GunOta 51

Chapter 051 – New Life

I’ve been working on [Combat Protectors] with Meiya all morning.
I also spent some time accompanying her as she practiced assembling handguns.

She has been earnestly investing her time after discovering the method for producing iron plates with my help. In order for her to master it, she has been learning through the usage of her body by touching, licking, sniffing the odor, punching it to feel the hardness, nibbling it, and even pressing it to her cheeks to feel the harsh coldness of it.

In addition, she would draw it onto several sheets of paper and carry those with her to sleep, like a lover.

…… I think there was a scene like this in Hu○ter×H○nter.
Although she has made an effort, I feel that she is still a little bit short on receiving a passing mark.

I’m indebted to her, so I’ll cooperate with her as much as possible.

However, because this amount of effort wasn’t enough even for the genius Meiya, conveying a mental image  to magic liquid metal is probably considerably difficult for the people of this world. It seems that this would be  difficult to teach to normal magicians.



After lunch, I took Snow and Chrisse to the Adventurers’ Guild branch in the Dragon Continent.

The Adventurers’ guild had mostly the same appearance as the one in the Fairy Human Continent.
It was a three story building the size of a gymnasium, Adventurer-like people continuously came and went from it.

“So this is the Adventurers’ Guild.”
[It’s big.]

As this is Snow and Chrisse’s first time, they became oddly emotional.
I thought it was curious too when I visited for the first time, so I understand their feelings.

I took the girls inside the building.
The system here was also the same, I took a ticket from the information lady and at the same time took a set of registration forms for Snow and Chrisse.
I also took the documents required for reissuing tags.

While we waited, we filled in the necessary information.
We finished writing right when our ticket number was called.

“…… what is wrong?”

After confirming who was sitting at the private counter, I let out a shriek.
The receptionist who took care of my beginner registration four years ago in the Fairy Human Continent was there.

Even after four years, she still looked like she was in her early 20’s, and as befits one of the Demon Race, she had sheep-like horns protruding out of her head and a pair of bat-like wings on her back. She looks as good in her Adventurers’ Guild clothes as ever.

It seemed like she didn’t recognize me.
That’s a given.
Compared to four years ago, I have grown taller and also my face has changed.

“Do you remember me? I’m Lute, you helped me with registering as an adventurer four years ago in Grey, a Port Town of the Fairy Human Continent. The one who hunted 31 Garugaru.”
“-!? Lute-san! So you are still alive!”

The moment I said [31 garugaru], the receptionist remembered immediately and showed a surprised face.
As I thought, I was thought to be dead over there.

I once again told how I ended up being deceived by a fake adventurer and was sold to the Demon Continent.
And now I’m safe, released from slavery, and live freely.

Because she was a demon, she was relocated from the Fairy Human continent into the Demon continent.
She told me that she was worried when didn’t return.
I apologized for making her worried because of my mistake.

“So this time I am requesting for the reissue of my adventurer’s registration, and newly register my companions here.”
“Certainly. I’ll be taking these documents, then.”

She took the documents and checked them.

“Adventurer re-registration for Lute-sama, and a new registration for the other 2… right?”

She stared at the documents.

“….errr sorry, it’s written here that you 3 have all circled the married status?”
“That is not a mistake, I’m married to both of them.”
“Yes! I’m Lute-kun’s wife.”
[I’m also Lute-oniichan’s wife.]

Snow and Chrisse showed their left hands.
They also shake the bracelet, made by me with magic liquid metal, on their arms.
Of course I showed mine too.

Last time  Snow and I were just engaged, so I did not circle the married status.

But now, I have already performed the wedding ceremony with Snow and Chrisse.

Even though it is called a wedding ceremony, we did not exchange vows of love in a church. We just publicly informed people that we are married. Together with Snow the three of us held the wedding ceremony in peace.

Madam did give me the money for the bracelets, but still, for marriage bracelets, I wanted to buy them myself.

Therefore I requested to buy Meiya’s magic liquid metal with the money I had been saving.
To create bracelets for Chrisse and myself.

Compared to Snow’s, the design is thinner and more delicate (reminiscent of the lost bracelet which I had with Snow).

To Snow & Chris, they were satisfied with these sort of marriage bracelets. However, I’m not convinced.
I decided to buy suitable marriage bracelets with a little more charm in the future, and give one to each of them.

When the receptionist onee-san looked at our wedding bracelets, she was more surprised than the time I had hunted 31 GaruGaru.

“N, no way! You’re only 14 and 13 years-old! Sheesh, kids these days! *sigh*… that must be nice~, although this onee-san has a job like this, I have never had any fated meetings at all. There’s no way we can lay our hands on adventurers—and  office romance is also strictly forbidden. Just where do they think we’re supposed to find love.  My parents are also annoy, always saying things like marriage this and grandchildrens that……”
“I.. I see…”

The onee-san suddenly complained with a grumble.
Although I thought that she is the type who would be popular, it seems like I was wrong

However, as expected, she did not derail forever, and she expressed her business smile afterwards.

“Then, one silver coin for the initial registration, and five pieces of silver coins if you want to have a reissue, Do you have any problems with this so far? Originally, Reissuing requires an interview, but because Lute-sama seems to be the victim here, I’ll just end it with a stern warning. However, if a similar incident happens again, there’s the possibility that you will be judged as incompetent and won’t receieve another reissue, so please be careful.”
“I, I understand, I will be careful, no problem.”

The receptionist confirmed the documents when she heard my consent.

Chrisse and my documents were scanned.
Next, she paused during Snow’s document check.

“Magician A- Class !?”

She once again revealed a surprised voice, following this, other adventurers began to rustle towards us.

“A- rank magician, isn’t that the realm which only a handful of geniuses can enter?”
“Furthermore, at such a young age … how awesome.”
“She must have a lot of magic power…”

“According to the things I heard just now, it seems like that guy is the 2 girls’ husband.”
“Bigamy!? Furthermore, at such a young age … awesome.”
“He must have a lot of vigor.”

I heard the whispered talks of the adventurers

Regrettably! I’m still a virgin!

Indeed, in my previous workplace – my wife’s Vlad house – if we were to have our first time there it would certainly be awkward, also there’s also no way we can do it while traveling.

In Meiya’s Mansion, the girls each have their own rooms.
Having our first time at an acquaintance’s house, would certainly also be awkward even for them.
We do sleep together in the same futon at night, but….

We kiss and hug each other, but we haven’t gone further than that.

The receptionist timidly asks Snow.

“I’m sorry to ask you this, but do you have any magician school certificates which can prove your class?”
“The school in the northern region of the Fairy Human continent. I do not have a diploma because I have yet to graduate from it. I’m treated like a scholarship student there so my graduation is for certain.”

The receptionist had a difficult expression after hearing Snow’s explanation

“….I apologize once again. If you have no certificate, then I cannot give you any special privileges as a Class A, Will you be alright with this?”
“By privilege you mean…?”

She answered my question.

“You can begin adventuring as a level III adventurer. Also, there is a special allowance granted by the Adventurers’ Guild for purchasing equipment.”
“If it’s only that, then there’s no problem without it right?”
“Yes, no problem.”
“Well then, I shall inquire from here to the magician school in order to confirm whether Snow is an A- Class or not. Though it will take time, if your level is still less than level III when I receive proper validation, please inform me to raise your level when that time comes.”

I consented to Snow’s verification and abandoned the special privilege.
Leaving that aside, I requested for a quest from her.
The receptionist understood my intentions due to a long acquaintanceship and she showed the duties of a level I adventurer, which is about demon extermination, rather than miscellaneous duties.

This level I  quest is a demon extermination in the outskirts of the town.
The target demon is named Bakupaku.
The clear condition is to hunt at least one Bakupaku

Bakupaku is a four-legged beast
The official documents stated that they were to gather the horns on their heads.
The horns seem to be an ingredient of a beneficial magic medicine.

I received the tag on which the contents of the quest was written.
We received the quest and left the Adventurers’ Guild.



▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼



First, we went back to Meiya’s mansion to prepare our equipment.

The AK47 was for me.
A rucksack that holds a water bottle, the container to put the horns, 2 spare magazines, and 5 sets of 6 『7.62x51mm NATO rounds』which wereChrisse’s reserve rounds.
I stocked 2 magazines within the magazine pouch located to the left and right of my waist.
I also equipped a knife behind my waist.

For Snow, the『S&W M10 2-inch』 revolver, with two sets (6 rounds each) of speedloaders in both her pockets. Honestly, this was just for her self-protection. The chance for her to use it, is probably low.
She also equiped a knife to her waist.

Chrisse placed her M700P onto her shoulder using a sling. She tentatively placed her cartridges in a pouch located to the left and right of her waist. However, she was different from us, 6 pieces per pouch with 2 rows of one fixed type. She had a total of 24. In addition, I also gave Chrisse a knife for safety purposes.

We borrowed two horned horses from Meiya and set out from town.
The wide plain outside the town continued as far as the eye could see.

Snow was riding one of the horned horses, while I had Chrisse sit in front of me riding the other horned horse.
Snow learned how to ride horned horses at magic school, while I learned from Gigi-san.

Chrisse searched with her inherently sharp eyesight for the Bakupakus that would become our prey.
There were monsters that seemed to be them, roughly 600 metres in front of us. There were three of them.

We got down from the horned horses, and approached the prey while downwind from them.

“You haven’t put a cartridge in yet, Chrisse?”
『I will do so once we are a little closer.』

She took out just one bullet from her pouch, and placed it in her pocket.

Once I was about 200 metres away, I could see them as well.

They were about a size bigger than the pigs and boars in my old world.
They numbered three.
They looked like Malaysian Tapirs with horns and fangs.
Their appearance was a bit fantasy-esque, but because of that, seeing them eat their prey was odd.
They were muscular enough that even I could tell from a distance, and seemed like they would be annoying to take down by sword alone.

However, we have the AK47 and the M700.
We’re needlessly overspec’d for this.

“Snow, Chrisse. Are there any people here besides us?”
“…Mn, it’s clear.”
『I did not catch sight of anyone either. There is nobody here but us.』

So that I wouldn’t make the same mistake as the one I made roughly 4 years ago, I made sure that there wasn’t anybody in the area but us.
The area around us was a needlessly large grass plain.
There wasn’t anywhere a person could hide, but just in case, I had the magician Snow, and the sharp-sighted Chrisse to check.

After this, as decided, we wouldn’t be using Body Strengthening.
It’d be annoying to have our magic detected and be forced to escape after all.

I released the safety.
Switched it to semi-automatic.
I pulled the cocking handle, and moved a bullet into the chamber.

Chrisse also pushed one into her magazine.

As we approached the bakupaku by foot, as we expected, they noticed us and became intimidated.
Despite seeing an unfamiliar cylindrical object, probably because of a young age, they came charging towards us without fear.
I shot at them from a standing shooting position.

Three gunshots.

Chrisse cleanly shoots through the middle one’s forehead.

I also fired through one of their foreheads.
Another round went through the remaining one’s foot to deprive it of it’s movement.

Snow gave the decisive blow by magic
The reason for purposely doing this kind double effort is to prevent the prey from escaping if magic is sensed.

I picked up the empty cartridges that have fallen, and placed them into the sack,

“Snow, burn the corpses after cutting off the horns.”

As she answered lightly. the horn of the Bakupaku were cut, and the corpses were burned.
I placed the procured horns into the small sack

We returned to the place where we had dismounted from the horned horses
The horned horses didn’t seem to be surprised by the gunshots as they did not run away. They were eating grass carefreely.

Afterwards, we traveled to the meadows before the day ended, and got our spoils due to Chrisse’s eyesight.
We were able to secure 30 horns in total
One set of ten per person.

We did not go straight to the guild and convert our goods for money, instead, we returned back to the house and placed our AK47 and M700P there first. A precaution to the last.

Of course, we ventured to the guild to update the records of the newest members.
Snow & Chrisse improved their rank to adventurer level II. Mine remained the same.
I was able to begin a favorable new life this way





( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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  1. “We just publicly informed people that we are married.”

    That is the least romantic thing I’ve ever heard. While I’m definitely not saying there has to be some ostentatious formal ceremony, at the very least there should be some moment of romantic gravitas just as any to which any formal ceremony is designed to lead. Not just get your family together and say AYYYY LMAO BOI WE DONE GOT HITCHED AW YEAH

    I know it shouldn’t bother me, but I like all three characters enough that I felt they deserved something more in regards to a major event in their love lives.


  2. I have to wonder…. why couldn’t life just manufacture the equipment to create the metallurgy required to help his disciple along…

    He could also let her discessemble bullets to attempt a better understanding.

    I believe it was partially explained how by Lelei in JDSF:Gate how she worked out explosive force for use as a weapon… a magic atudent figured it out through observation.

    Yes, it might be different implementing it from a gun perspective but at least she’d be on the right track.

    “Compressed magical explosive force ignited by impact.”

    You wouldn’t think that be too hard to duplicate.

    Loved the chapter, thanks for the translation. Manga moving to slow so forced to look at the web novel!

    Aside from that, not sure I. Plus hold myself back if I was in a 14 year old body with two wives like this… parents house or acquaintances house be damned… pitch a tent and have fun…;)


  3. For once, we get a confirmation that they are together for life instead of having to worry and think “who is he going to choose!??!?!!” for the rest of the novel, a rarity when it comes to japanese novels.


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