairy Human Continent, appeared in Meiya’s residence!
The chair flew from the momentum of me standing up.

“S-Snow!? Why are you here! You aren’t a fake, are you!”
[[Lute-kun! Lute-kun! Lute-kun!]]

Snow came running while calling my name in Fairy Human Continent’s language.

She jumped and wrapped her arms around my neck.
Her face buried was making “fuga fuga” sounds as she sniffed my smell.
The long-missed action caused a feeling of nostalgia to gush out within my chest, so much that I unintentionally hugged her until it hurts.

[[Lute-kun, you’re suffocating me.]]
[[So, sorry. I was so happy I hugged you too hard.]]

It took me awhile to be able to speak out in the Fairy Human language initially, as I haven’t used it in a while.
It’s the adverse effect for not using it in such a long time.

“Lute, what is she saying? And who the hell is she? She couldn’t be someone from the main family right……”

Karen moves in front of ojou-sama to cover for her.
I panicked and attempted to prove Snow’s innocence.

“You are mistaken! She is Snow, my childhood friend and fiancée, that was mentioned earlier!”

I switched language and asked.

[[Does Snow understand Demon Continent language?]]
[[Not a problem, as it is a mandatory class during the magic school freshman year.]]

Come to think of it, even though Snow is very weak in math from small, she is quite good in literacy.
I’m getting nostalgic of El-sensei’s lecture.

Snow parted her hands from me and gave a courteous greeting in Demon Continent Language.

“Pleased to meet you, I am Snow, Lute’s fiancée.”

Though the intonation was strange here and there, there mostly were no problems.
She continued her introduction.

“I attend at the Fairy Human Continents magic school. I am a A-minus Rank magician.”

I involuntarily let out my voice as I was startled.
Surely I must have misheard it, is what I thought.

“S-Snow! Surely you’re joking, that you’re a A-minus rank magician.”
“It’s the truth. I wanted to graduate as soon as possible to meet Lute and endured it. And so I became a A-minus rank magician. Of course it wasn’t by my strength alone, I was heavily taught by Shishou.”
“Un! Um, Shishou is a magician called [Freezing Witch]. I got along well with her and was taught many things.”
“F-freezing witch!?”

This time it was Karen who raised her voice in surprise

“Being a High-elf and called the [Freezing Witch], even among the High-elves there is only the one famous, having lived 1000 years and reached S-Rank magician!?”

A-rank is a position that only a few of the so-called [geniuses] reach.
S-rank is for those entities called [supermen], [freaks], and [monsters].

“Un, that person is my Shishou. She told me she was naming me the [Witch of Ice and Snow], but it’s kind of embarrassing so it’s hard to say.”
“No, you say embarrassing, that’s not the thing one focuses on……”

I reflexively let out a tsukkomi.
Snow tilted her head, it is not known if she understood it.

Idiots and geniuses are only separated by a fine line ―― I wonder what sort of campus life did Snow have at the magic school after she was sent there?

“……so why is Snow here? What about school?”
“That’s because obtaining A-minus rank at the magic school will garner enough credits to graduate without having to attend. Just as I was considering on going to meet up with Lute, that person said something terrible!”

Snow pointed to Meiya who was crouching within the table’s shadow in an attempt to hide herself.
Meiya was frightened in the face of Snow as if she was a small animal in front of its predator.
I never would have thought that the 2 of them were acquainted.
Just what happened between the 2?

“Calm down Snow. For the time being, explain to me from the start.”
“Un, understood. About that……”

Snow explained in sequence the reason for her being here.



Her first time meeting Meiya at the Fairy Human Continent magic school parlor.
She approached Snow with the desire to negotiate a price for the [S&W M10 2-inch] revolver that is in Snow’s possession.

Her friendly attitude suddenly changed as she raise her voice crying out, after Snow rejected her offer.

“Lute-sama was already killed by a monster! That is why, that Magic Tool should not be in the possession of someone like you who does not know its worth. In order to leave his achievement to/for future generations, someone such as myself should be the one to have it!”

Meiya, other than being a genius Magic Tool inventor, she could also speak in Fairy Human Continentlanguage.

But that brought forth disaster, having said what was on her mind.
As a result, Snow having been infuriated by the utterance, pointed the muzzle at the blasphemous Meiya.

After leaving the parlor, Snow once again made arrangements to go on a journey.
She believed that Meiya’s utterance was surely a lie, however anxiety was tightening her chest so she decided to first to head to El-sensei.
Because she believed that El-sensei surely knew where I currently was.

During Snow’s journey from the orphanage in Aljio territory to the magic school, it took around 3 months for a one-way trip on a carriage.
This time, her journey from the magic school to the orphanage was travelled in a straight line without dropping by any towns nor regard to dangerous roads where monsters and bandits appear, she reached her destination in about 1 month.

Again with your reckless actions……

Upon returning to the orphanage, El-sensei was surprised.

For the sake of inquiring my location from sensei, and she reluctantly held out a letter.
It was the letter that I wrote to El-sensei.

Fumbling at starting my adventurer life, being sold as a slave by a slave merchant and currently there is no problem as I am under the protection of the Vlad’s house as ojou-sama’s butler. Please do not worry, but as I do not wish to distract Snow from her studies do not tell her, so it was written.

As soon as she received the letter, Snow, without wasting a moment, headed for the Vlad House in the Demon Continent. And as she was going past a checkpoint in the Dragon Continent, it seems shesmelled a nostalgic scent.

Following that scent, she arrived at the Meiya residence and thoughtlessly jumped over the walls surrounding it, and when she entered the courtyard where I was at, she spontaneously cheerfully ran over …… or so it would seem.
Oy, isn’t this timing is way too good no matter how you look at it.

After sniffing my personal odor Snow said “It’s the best” while swaying happily.
No, nobody said to explain that much.

After separating when we were 10, I haven’t met with Snow for over 3 years.
Her body seems to have grown but… the more I get involved the “ahonoko”-ification seems to be progressing.

Having finished listening to Snow’s story, Meiya, with face paler than a ghost, came to us with the traditional Dragon Race dogeza.

“M-m-m-my apologies! Snow-sama! I was not aware that milady was Lute-kuns fiance and let such rude things come from my mouth!”

To such a sudden development Lute stiffened.
Meiya continued on.

“At that time, I have truly underestimated Lute-sama. However! That was when I was still ignorant of the untouchable majesticity of Lute-sama. Now, I am able to believe that Lute-sama cannot be killed by lowly monsters. So please somehow, do not throw away this number one disciple! If I were to be thrown away by Lute-sama, I would lose the reason to stay in this world! If such a time were to come, please ask me to kill myself.”

We-ell in truth I wasn’t killed by monsters, but was tricked by fake adventurers.

Also, Meiya keeps claiming that she is my number one disciple……

“…..Using ones life as a shield like that, and expecting forgiveness from the other is a bit different I think”

To Meiyas desperate apology, Snow takes a tough attitude.
I pat Snow’s head in order to calm her down.

“I did not know that you two had such a past, however it is not as though damage was caused? Plus now I am currently indebted in many ways to Meiya. So do not treat each other cruely. Meiya, I would not dismiss you as disciple. So please stop talking about such dangerous things as suicide.”

“Muu, if Lute-kun says so….”
“Th-thank you very much! Lute-sama! I am unworthy! This Meiya Dragoon will swear fealty to Lute-sama!”

Snow reluctantly does so, Meiya raised her face while shedding tears like a waterfall.
And as though doing a complete 180 unlike with Meiya, Snow turned to Ojou-sama, my current ?owner?, with a friendly attitude.

“Nice to meet you, I am Snow. Are you Chrisse-chan?”
[Y-Yes! That’s right!]

Ojou-sama hurriedly wrote the words in the Demon Continent’s Language.
Snow took Ojou-samas hand and said her thanks while tears formed on the edges of her eyes.

“Thank you! Thank you for saving Lute-kun. Truly thank you!”
[From my side as well, I keep being saved by Lute-oniichan in many ways.]
[As I am a year younger and it feels as though he is my older brother, I asked to call him Oniichan… Is it no good?]
“Uun, not at all, if anything I could even be jealous. If Lute-kun is Oniichan, then I’m Chrisse’s Oneechan right. Please call me Oneechan.”
[Hai! Snow-oneechan]
“That I managed to get such a cute little sister! I’m so happy.”

Snow hugged Ojou-sama without holding back. Her tail was also busily shaking back and forth with joy.
The shy Ojou-sama without being scared even though this was the first time meeting Snow, was smiling in her embrace.

As Snow lets go of Ojou-sama, she turns to Karen to introduce herself to her as well.
As they both wore ponytails, they seem to strangely get along.

And Snow utters a question.

“So, what are Lute-kun and the others talking about anyway?”
“If I were to talk about that it would be a really long story, though…..”

As I was scratching my head on where to start talking about it, Meiya voiced a proposition.

“Snow-san and Karen-san, must be tired as you just arrived from your journeys, so how about you both take a bath first to relax from it? After you finish with the bathing, it would just about be time for dinner, so how would it be to listen to it all as we eat?”

It is true that both of them had just arrived and must be tired.
Having them listen to more than they already have here in the courtyard, makes me feel bad.

“That’s right. Let’s do as Meiya suggested.”
“If Lute-kun says so, then we’ll do so. Karen-san, let’s go together to the bath”
“I-Is it alright? With my body being such…”
“It’s alright so let’s go together! Chrisse-chan too, since you’re all covered in mud, I’ll wash your back”
[Yes, Snow-oneechan!]

With this flow, Ojou-sama will also be going to take a bath it seems.
As Meiya will be giving orders to the maids, she will not be joining them to bathe.

And so it came that I will be telling the situation to Snow while we ate dinner.



▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼



After the bathing, Snow appeared in a Dragon dress.
As expected, there was no Dragon dress that could be used by Karen of the Centaur and so she came in the normal clothes she had prepared herself.

While eating dinner, we told Snow about the situation that is currently happened.
On top of that, I asked Snow for her cooperation
Of course even though it was asked of her by her childhood friend and fiance, it was not unconditional —- so it was told.

But, Snow without hesitating agreed to cooperate.
Ojou-sama while shedding tears very deeply said her gratitude.



Night, as I was about to sleep, a knock on the door.
As I open the door, on the other side—-

“I’m sorry I’m late.”

There stood Snow in pajamas, holding a pillow.
Wearing the engagement bracelet on her left arm, which was given a long time ago.

“After the long wait, I thought that we would be together tonight…. Is it no good?”

There is no way that it would not be alright!

“This is between me and Snow, you don’t have to reserve yourself go ahead and enter”
“…. If that’s so, I’ll be intruding.”

As Snow enters, she arranges her pillow onto the bed.
Her pajamas were a shirt on top and some shorts like hotpants below.
Since of course there is no such thing as a bra, she walks and the splendidly grown Omune-sama greatly sways.
As she walks barefoot, the healthy and slender silvery tail rises and harmonizingly swings along.

She grew in height and also unimaginably so in the chest area.
Though my mental age is 40, my body is still that of a young 13 year old.
To my fiance in front of my eyes telling myself “don’t lust” is the impossible part.

(C-Calm down myself. Truly in the Meiya residence….in another persons home to receive for the first time even for me would be past unpleasant. There is also the problem of Ojou-sama and the master and everyone… I will restrain myself.)

As I count prime numbers, I slowly get into the same bed where Snow is.
Even though she prepared a pillow by herself, she places her head onto my arm.

The chest on my flank! Snow’s legs are coiling around! I feel as though the chains of reasons are slowly starting to scrape and fall apart.

However, even such desire is extinguished, as I noticed that Snow was crying.

“Snow, are you crying?”
“Being able to be like this with Lute-kun, I was just so happy…”
“….Forgive me Snow. Even the engagement bracelet got ruined.”
“Uun, to be able to be like this with Lute-kun is all I want. Truly it’s good that you were safe.”

Snow buries her tear filled face.
As though she was on the edge of delirium she continued to mumble “It’s good that Lute-kun was safe” while continuing to cry.

I continued to repeat apologies as many times as I could, for thewhole night — I gently pet Snow’s head until she finally cried herself to sleep.



( ̄^ ̄)ゞ


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