GunOta 49

Chapter 049 – Resolve

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The night after the meeting..
In the Vlad house’s banquet hall that was used to hold Karen’s birthday party, a buffet was held in celebration.
Gigi-san as expected did not participate.
After finishing apologizing to all the people he caused trouble for this time, it would seem he intended to head off on a trip to look for the Master.

The main attendees are me, Snow, Chrisse-ojousama, Madam, and Meiya.
Then there is the person in charge of the meeting, Ojousama’s close friend, the Centaur Karen, also her other close friends, the three-eyed Barnie, and the Lamia Muir.
The head butler Merry-san, the head maid Mercè-san and the other servants shouted up cheers at the signal of the toast.

Tonight was an unrestricted binge to celebrate the victory of House Vlad.
The maids were split into groups making the food and going around bringing drinks, and participating in the party in shifts.

I am a butler’s apprentice, but due to my achievements I’ve been exempt from work for tonight.
However, even though the other servants still had shifts and were working, having been exempted from work, I stood in a shady corner at the back.

But in spite of that it seems I still stand out, as I had been caught by others as they were taking their shifts.
The first one was Merry-san the head butler.

“Truly, the punishment Gigi received from the Madam is far too light. Normally it is reasonable if someone committed treason that they be immediately executed. Don’t you think so too Lute? meeh.”
“I guess, however the decision was made by Madam.”
“Naturally. It is thanks to Gigi that we got to know the information that Master was sold to the Demon Continent as a slave. I think that part brought about some kindness, meeh.”

Though only complaints were uttered, he could not hide the relief in his voice.
After all is said and done, Merry-san’s and Gigi-san’s relationship is lengthy.

“At Madam’s request, from tomorrow on I will train you from scratch on how to be like Gigi, baa~”

Merry-san is the type to get carried away once he begins to lecture.
I brought my hands together in front of my chest and prayed for Gigi-san.

During our conversation Snow appears.
Snow’s appearance frees me from Merry-san’s ramble.

“Good work. Snow, If you weren’t there we wouldn’t have gotten to where we are so well. Thank you.”
“Uun, I am glad I was able to assist you Lute.”

“That’s a relief to hear you say so. What are you going to do now, Snow? Are you going back to the Fairy Human Continent Magic School?”
“I told you earlier didn’t I? I became a A- ranked Magician as well as a special student; I can graduate without even attending to school. So that way, I can always stay by Lute-kun’s side.”

Ah, that’s right.
Snow became an A- magician so she could meet me as soon as possible.
Just I was relishing in Snow’s greatness in more way than one, ojousama came along, pudding in hand.
Snow shows an interest in ojou-sama’s pudding, the two get along well and head towards a table.

Now it’s Meiya’s turn to make an appearance.

“You too Meiya, thanks alot. Without your help, surely we were unable to save madam and vlad house. Really thank you.”
“Lute-sama please! Please raise your face! First of all I am Lute’s foremost disciple, It is a matter of course to assist you.”

Meiya responds in her usual tone.
Now from her she posed to me the same question I did to Snow.

“Lute-sama, what are you going to do after this?”
“As it is as I am a slave, I will stay as a butler’s apprentice in the Vlad House and remain ojou’s blood bag.”
“If that is the case I will stay as well!”
“It is natural for your best disciple to remain at your side!”

Rather than deciding to live here without permission…. I believe there is no way you can selfishly decided on such state of things in this residence.
After all, there is far too much focus on her being my foremost disciple.

Madam who walked past just as this was being discussed joined in the conversation.

“Meiya-san is Vlad House’s saviour, it’s fine with me for her to stay here forever. The same goes for Lute.”
“Yes ma’am.”
Also as a reward, I release you from slavery. Now you are free.
“Ah, Madam!? But your husband is still in the Demon Continent. Why… when the situation is so dire?”

Madam stroked my head to reassure me.

“It is fine. My husband is not one to die easily. Lute should know that best with as many time as you two have dueled.”

The Count could certainly win even surrounded by dragons, doing so with a laugh.

“And besides compared to Lute, I know that muscle head better. Of course Gigi will also go on a journey to search for my husband.”

Set a thief to catch a thief—so the saying goes.

Madam connects the phrase with “That’s why ”.

“After being released from slavery, I don’t mind if you decide either to stay here and continue serving as a butler or chasing your dream to create an 『army corps legion to save people』.”
“Madam…. my dream… how?”
“Fufufu, because Snow-san told me. I think it is a rather good dream. So what will you do?”

“…….Please give me some time to think about it.”
“Yes, I do not mind. Well then, Meiya-san I wonder if you would let me hear your story too. Lute, the procedure for releasing you from slavery will be done tomorrow.”
“Eh, wait a… ! I as Lute-sama number one disciple must always be at his service!”

Meiya’s arm was captured and dragged by madam.
Maybe she did that, so that i could think for my decision without outside disturbance.

Thanks to that, I could ponder in tranquility.

‘I wonder why i didn’t immediately chose to fulfill my dream to create an army legion that help troubled people right after i was released as a slave?’

The reason was obvious.
I’m worried about Chrisse-ojousama.

She regained her confidence, but she is still weak to loneliness. That’s why, i believe that i need to stay by her side.

However, someday she will become the head of vlad house and marry another man. Until then will i continue to protect her?
That’s unrealistic. There are things I want to do. I can’t stay at this house until it happen. But….

Like a spiraling darkness, rumination swept over my mind.
While I’m lost in such contemplation, ojou-sama’s three best friends arrive.

“Oh, you are here. Why is the star hiding at the corner?” said Karen Bishop from Centaur race.
“This time I’m the only one who can’t do anything. I’m sorry”, says the three-eyed Barnie Bloomfield.
“If you say that, all I did was contact merry-san and the others.” said Muir Head from Lamia race.

“No, it isn’t just this incident that all of you have helped with, but I’ve been in your care for a great many things, so I really am gratefuly. Truly, thank you very much.”

Lamia Muir came to give me her thanks with a bittersweet smile.

“Well, I’m glad that you think that way, but… Ah, by the way, I know that you’ve been freed from slavery, but what is it that you intend on doing from now on?”
“…..You heard that?”

“I did, sorry. Though I did not mean to overhear.”

Barnie of the three-eyed triple apologized profusely.
I smiled in response and said that there wasn’t a problem.

“It’s okay. It’s not like it’s something unpleasant for others to hear, after all.”
“You say it’s not unpleasant to hear, but… Lute might quit being a butler. Does Chrisse know about it?”
“….. No.”

When I said that out, the Karen’s voice became heavy.

“Whoa, Karen.”
“…I know, Muir. Sorry Lute, it was a nasty question. We didn’t come here to condemn you, but rather to pass on a message.”
“Aah, It is from Chrisse. It seems she wants you to come to her room.”

Thinking about what she said, i looked inside the room.
Certainly I cannot find ojou-sama.
Not so long ago, she supposedly was eating pudding and mille crepe with Snow. Just when did she….

“Thank you very much. Now then, if you’ll excuse me, I shall go to meet ojousama.”

To the three, I lower my head and exit the hall.
On the way I meet the head maid Merry-san informing her I was headed to ojou-sama’s room.

She flashed me a sweet smile.

Said “Good luck Lute”, and left..

Luck with what?

I turn the other way and continue down the familiar corridor. Finally arriving at Ojou-sama’s door.



▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼



After knocking, i place my hand on the door.
After a few months, it was the nostalgic Ojou-sama room.
When rescuing madam, there was no time to visit this room.

The room was dark.
Only starlights pass through the window.

“Ojou-sama, it’s Lute. I’m here to deliver a massage from Karen and the others.”

Just like when we met for the first time, ojou-sama laid roundly on the bed covered with a blanket.

She was peeking through the miniboard with a cute red face.

[Sit here please.]

She tapped the mini blackboard next to her.
Per her order, I sat on the bed.

Ojou-sama with a flop sat next to me, then looked up into my face.
Her eyes were wet and tears could drop at any time.


Without realizing, I was pushed down by Ojou-sama.

On her small lips, mine lays on the bottom.
It was an immature kiss, where teeths collided because she was little bit too forceful.

Gently, our lips separated.
Ojou-sama’s face redden, as blood rush to her head.

“O, ojou-sama!?”

I hear her voice for the first time.
The shock from it was greater than the kiss.
Ojousama gazed straight at me as she confessed.

“Lu, Lute….. Onii-chan, I like, you.”

These are the first words I have ever heard from Ojou-sama.

She struggled desperately to squeeze out her words in an attempt to adequately express her feelings.

“I love… you. Make Chrisse….. your wife please.”

Stuttering because she hasn’t spoken for a long time, but her passionate feelings reached me.

With her faltering voice, she continued to speak.
About how she heard from Snow about my dream――『I want to help those looking for help』. And how predicting that I would leave one day, she didn’t want to part from me, and realised that she wanted to stay by my side forever.
About how she wanted to stay by my side, and in the same way that she was saved by me, she too wanted to save other people,

About how she loved me, didn’t want to part from me, and wanted to follow me to the end of the world.

Although she faltered, Chrisse-Ojousama gave it her all to convey that to me.
Pitiful like a small child, she was really lovable.
My chest gradually grew hot.
However, I already have Snow――
Had the orders in which I met them been different, I wonder how my reply would have been.

I placed my hand on Ojousama’s shoulder, and stood up.
Sitting down once more, I corrected my posture.

“I’m really happy that you feel that way, Ojousama. However… I have Snow as my fiancée. I cannot betray her.”
“Lut, e-Oniich, an, I li… ke, you. I love, you. I’ll try, my best, with the rif, le. So… please,, don’t leave … me”

That’s foul play.
There’s no way that I could abandon Ojousama.

Thanks to her, I was picked up by the Vlad House.
Had things gone badly, I might have been sold as a male prostitute, or sent to work in a mine until I died.
And moreover, she might become depressed and hole up in her room again. In that room that even the sunlight couldn’t enter. Ojousama would once again stop moving forward, and spend a long time by herself.

Just having that scene float through my mind made my heart feel like it was being blended to shreds.
What’s more, just imagining another man’s hands run over her limbs was enough to make me feel violently ill.
I want to protect her.
I want her to be mine.

Chrisse Gate Vlad is adorable…-!

But still! Even still――!
I can’t betray Snow!

“I like you too, Ojousama. I love you. However… I also love Snow. It is… impossible for me, to betray her.”

Ojousama’s shoulders dropped sadly.
She sluggishly reached her hand out for her mini-blackboard.

[As expected, I could not win against Snow-Oneechan.]
“…I’m sorry. But, had the order in which I met you two been the other way around, I think the result would have been different.”
[I understand… Then, I will also give my all to support you, as your second wife, Oniichan.]
“Yeah. You’ll have to give your all as my second wife… Huh?”

[Snow-Oneechan and I made a promise. If I wasn’t able to become the first wife, then I would marry Oniichan as the second wife.]
“HUH!? When was this?”
[Our late-night meeting at Meiya-san’s house.]

Meiya, night, night meeting… That time!?
Ojousama hiding bashfully behind Snow wasn’t because she heard about my embarrassing past!?

As I was recalling that day, with good timing, Snow came along into the room.

“Chrisse-chan, are you finished talking?”
[Yes. I could not win against you, Snow-Oneechan. However, I want to support Oniichan from now on as his second wife.]
“Ehehehe, I believed in you, Lute-kun. As you’d expect, the bonds between childhood friends who’ve been together since they were born are quite strong, huh? But you don’t have to worry, Chrisse-chan. Lute-kun is definitely the type of person who’ll love us equally without caring about first or second, after all.”
[All right! I will try my best as well, to support Oniichan with you, Snow-Oneechan!]
“Mn! From now on, let’s try our best together.”

The two of them easily consented to bigamy.
Certainly, in this world and age, polygamy and the like isn’t really uncommon.
It’s cultural differences…

“W-, Wait! Wait a moment! Ojousama is already the head of the Vlad House! Can you even marry into somebody else’s family?”
『There are no problems. The vampire race is a long-lived race, so as the family head on paper, I can give birth to a successor, and have that child inherit the position instead. That’s why there isn’t a problem with marrying you, Oniichan. Okaasama has already approved.』

SUGOI, the prep has already been dealt with?

And so, Ojousama and Snow began to talk amicably.
It seems that the two of them are deciding on the timetable and rules for our newlywed life.
Since the two of them seem to be having fun, it would be tasteless for me to say anything more.

And moreover, Ojousama――now my wife, Chrisse, was truly happy. I love her too after all, and I cherish her. She gets along with Snow, too.



And so I was able to gain a brilliant sniper as my second wife.



Volume 3 End

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  1. Not really surprising that the girl whose confession of love was “make me your sex slave” would do something like this.

    Ironically the one who ended up spending time as a slave was Lute though.

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      check this video about one girl and 2 husbands


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