GunOta 62

Chapter 062 – Arrival at Mining Town Vesta

We were waiting in front of a cave, which was the Twin Magicians’ hideout, for Shia to come back from calling Gomugo and the others.
To assure them that we did defeat the magicians, Shia brought with her ornaments belonging to them and a portion of the goods the merchants were dealing in.

We tied up the defeated magicians, blindfolded them, and put them to sleep.
Just in case, we separated the two and restrained them in different locations.
The woman we saved was tired and thus was sleeping with her head on Snow’s lap.

Even while she was lending her lap, Snow kept her ears listening in all directions.
Chrisse was watching out all around her, just like Snow.

I left the girls with the lookout and went collecting the Ogre fangs to exchange for rewards.
With a knife, I cut off the long canines at the root one ogre at a time.

There were also unrecoverable ones, having been smashed by an AK-47’s 7.62mm Russian Shot rounds.

Once I roughly finished, I went back to Snow and Chrisse.
The fangs were put in a leather bag that was hanging from my waist.
I joined the girls on the lookout.

“But we were able to kill them more easily than expected, huh?”

While keeping vigilant, I started some small talk.
I gave an impression of how we fought for real this time.

“Could it be that we’re, like, pretty strong ?”
“Yeah, I think we’re pretty strong, especially since Chrisse-chan’s sniper rifle is a menace to magicians.They can’t sense magic from it at all, and it has enough attack power to give an instant death from over a long distance. You’re almost at a certain-death level as a magician-killer.”
[Lute-oniichan and Snow-oneechan are strong, too.]

Chrisse wrote on the mini-blackboard, while she was embarrassed.

It’s true even now that as long as the number is reasonable, we can take most of the opponents down easily.
But personally, I wanted a little more firepower.

(When this quest is over, maybe I should make a squad-support weapon.)

While I was idly thinking, Shia returned with a horned horse in tow.

“Shia, thanks for the hard word. How’s Gomugo-san and everyone?”
“Thanks to the merchants cargo that young master told me to bring along, I was able to make them believe easily.”
“That’s good then. Are Gomugo-san and everyone coming to this open ground ?”
“Yes, they’ve come with me. They were extremely shocked when they heard the news of us defeating the Twin Magicians.”

Maybe Shia recalled the faces of those guys when they heard her report or something, because the corner of her mouth raised as she grinned to herself.
It looked like she had a lot of fun.
If I could have, I’d like to see it too.

“Understood. Well, then what are we even waiting for? Let’s go!”

We woke the woman up and had her walk with us.
I loaded the group of defeated magicians onto the horse’s back like luggage.

After I had Shia burn away the corpses of the ogres, we returned to the open ground where Gomugo-san was waiting.

The woman we rescued met with the merchant who informed us of the danger, then she bursted out crying.
Probably from the relief of seeing an acquaintance’s face.

Her clothes were dirty, so we gave her Snow’s, who has a similar physique.
We also gave her hot water and a towel to wipe herself, and we suggested to her to change her clothes inside of our wagon.

The merchant tried to reward us with money, but we declined.
We didn’t do it, because we wanted a reward or something.

Also, their cargo was still left in front of the cave, but we could only leave it by then.
That’s because we didn’t have the wagons and people to transport it.

The merchant seemed to be returning to his home in the Mining Town Vesta for the moment.
For the time being, we put the woman we rescued on our wagon to carry her.
The Mining Town is about one day away from here.
We did have lots of space, and our group was an all-girl gang besides me, so she shouldn’t have been on guard.

However, we of course couldn’t set off right away and thus made camp for the day as we have planned.
The Twin Magicians were kept bound on different locationsand surrounded by earth walls made with magic just in case. Furthermore, we used magic to put them into a state of deep sleep.
With this, they weren’t expected to wake up for two days.

Gomugo-san went about as usual, and we told him that we’ll do the night watch, too.
It’d be troublesome later on if we owned something to the type of people like Symil.

Symil took the trouble to come to our camp and make some late excuse, like “Hmph, looks like they’re weaker than rumoured. Even we could defeat them ourselves.”
It was a pain in the ass to deal with, so I just ignored him.


The next day.
We finally arrived at Mining Town Vesta safely.


▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼


Mining Town Vesta is as the name says, a town that mines for ores.
It seemed that they mined a whole variety of ores; there was black smoke rising here and there and men with developed muscles passing by.

Because we arrived during the evening, I wanted to stop by the livery stable and go straight to the inn — but there was no way we could do that.

First, we parted with the woman we rescued and the merchant here.
Seems they had acquaintances they can depend on.
I was given a bunch of thanks in the end.

We promised to meet with Gomugo the morning 3 days later in front of livery stable, then we parted.

Next, we headed to the guild to hand over the captured Twin Magicians.
They were wanted by the guild, after all.

“Lute-kun, let me carry one person ?”
[I’ll help too]
“No, madams. Please leave it to this servant.”

The wives and Shia offered to help carry the two guys, but…

“It’s okay, I can carry these guys alone.”

There was no way I could have let my dear wives and Shia, who is also a girl, embrace and carry these trash bags.
I had to show my manly spirit here and whip my tired body – the result of not having been used to moving via a wagon.
With Body Strengthening magic, I heldboth of the ropes tied to the guys on each side, then I recklessly lifted them up and walked.

Luckily, the two guys were already put to sleep, so they weren’t struggling; and since the distance between the stable and the guild was short, we managed to arrive before my magic ran out.

A person in charge of the guild confirmed their looks and special traits.
It looked like there was no mistake that the captured guys are the infamous Twin Magicians.
100 gold coins per guy — it’s about 10-million yen.

We got 200 gold coins in one go.

Level II and III adventurers completed a Level IV quest, but because it was so sudden, we kept silent about it.

As we were not used to traveling, camping, and night watch — except for Shia — we were defeated by the fatigue and thus we stayed at the high-grade inn inside the guild for that day.
We got 2 rooms for Shia, and Snow, Chrisse and I.

After we finished dinner in our rooms, we immediately went to bed.
It has been a while since traveling for quests that I got to stay under one roof with my two cute wives, but as expected, there was no drive at all.

I fell into the bed being sandwiched by Snow & Chrisse. With cute wives in my arms and their sweet smells, I dived into a peaceful slumber.
In the end, we slept into afternoon of the next day like we were dead.



( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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  2. Why do jap Athors always say some bs like “1 gold coin is like 10.000 yen you know?”
    I bet readers don’t get any decent info of this.
    If you have similar wealth in our world and another one, you can go and look for the prices. For the one product prices they will be different. So I don’t get it. Why do they compare incomparable things?


    • It is a comparison to yen because it is intended for Japanese readers (I think), for them to have a better understanding of the currency in the novel. It is like saying 1 copper is equal to one unit of a country’s currency so that the people there will better understand the situations involving money.


      • But that has no meaning at all, I think.
        For example, take 1 bread, 1 glasses and 1 pinch of salt.
        So let’s put that 1 bread in fantasy world (fw next) cost is 1 copper, and in modern world 1 bread cost is X yen.
        Go one next
        Glasses are rare in fw due to low tech level of society, their cost is high, for example 1 gold. 1 gold = 100 silver = 10 000 copper. In my town bread cost is 40 units, and glasses cost is about 1500 units, so bread cost 40 units = X = 1 copper. And glasses cost is 1500 units = 37,5 X. This must be 37,5 copper.
        Go on next.
        Spices such as salt cost much in sword and magic fantasy worlds, cause they are really rare. So 1 pinch of salt may be 1 silver. In modern real world 1 pinch of salt cost is lower, then the cost of 1 bread. Something like 0.1 of X = 0,1 copper.

        U see? There is no meaning to say that 1 copper is the same as 1 yen or dollar or whatever. The costs for different things is different there and here. If u talk only about fw currency you understand that bread is 1 copper, glasses are 1 gold and pinch of salt is 1 silver. But when author add a bomb like “oh it’s just like 10.000 yen”, ppl get confused, they think “oh but I can get 300 times more salt for the same amount of yen, or I can get old ford focus for the cost of glasses, wtf?”
        I never saw other authors, except Japanese, write “1 copper is one yen”, so I done really understand the idea why do they do this, this only confuse me as a reader.


      • I don’t know anymore how to explain it to you thoroughly but fundamentally speaking, them relating fantasy currencies is easier for them than us who have different kinds of books(i.e. western, etc.) who may not be able to get their point.


  3. Couple issues.

    The Twin Magicians were kept bound on different locationsand

    Space needed before “and”. There’s another issue a couple more paragraphs down. And the spelling of Xiah is still wrong?


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