GunOta 54

TL Note  : Basically, he’s around 12  years old, and Kris is around 14. Oh yis. – rei

he and snow are 14, Chrisse is 13. They said so a couple chapters ago… – larvyde

O, right. – rei

Chapter 054 – First Night x First Night

Then a week passed.
We finally received the key to the house from the Building Agency.

We brought in our personal effects from the Meiya Residence by wagon.

The furniture Snow and Chrisse bought had also been brought in, so we placed them in the spots we had decided beforehand.
Because all three of us used body strengthening, even Chrisse could carry a sofa all by herself.
There was nothing more convenient than that, to make the work go faster.

By mid-morning we finished tidying up our belongings and had a light lunch.
We used up the entire afternoon making preparations for the party.

The one in charge of the main dishes was Snow.
Chrisse had no experience in cooking, so she prepared dessert with me.
We planned on making [Pudding] and the [Mille Crêpe] that they love so much.

As we finished cooking and reached a point where we could rest, Meiya came along.
As promised, she brought with her some liquor.

At first we told her to come, with no need to bring anything, but Meiya herself seemed to want to give us a housewarming gift. Thus, she chose drinks.
Since this is a special occasion, she announced that she would bring some liquor to liven up the place.

The food Snow cooked was lined up on the table.
Stew, sandwiches, salad, meat dishes, and so on.
For dessert, [Pudding] and [Mille Crêpes] were waiting inside the fridge.

We uncorked the liquor—fruit wine Meiya brought, and had a toast.
Snow and Meiya have had alcohol before.
It was the first time for Chrisse and I, so Meiya gave us some mild fruit wine.

While drinking the delicious wine, I sampled my dear wife’s home cooking.
We made pleasant conversation, a lot of time had passed before I realized.
Meiya stood up and said she was going home.

“What are you saying. Aren’t you staying the night here? I’ve prepared a room and made the bed for Meiya’s use already.”
“I’m grateful for your consideration, but this is your moving day. Even I wouldn’t be that insensitive.”

I had trouble understanding what she was talking about and cocked my head to the side.
After the three of us saw her off, I finally realized what she meant.

(T, that’s right! There will be nobody but us in the house tonight!)

It’s been six years since I brought up the matter of marriage with Snow, and several months with Chrisse.
However, we never did anything ecchi throughout that entire time.
The reason was because we stayed in other people’s homes, the in-laws’ home, and cheap inns on the road.

It was obviously unpleasant to have our first times there.

But now we’re at our own home! Anything is allowed, nobody will come bother us!

I was really late to understand what Snow meant when saying ‘separation’ and ‘independence’.
Certainly, while it’s true that Meiya is rich, relying on others for our basic necessities was too much. I’m finally reflecting on it.

“Well then, Chrisse-chan and I are going to tidy up a little then go take a bath.”
[Snow-oneechan, let’s wash our bodies together.]
“Yeah! It’ll be fun.”

The two of them cleaned up happily together, before heading to the bath.

Although I say bath, it’s just a large metal container with hot water, from which we pour water on ourselves as we clean up using a towel.
Like the difference between heaven and earth compared to the bath at Meiya’s estate.

(But well, if we want to get in a bath to relax, we can always just go to Meiya’s place, so it isn’t a problem.)

If it’s us, then we basically have a free pass for entering and exiting as we please.

While Snow and Chrisse were in the bath, I couldn’t calm down so I paced about the lounge room with the sofa.

(In situations like these, would it be better to prepare the bed? To begin with, do we have condoms in this world? I’ve never ever seen one… But no, maybe it’s just that I’ve never had an opportunity to get involved with a tool of that sort, and they actually do exist! In that case, as a man, it would’ve been my responsibility to buy it!)

There’s no way that I could go flying out of the house, in the dead of the night, to go knocking on the door of a closed tool shop.
To begin with, I don’t even know if they have them.

(To begin with, am I supposed to do it with both Snow and Chrisse for our first night? No, but if it’s only Snow tonight, and Chrisse is left for tomorrow night, various things will become troublesome after all… In that case, should I have one in the bedroom, the other in the guest room, and visit them one by one? But having our first experience together while the other one is waiting in the guest room would be even more awkward, right…?!)

While I interchanged between sitting on the couch and pacing around in anxiety, the two of them left the bathroom.

“Lute-kun, we’ve kept you waiting. The bath is free now.”

The two of them showed up in the living room, Snow in white pajamas while Chrisse in pink.
They were the matching pajamas that the two of them got to celebrate our new house.
The two of them were so close, they were like sisters.

[We’ll wait in the bedroom first, all right?]
“…Got it. Once I’m done with my bath, I’ll head over too.”

Judging from their attitudes, there won’t be any sexytime tonight.
The two of them were heading to the bed together after all, and their attitudes were casual.

I felt this complex mixture of disappointment due to my expectations, and relief from being saved from my ill-preparedness.

I entered the bathroom.
Snow had replaced the hot water for me.
There was steam rising from the hot water in the large tub.

I poured water on myself with a bucket a few times before cleaning my body with a towel and soap.
I poured water on my head as well, so I emptied the tub and set it down against the wall.

Leaving the bathroom, I dried my body with a towel.
After that I put on the matching pajamas that Snow and Chrisse had prepared for me.

Turning off the magic lamp in the bathroom, I headed up to the bedroom on the second floor.
At Meiya’s place, we were each allotted our own rooms.
It was the same at the Vlad House.

Occasionally, the three of us also slept together at Meiya’s house.
I couldn’t lay a hand on them those times, and it left nothing but painful memories of self restraint.

(It’s our own place, but since there probably won’t be any sexytime, will I have to suffer the same thing again…?)

With some pretty heavy steps, I opened the door to the bedroom.
But the bedroom lamp was off.
Are they two of them sleeping already?

“? Snow? Chrisse? If you’ve turned off the lights already, does it mean you’re already asleep?”
“Don’t worry, we’re still awake. Close the door and hurry over to us.”

Though I was wondering what was up with her response, I did as I was told.
Once I closed the door, the room was now pitch black.

I reflexively gathered mana to my eyes.
My night-vision was enhanced.


In the bedroom was a large canopy bed.
It was big enough that five adults could sleep comfortably.
Snow and Chrisse had taken a liking to it, so they unanimously bought this bed. I think it might be the most expensive piece of furniture we have.

Sitting atop the bed were the two of them, with their shoulders pressed up against each other.
What’s more, what they were wearing weren’t the pajamas from earlier, but a negligee on top of string panties.

Snow’s were white, Chrisse’s were pink.
Just like their pajamas, they had their different colours.

They were wearing nothing but their underwear, and were apparently sitting on those clean bed sheets while waiting for me to leave the bathroom.

I had accidentally enhanced my night-vision.

Snow had taken down her usual ponytail, and let her silver hair run down her back. She was red for a different reason than the blush hue normally had after a bath, and was gazing at me from on top of the bed. Unlike how childish she usually was compared to her age, right now she was looking at me with moist eyes. The chest pressed back by her negligee seemed larger than it usually did beneath her clothes. Isn’t she an F?
Although Snow seemed embarrassed, she showed no signs of trying to hide those delicious-looking fruits.

On the other hand, as you’d expect, Chrisse’s body seemed childishy next to Snow’s. Her chest was flat, and her thighs were thin.
Although Chrisse was an unripe fruit, her expression was filled with seductiveness. With her usual pure smile and eyes filled with anxiety and expectation, she waited for me. The pink negligee that covered her body, and the underwear tied by a string――at a glance, it might have seemed unsuitable for her. But instead, the unfitting sexy lingerie on her forbidden, childish limbs made my temptation rise.

Two unbelievable beauties, and what’s more, both of different types, were asking for me together.

“Snow, Chrisse…”

Like a sleepwalker in the midst of a sweet dream, I drew towards the girls with unsteady steps.
When I reached the bed, the two of them suddenly lay down, and shyly begged for me.

“Please have a good time eating me up, woof.”
[I want Oniichan to love me lots and lots.]

Snow spoke in the dog-speech that she used to hate, whilst Chrisse rubbed her thighs together anxiously.
It’s obvious that I was freed from the chains of reason.

If you include my previous life, then my soul was 41 years old.
Together, I had my first time with both of my wives.


While reading everyone’s reactions and impressions, I had to hold my stomach because it hurts from laughing. Of course, aside from handgun, I plan to have the MC evolve the wash toilet too. Not losing to a certain bath architect Roman, he will evolve the wash toilet in a different world too! I would be very happy if you anticipate for how it will turn out~.


( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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