GunOta 52

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Chapter 052 – A setback in our New Life


“I think it’s about time: we really need to get self-sufficient.”

It’s the third day since we advanced to Level II Adventurers.
Snow suddenly said that at the breakfast table.

According to her, considering Meiya is my disciple, it’s strange to have everyone rely 100% on Meiya alone.
We’re already 14, and next year we’ll be adults at 15.
What’s more, though we’re just beginners, we’ve started working in the adventurer trade.

That’s why it’s about time that we stop depending on Meiya and begin paying for our necessities with our own income――or so Snow was saying.

The lord of the estate, Meiya, objected to Snow’s suggestion.

“P-, Please wait! What are you saying!? I am Lute-sama’s number one student! The belongings of the student are the belongings of the master! That much is common sense! So there is not the least reason for any of you to feel reserved.”

“…Um, nah. Meiya, this time Snow is right.”
『I think so as well.』
“Lute-sama!? Even Chrisse-san!?”

I used hand gestures to calm the agitated Meiya.

“On top of providing the essential magic liquid metal, you’re even providing a place where we can perform research. If you provided our food and shelter as well, that really would be taking advantage of you.”

Having finally noticed after Snow pointed this out, I’m finding this situation too unhealthy.
Certainly, from Meiya’s point of view as a rich person, providing for our lifestyle is just a drop in the bucket. Indeed, it’s probably a joy for her to to live under the same roof as a an expert in her field of interest, and to be able to ask him questions whenever she wants and receive lessons every day.

But for us, it’s something that’ll turn us into useless bums.
It’s that saying. 『A hedge between friends keeps friends good friends』.

We’ve lately been accepting adventurer quests, particularly at Level II, so we have a decent amount of money anyway.
I’d also like to contribute to the orphanage.

Taking Meiya’s support while donating to Elle-Sensei’s orphanage――that’d just be putting the cart before the horse.

“It’s just as Snow says. Let’s leave Meiya’s estate and become independent.”

Snow and Chrisse accepted my decision.
Meiya alone let out a shriek, and began throwing a tantrum like a child rolling around the floor of a toy store.

“I don’t want that! I don’t want that! What’s wrong with living happily with everybody else?! Even though I’m Lute-sama’s number one disciple! I don’t want to be apart from everyone!”

…It’s pretty tough seeing a fully-grown adult act like a spoilt child.
I kindly persuaded the complaining Meiya like a gentleman.
This is what I said.

I won’t forget the support that Meiya’s lentus so far, and I’ll come here every day to research and develop new weapons. To do that, I intend on leasing a house close to Meiya’s place.
That’s why Meiya can come over to play whenever she likes. We’ll welcome her, of course, and she can stay over too.

Meiya wouldn’t go against her master’s decision, and once she heard she could come play at any time, and might stay over, she folded.
Only, as a compromise, she wanted permission to go to the estate agent with us. Apparently she plans on finding us a place close-by, no matter the cost.

“Alright, I got it. Then today we’ll be taking a break from research and questing, and all go look for a house instead.”
“Got it~”
『It’ll be nice if we find a good one, won’t it?』
“Please leave it to me, Lute-sama! I know a lot of people, so they’ll be able to accommodate you in various ways, and even though it mightn’t seem that way, bargaining is my strong point!”
“When it comes time to haggle, then, I’ll be counting on you, Meiya.”
“Understood! By all means, leave it to me! Lute-sama’s number one disciple, this unworthy Meiya Dragoon, will gladly stake her life on this!”

I reflexively tsukkomi’d, 『No, there’s no need to stake your life』.



And thus, today’s plans were to go real estate shopping.



▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼



We weren’t heading out on a quest for the Guild, so we weren’t wearing the usual rough-looking outfits.
The girls were all wearing the traditional clothing of Dragon Continent .

Snow was sporting a ponytail and a Dragon Dress. It would look unstylish to have her『S&W M10 2”』 in a chest holster, so she had it strapped to her leg. Seeing the revolver peeking out from her legwas oddly erotic.

Chrisse was wearing a Dragon Dress and had her hair done up in Chinese double buns. Because she was slightly built, she really looked like a doll, so it suited her.

Meiya was wearing a Dragon Dress as well, and, with a fan in hand, she walked ahead to show us the way.

I also got from her a traditional male outfit of the Dragon Continent, the Dragon Kung Fu outfit. I do have my gun belt wrapped around me with the 『S&W M10 4”』 for self-defence. But the gun belt doesn’t go well with the Dragon Kung Fu outfit.

With my right hand in Snow’s, and my left hand in Chrisse’s, I left the estate with a ‘flower in each hand’.
A carriage Meiya had prepared was stopped before the front gate of the estate.

We boarded the horse carriage.
Apparently the driver had already been told the destination, and the moment everybody was on board,the young coachman began whipping the horned horses on his own.

It took about thirty minutes by carriage.
The place that Meiya brought us to was an estate agent――called a 『Building Agency』 in this world.

The store was a two-story building built from a marble-like stone, and gave the same atmosphere as the shop where I went with Chrisse to buy Karen’s present.
When we entered the shop, a middle aged man who seemed to be the shopkeeper ran over with a smile.
Apparently she’d told him in advance that we’d be coming.

“Welcome, Meiya-sama. Thank you truly for making use of our shop today.”

The man smiled from the bottom of his heart, and welcomed Meiya.

“To be honoured with the visit of a personage like yourself representing the Dragonoid Race has moved me. It doesn’t have to be right now, but would it be all right if perhaps you wrote a few words about us?” [autograph]
“Yes, that’ll be fine.”
“Thank you very much!”

I had heard that Meiya was a well-known genius artificer of magic tools, but I had had no idea that she was this popular. The attitude that they took is like how you’d behave if a famous movie star visited.
Even besides the middle-aged man, the other staff members were gazing at Meiya with sparkling eyes as well.

Meiya seemed used to it: she acted like it was nothing, and was relaxed as ever.

“Today, my teacher, Lute-sama, has come to look at the properties. Could you show me the properties close to my estate?”
“Y-, Your teacher, Meiya-sama?”

The man’s voice went a little shrill at Meiya’s introduction.
He seemed shocked that the genius Meiya had a teacher, and that said teacher was clearly younger than she was.

But he was a professional.
A smile immediately returned to his face as he greeted me.

“Well then, I will select a number of houses close to Meiya-sama’s estate, as well as a few other recommendations, so please sit by that counter and wait.”

We continued inside and sat at a counter like one you’d find in a bar. We sat in order. Meiya, me, Chrisse and Snow.

Before long, a man brought over to us papers with the houses’ details.

“These are the properties close to Meiya-sama’s house. And these are the properties that our shop recommends.”

I accepted the papers and immediately took a look but… so expensive! Ridiculously expensive!
The most expensive one was 50 gold coins, roughly 5,000,000 Yen, a month!
Even the cheapest one was 1 gold coin and 6 silver coins, roughly 160,000 Yen, a month!

“My, they’re unexpectedly cheap, aren’t they?”
“However, not one of them is low in quality. Our store is proud to say this.”

Nonono, they’re expensive, aren’t they? Way too expensive, right?
I’m just guessing, but this place isn’t a store for commoners like us, but is a Building Agency targeting people from the upper class.

I forgot to take Meiya’s economic situation and sense of money into account.
A cheaper place that’s big enough for three people is fine.
There’s absolutely no need for a pool in the garden, a water fountain, or a banquet hall so big that you could probably hold a dance party in there.

(Beg Meiya’s pardon, but let’s endure the shame and leave this shop. Then we’ll go to a place that’s more――suited to our status.)

Just as I was about to cut off the man in front of me in order to leave the shop… Meiya arbitrarily advanced the conversation.

“This one is fine. It is right by my estate, after all, and the house is fairly large too. I like it. Let us have this 10 gold a month property for 1 silver.”
“Did you not hear me, perhaps? I asked you to loan out this 10 gold per month property for 1 silver per month.”
“E-, Even if it’s you, Meiya-sama, that much is…”

Hearing the sudden demand, the man whose eyes had been sparkling thus far was now troubled and evading answering.
Well, of course.
No matter how famous Meiya might be on the Dragon Dude Continent, and even if she’s the subject of adoration for the people of the Dragonoid Race, telling him to lend out a 10 gold property (roughly ¥1,000,000) for 1 silver (¥10,000) is obviously unreasonable.
But she fell into a bad mood because things didn’t go as she wanted.

“Could you perhaps speak my name once more?”
“Y-, You are Meiya-sama… B-, But! Even if you are Meiya-sama, there are things that one can do, and things that one can’t, and,…”

In terror, the man fervently wiped the sweat flowing from his brow.
However, Meiya’s attitude grew even more unyielding.

“My name is Meiya Dragoon. Moreover, the one that we will have living in that house is my master, the world’s strongest magic tool artificing genius, Lute-sama, you know? Just having Lute-sama live there is a great honour. That property would become holy ground. Could you perhaps be intending to take rent from a god, for living in a temple? On the contrary, just having them live there is an honour, so do you not feel that you should be showing your gratitude instead?”

“Or could it be,”――she said, as her eyes glinted coldly,

“That you people wish to lose your place here on this continent?”

With this one line, all the staff of the Building Agency grew paler than ghosts, and began to tremble.
Meiya’s words were not an empty threat.
Her name was the most famous after that of His Majesty the Emperor, and if you incurred the wrath of Meiya, who was favoured even by the next Emperor, you really would lose your place on this Dragon Human Continent.

The man in charge of the counter started pleading, with the complexion of a sick person.

“P-, Please spare us from that! My youngest daughter is only 10! If we are driven out from here, just where would we go!?”
“I neither know nor care. Just go wherever you please. If you are unhappy with this, is there not something you should be saying? Or could it be that you intend on disgracing me further?”
“U-, Understood. This 10 gold property will be rented out for 1 silver per month…”
“Hah? Are you perhaps speaking in jest?”
“Uu-, please live in this 10 gold property. We will pay you 10 gold a month to do so, so please…”

“How was I, Lute-sama!? I have tried my best for your sake, Lute-sama! Of course, this much is a matter of course for your number one disciple! And so, no thanks are required. H-, However, if by chance you wish to thank me anyway, then a bracelet of about this size for my left arm as well might be nice~ or so I was thinking. Wai-… Fue?”

Her face red, Meiya turned to look at all of us, and came to know reality.

I, the person that she’d thought would be rejoicing――had instead backed away from her.
Snow and Chrisse had backed away as well.
Chrisse even had teary eyes.

“U-, Um, Lute-sama, Snow-san, Chrisse-san…?”
“As anyone would expect, you’d back away… ‘Bargaining is my strong point,’ you said… That wasn’t bargaining but threatening, right?”
“I-, I wanted Lute-sama to be happy!”
“I’m sorry. I’m a little scared as well.”
『That was too terrifying.』

Meiya was knocked out by Snow and Chrisse’s words.

I turned back to face the man again.

“Sorry. Please ignore what happened just now. I really am sorry for causing you trouble. Our budget is about 5 silvers a month, so just a place large enough for the three of us to live in is fine. This shop wouldn’t have such a place though, would it?”

“I-, Is that fine!? For Meiya-sama’s esteemed master to live in such a simple place is…!”
“No, really. Just forget what happened just now, please. If you don’t have such a property, then we will head to another store. Even in that case, we won’t cause trouble for you later, so please rest assured.”

“T-, Thank you very much! W-, Well how about this place?”

I dropped my gaze to the paper that the man hurriedly produced. A two-story 3LDK. Just barely in the high-class residential area, it’s a relatively snug house. But the price is 1 gold a month (roughly 100,000 Yen). That’s over budget.

“It’s a little expensive, isn’t it?”
“The truth is, the person who lived in this house previously was an elderly person, and their will stated that they wished for the tree to remain. The location is good, but because the tree has grown quite splendidly the place doesn’t get much sun, and so because everyone wants to cut the tree down people avoid this house. For us as well, it would be a shame for the place to be left alone for too long, and so if you would be willing to live here, we would be willing to halve the price to five silvers a month. How about it?”

If we can reduce a one gold piece rent to five silvers just by leaving a tree, then it really is quite a bargain.
What’s more, although it is on the border, it’s still part of the high-class residential area. The security is good there. And it’s close to Meiya’s estate as well. It’s almost our ideal place.

I checked my wives’ expressions just in case, but they too nodded in approval.

“Well then, I’ll go with this one please.”
“Thank you very much! Thank you very much! Thank you very much!”
“We didn’t really do anything worthy of being thanked so much. Ah, we want to buy furniture and stuff as well, so would it be possible to see the house today?”
“That is no problem at all. Hey you! Can you unlock the doors in advance, please? Ah, but because we need to clean it up and check for anything that needs repairing, as well as needing to ensure some of the finer paperwork is done, could you please hold off on moving in until a week from now?”
“Sure. There’s no problem with that.”

“Well then, after you have a look at the property, we will be signing the formal contract. If you are displeased with it, please by all means say so.”
“I understand.”

“Well then, I will now guide you there. Will you be travelling by carriage today?”
“Yes, by hers――Meiya’s.”
“In that case, I will let your attendant know the address. Our agent has already departed from here, and will have unlocked the house.”
“Well then, I’ll be coming back to sign the contract. Well then, you two, shall we go? Meiya too… Wai-, are you still discouraged?”
“I’m just no good at all….”

Meiya was curled up in the corner of the room, hugging her knees.

“Ahh, Meiya, ummm, although your methods were pretty bad, I was happy that you felt that way. Really. But I guess I hope that you won’t use threats to negotiate in the future. I think of you as my important disciple even without you doing things like that.”


Just by hearing her name called, her eyes sparkled more brightly than the sun, and she easily made her comeback.
Uwah, so simple.

And so, the four of us got into the carriage and went to have a look at the house.
The employee had already unlocked the doors, and was waiting there for us.
The inside of the house was more beautiful than expected, and the garden was large too. The problem tree was certainly tall, but I wouldn’t say that it was tall enough to bother.

After confirming that there were no problems, we headed back to the Building Agency to sign the contract.
Because they needed three months of rent as an advance payment and deposit, I had Snow and Chrisse take out 15 coins from their purses. While that was happening, I finished signing the contract.

And like that, I got the new home that Snow, Chrisse and I would be living in.





( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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  1. Honestly this is the first chapter that actually irritated me. Am I the only one who hates characters that don’t understand the value of money? For no legitimate reason they decide to move out even without having a surplus of money. I guess I’m also irritated by characters that deny goodwill.


    • Very very late in replying to this but oh well. The most important reason would be so he could eat his 2 wives. I mean he did state that they couldn’t do it at the Vlad home, nor did it feel right to do it at Meiya’s place. Just that alone is a valid reason. Though I guess he can soon move back once she becomes a wife as well.

      Also it would feel bad if you over abused someone else’s kindness without doing anything in return. Though as mentioned he is teaching Meiya and think the things she provides are reason compensation for the service rendered, like accommodation and use of facilities plus providing the necessary materials on the subject she wants to learn (like cooking class in high school, you brought your own ingredients or paid the school for it while using their equipment). I mean just look at Xianxia novels, they always have a expert living with big clans etc that’s paid insane amounts for protection or teaching.

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  2. “That property would become holy ground. Could you perhaps be intending to take rent from a god, for living in a temple? On the contrary, just having them live there is an honour, so do you not feel that you should be showing your gratitude instead?”

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    Thanks for the chapter (#_#)


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